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Well.....color me impressed.

First up, Clark's story, which was actually the least interesting of the two for me.  Not to say it was bad....but I was totally wrapped up in the Davis/Chloe/Jimmy saga, which I'll obviously get to in a minute.

The plane crash didn't quite grab me, which I blame TV Guide for.  Though I'm pretty sure I would have come to the conclusion on my own that Tess arranged it, the episode description in TV Guide this week literally said that Tess set up an accident to smoke out Clark.  So, yeah....thanks for that, guys.  Like I said, I probably would have had that suspicion without the spoiler.....but I spent most of their scenes going "Okay, so when's the reveal?"

I'm guessing her call to the pilot regarding the weather was the "signal" to go ahead with the crash.  If Clark had been honest with her, she probably wouldn't have gone through with it.  But, again - Clark can't lie worth a great goddamn and Tess sees that.  I do like that she had that moment of doubt back at the mansion, though.  When Clark mentioned finding the parachute, she realized he could be telling the truth....but when he claimed there was only one, she knew for sure. 

I bought Tess's story about childhood abuse.  I don't think she was doing that simply to butter Clark up, though I'm sure she thought that would help him open up about his own secret.  It explains a lot about her.  I like the bits and pieces of Tess's past that we're getting.

So I wonder how pissed Oliver is going to be that Tess blew up his jet?

I was okay with Chloe playing Clark's protector simply for the faces he was making as she talked.  I was half-expecting a full-on eyeroll from him.  Yes, he trusts the wrong people.  Constantly.  We know that.  But I think there is some good to Tess, and he senses that....much like he always sensed it about Lex.  Again, the story is mirroring the Clark/Lex relationship, where Tess desperately wants Clark to trust her enough to give her the truth.....and when it all (inevitably) falls apart, the reason she's going to be gunning for him is simply because he DIDN'T trust her.

Though on that note - he doesn't seem too awfully concerned about her knowing his secret, does he?  He was much more panicked about Linda Lake knowing it last week.

Now, on to the BIG story, at least for me.....

I could see all sides to the Davis/Chloe/Jimmy situation (welcome back, Ashmore!), which is what made it so interesting for me.  Davis is still struggling against the evil that is within him.  He is turning to whatever he can find - religion, saving others, focusing his rage on people as violent and evil as himself, and now possibly Chloe as his redemption.  Once again, he was backed into a corner, and once again, his first instinct was to warn the other person away.  Let's face it - how easy would it have been for him to take out Jimmy?  Not only is the witness gone, but then there's no one standing in his way to get to Chloe.  Not that I would have encouraged that, by any means....but I'm just saying, a weaker man might have taken advantage of that.  But Davis is still fighting, as much as he can.  I know it won't last.....but so far, I'm still rooting for him, evil though he may be.

On the other hand......I did feel for Jimmy.  I don't think he suspects that Davis is actually Doomsday (or as he probably knows him, that whacked-out thing that ruined his wedding), but his nightmares seem to suggest an unconscious connection between the two.  How long before he puts the pieces together?  And since he's apparently well on his way to a drug addiction, will anyone actually believe him?  I'm guessing the answer is no.  Also, what exactly did he leave on Tess's desk?  I mean, I know it was a note that said "Meet Davis Bloome", but what else was there?  Is he just suggesting she look into him, or does he have some kind of evidence?

All things considered, though, Jimmy OWNED that final scene with Chloe.  Yes, I can see where Chloe is coming from - between Jimmy's own trouble dealing with what happened to him, and Davis's convenient explanations and setups, it would be hard for her to believe Jimmy.  But this is just the last straw for him.  For years upon years, he's dealt with being the last person on Chloe's list.  In his eyes, she barely knows Davis Bloome.....yet she's willing to believe him over her own husband.  It was bad enough when it was Clark, but at least he could try to explain that away as Chloe having known Clark for so long.  Now, he's seeing that Chloe really DOESN'T trust him.  And he's not wrong.  I'm sure Chloe herself would swear up and down that she trusts Jimmy - but does she really? 

The "Marrying you was the biggest mistake of my life" line was GOLD, simply because it played back on Chloe's earlier fears that, if Jimmy hadn't married her, he wouldn't be in this position.  Of course they meant it differently - Chloe meant he wouldn't be hurt physically, Jimmy meant that he wouldn't be hurt emotionally - but it all came full circle.  And now, I must say, I'm pretty damn interested to see where this Jimmy Olsen, Drug-Addicted Vigilante story is going to take us.

And of course, I'm curious to see what happens with Chloe and Davis as well.  Chloe's touch can apparently shut off the Doomsday reaction.  Why is that?  Does it have something to do with her healing powers (wait - she lost those, didn't she?) or is it supposed to be indicative of their connection?  Either way - Davis saw quite clearly the effect she had on him.  He told the priest that he's trying to prevent "the beast" from coming out, but he's not doing a very good job of it.  Is he going to assume that Chloe is the answer?  That being with Chloe is the only way to keep him human?  Gotta say, I wouldn't be against that.....

Next week:  I guess all of my speculation might be for nothing, because we appear to be moving full-speed ahead next week.  I'm all for reveals, but wow, this preview seems to indicate that all kinds of things are blowing up.  And I don't mean poor Ollie's jet.

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