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Okay, I've come to accept that my opinion never seems to mesh with the rest of fandom, so I'm waiting for everyone else to hate this episode.  But me personally?  I loved it!

For one thing, I love that Erica Durance got so much to do....even if she was Chloe-as-Lois for part of it.  She picked up a few of Chloe's mannerisms, not to mention the random accessorizing (though honestly, when she had that tiny red bow in her hair?  I totally thought it was a Christmas bow and was so distracted).  Mostly, though, I loved Clark's reactions.  Questioning her on the too-tight shirt?  BWAH.  Because (a) it was true, (b) I love that the show actually acnknowledged that Lois is too tall and busty for Chloe's wardrobe, and (c) Clark noticed that her shirt was too tight, for god sakes!  And actually brought it up in conversation!

Honestly, I've been really afraid that they would toss Clark in Lois's direction too fast, that it would seem merely like a rebound after Lana.  And I'm not going to say it's all been smooth sailing.  But I thought this episode was very cute and showed how interested Clark IS in Lois, even if he's mostly in denial about it.  He bitches about how many times she calls him - yet he made sure to take every single call.  I really liked his final conversation with Chloe.  After walking around in Lois's shoes (well....her shoes, Lois's feet?) for the day, Chloe can see the chemistry that's there.  What was telling was the comment "You've never looked at me like that!"  In a way, that comment was kind of sad.  I don't doubt that Chloe is over Clark at this point - thank god! - but this was her first big love.  That's got to be hard, to see him have that kind of interest in her cousin.  I was glad it didn't cause any problems, though, and in the end, it just encouraged her to push them together even more.

Chloe spilling all the details to Lois - HA!  I love thinking about them girl-talking it up and Chloe saying "Ask him about the rules!  Do it!"

Clark as the intrepid usual, I found Clark even more entertaining when he veers away from his norm.  His bewildered attitude towards "Lois" and his insistence that all magic and supernatural things are hooey, coupled with Chloe's frustration that he just DIDN'T GET IT?  And when Chloe finally gave up explaining things to him and tried to bash his head in with a steel bar?  I DIED.  Though I was a little concerned that Clark actually HAD lost his powers and was going to get hurt.  

I was also amused that after awhile, Chloe stopped trying to correct him every time he called her Lois and just went with it. 

As far as Zatanna goes.....I really quite liked her and the actress who played her.  I wasn't expecting to.  When I first read breakdowns of the episode, I expected her to be a freak of the week and somebody I would just roll my eyes at.  Instead, I found her really interesting.  I'm hoping she might show up again in the future.

That final sequence with Oliver was made of win ("How am I supposed to find you?  Just wave the card in the air or something?"  "Uhm, it has my phone number on it.") though I was disappointed at the obvious tease that they'd retcon Lex's "death" at Oliver's hands.  It's nice to see that he's obviously feeling some guilt about it, though.  If they turned back time, would he do the same thing?  Who knows?

Is it just me, or are Chloe and Oliver bringing the chemistry all of a sudden?  It might be because Davis was conveniently missing in this episode (eating brains elsewhere in Metropolis?), but I was really seeing the sparks between them.  In fact, when Oliver strolled into Isis at the end and it was clear they were Up To Something, I kind of hoped they were just going to make out.  Ha!  Okay, so it makes no sense.  I maintain that Justin Hartley's prettiness blinds my logic.

Chloe fully embracing her Watchtower persona - to tell you the truth, I LOVE that twist.  She has always seemed so incredibly comfortable in that atmosphere.  It was like the only thing holding her back was her concern for Jimmy and his reaction.  Now that that's not an issue, she's free.  And in that final scene, I think she FELT free.  That doesn't mean I think their story is over.....but I do hope they stick with Chloe-as-Watchtower.  I really feel that that's where she belongs, and it seems she has also come to that conclusion.

So, did Lois really have a date, or didn't she?  I guess it doesn't matter....that scene was worth it for the look on Clark's face, when you could see it sinking in that the LAST thing he wanted was Lois shelving things with him and going out with someone else.  His hopefulness when he asked if he should call her was almost pathetic.  Awww!  I'm sure some people will think it's too soon after Lana for him to really feel anything for someone else.  And I totally get that.  As much as I like Clark/Lois (and as much as I did NOT like Clark/Lana), I can see that as well at times.  But overall.....I think Clark WAS starting to get past the Lana thing and even had some interest in Lois (though he was in even more denial about it then than he is now).  But then Lana came back, and all the old feelings rushed back in, and for awhile there, it looked like he would get his happy ending with his first love.  Who wouldn't drop everything for that?  I can't blame him too much there.

So yeah....I can definitely see both sides of it.  But for now, I'm firmly on the side of Lois, and am really, really hoping this doesn't get totally screwed up along the way.  Fingers crossed?

ETA:  Very unrelated to Smallville, but has anyone else seen the picture of George Eads in TV Guide?  *thud*  When I first started watching CSI, I was all about Nick Stokes....then gradually, I moved on to Gary Dourdan/Warrick Brown.  Now, snooze (i.e., get busted for drugs), you lose (i.e., get fired), I guess,  I do believe the pendulum has swung right back.

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