Mar. 11th, 2009

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I have to be honest - I don't mind having hiatuses from television shows.  It gives me a little breather just in case the show was starting to feel like a chore.  And if that wasn't the case - well, it gives me something to look forward to, right?

Also, the extra time apparently convinces my friends that I need something else to watch.  And that, my friends, is How I Met....well, Barney Stinson, really.  I'd heard that How I Met Your Mother was hilarious, but I didn't have the time to fit it into my schedule.  Besides that, I seem to be really bad at watching comedies every week.  I get more drawn into the dramatic shows and are more inclined to watch those instead.  So while there are comedic shows I've always enjoyed - Scrubs, The Office, and I'm pretty certain I would love 30 Rock - the desire to watch every week just isn't there.

Having said that, though.....when my friend handed me the first season DVDs of HIMYM and told me I absolutely HAD to watch, I went along with it.  And I found that I truly enjoyed the show - or most notably, Neil Patrick Harris.  While I find the other characters fun (Alyson Hannigan never ceases to be adorable), it's obvious the real star of it all is Barney.  So yes, while I'm not going to add the show to my weekly line-up (I have three more seasons to catch up on!  And too much Monday night TV as it is!), I will definitely be checking out the rest of the DVDs in the future.

My friend also lent me It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  I'm a few episodes in, and I have to say, I'm amused, but I haven't been totally enchanted by it yet.  I've had many people tell me that it gets better as it goes on, though, so I'm going to keep trudging through.  I don't dislike it - I just don't feel the need to "have" to watch the next episode.

Moving on to some more slightly-recent television......

My letter shows - CSI (both LV and Miami) and NCIS. )

And finally, because I clearly didn't prove that I'm a teenager in an adult's body by admitting my love for Taylor Swift.....let's talk about Twilight.

Screw it, dazzle is still a funny word. )


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