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Amount of times I grumbled "Oh, for fuck's sake" at the television during this episode?  Infinity times ten.

First up - okay, Chace Crawford.  You might be cute and all, but even you can't save Nate Archibald from the complete ASS MONKEY that he has become.  Seriously!  He's still dating Vanessa - and there's no confusion on that.  I wondered if it was going to be a case of HE thought they broke up, but she didn't.....but, no.  He knew the whole time that they were still together.  But instead of trying to straighten things out, or hell, go ahead and break up with her - since he kept playing the whole "Well, we both know it's ending..." card - he just decided to ignore the entire situation and spend his time letting Blair adore him and fuss over him.

Which brings me to the other part of this situation that bugged the hell out of me.  It's bad enough the way he strung Vanessa along.....but on top of that, he was doing the exact same thing to Blair.  He knew she was spiraling.  He knew how she felt - how many more times did she have to say it?  But instead of being honest with her and saying that he just wanted to be friends, he let her bring him breakfast and pamper him.  Basically, he played both girls and is a MASSIVE FLAMING DICKFACE.

In other words, there was not a minute of this episode in which I did not want to punch Nate directly in the smirk.

And that ending?  Really?  What the hell was that?  It was bad enough how he had acted, but at least when he turned Blair away, I really felt that he was being honest with himself and with her.  And now suddenly, he's changed his mind and wants to be with her?  And he's kissing her while saying "I want to be with you, but not like that"?  Not like WHAT, exactly?  This story hurts my head and I don't like it.

I won't say I'm cool with Blair's behavior, but at least I got where she was coming from.  In her mind, Nate is safe.  She enjoys being with him, and it seems so uncomplicated.  What's not to like?  Besides that, it takes her back to a safer time in her life, a time when she had everything and failure wasn't even an option.  So I get it.  I don't LIKE it, but I get it.

Vanessa and Chuck - YES, please.  I like seeing Vanessa play a little dirty, because (a) SCREW YOU, ARCHIBALD, and (b) who can blame her, really?  Did you SEE the dismissive and arrogant way that Nate treated her when they broke up?  "Come on, V, we both knew this was coming"?  Haaaaaate. 

Yeah.  I'm still not over it.

But, back to Vanessa and Chuck.  Their conversation in the elevator?  HILARIOUS.  Chuck kept staring at her boobs (and not even pretending NOT to)!  His suggestions all revolved around a sex tape!  And as disgusted as she was, I think she was actually kind of entertained by his antics.  I hate to say it, but I'm enjoying this pairing.  I would still like endgame to be Chuck and Blair (and if he ever pulls his floppy-haired head out of his ass, Nate and Vanessa), but for now, I'm okay with this twist.  Especially since Vanessa appears to be in charge. 

You know who else I don't like?  Serena.  Oh my GOD with the self-entitlement and whining and drama!  Can Lily just smother her in her "Let's not even hide it anymore" pregnant belly?  PLEASE?  You know it has gotten bad when I am rooting for Jenny, for god sakes.  Granted, Jenny has improved dramatically, but still.  

From the start, Jenny clearly stated what she wanted out of her party.  Rufus's chili (that apparently, only the family loves) and board games.  Was she lying low because of her past mishaps?  Sure.  But either way, it's what she WANTED.  And Serena turned it into yet another coming-out, "Serena is BACK!" party.  I didn't blame Jenny one bit for ruining her "sophisticated soiree" and turning it into a kegger, nor did I feel the least bit bad when the whole family blamed Serena and Jenny practically whistled innocently.  

Also, poor Eric's bewildered "What is going on?!" during the moving discussion was priceless.  Oh, Eric - always the last to know.

So Serena is going to Spain?  That's nice.  PLEASE STAY FOREVER. 

Next week (or whenever):  Apparently she is not staying forever.  Oh, and look, she's coming back with even more drama!  That's nice.  Can Vanessa and Chuck have sex again and give me something to look forward to?


Dear Brooke and Julian:  You kids are KILLING me here.  Yes, I cried.  Of course I did.  He got a ticket for Sam!  He point-blank said that he wants them to be a family!  And his FACE when he saw Brooke at the airport!  Honestly, that's the part that really got me, was how flat-out happy he was when he thought she was coming.  Oh, my heart.

I sort of knew all along that she wouldn't go, but I spent the entire episode wishing that I was wrong.  And I totally get her reasoning, I do.  She is Sam's mom now, for all intents and purposes, and while she wants to go with Julian more than anything in the world - because she obviously does - she has to do what is best for Sam.  And though Sam is ready and willing to make the sacrifice for her (and how much did THAT hurt my heart?), this is her life now.  And she knows that.

The part that gets me is.....Julian knows that, too.  While I love the romanticism of his gesture, and the fact that he doesn't want to be away from EITHER of them - he had to know on some level that Brooke would veto the plan for Sam's sake.  And in that case - does that really have to mean the end?  It's not like she's five.  (On that note - thanks, show, for giving me a line that Jamie is still five).  She's got, what, a year or two left?  It's not forever.  Yes, I'm aware that Lucas/Peyton have set the bar for long-distance relationships sucking majorly, but Brooke and Julian are not Lucas and Peyton.  (Thank you, God).  I guess I just didn't get the finality of the whole thing, that idea of "You go with him now or you lose him for all time."  

However.....maybe it's not final, since it looks like Julian will be showing up again.  Now is when I beg the show to not pull my heartstrings anymore.  Please don't bring him back so we can have yet ANOTHER tear-filled and aching goodbye scene.  That's just not fair.

Moving along......I have an admission.  I actually liked Jack in this episode.  I know, right?  I'm so easy!  He suddenly went from creepy to kind of adorably socially awkward and while I don't get it whatsoever, I'll go with it.  That ending, where Sam found him and he was like "Sooo....awkward"?  HA!  Damn it, that was cute and I liked it.  What happened to me?

Haley telling Principal Bitchface to shove it - expected, but I'll let it slide.  Mostly because I loved the scene where Haley walked into her house and found Sam and Jack there, and when she questioned how they got in, they were like "Oh, yeah....about that...."

Skills and Mouth mending their broken hearts - eh.  At the end of it, I almost felt like Mouth had dreamed the whole college party and Gigi, and Skills actually drove him straight to New York.  I'm not that lucky, though.  Personally, the main things I thought during those scenes were - 1) Mouth, you're a douchebag, and 2) Gee, it's a shame you couldn't have turned Gigi away when you, you know, had a GIRLFRIEND.  Douchebag.

Also, I really hoped that he'd walk into Millie's apartment to see her having hot monkey sex with Owen.

Peyton's Memorable And Twee Comic Strip For Baby?  I guess it makes sense, but I kind of shrugged at it and moved on.  I also wished she would just tell someone else what was going on (Haley!), though I totally got why she didn't tell Brooke.  Lucas and Peyton are both carrying this on their own, and it's not going to end well, especially since they DO have opposing views.  I really wished that Peyton would have at least told Haley what was going on, because hello, fellow mom.

On that note, did anybody else cringe when Lucas asked Nathan about pregnancy scares with Haley?  How about that time she got plowed over by a speeding car and tossed about like a sack of potatoes, Luke?  I'm pretty sure you were there.  In fact, I'm pretty sure your inspired reaction to the accident was to have a freaking heart attack (literally).  Seriously, man, THINK.

I hate to say it, but I found the "Let's take Jamie to the garage (that Lucas just happens to have a key to because the mechanic told him he could hang out there anytime he pleased)!" story kind of.....meh.  It was just a little too precious for me to get into.  I'm glad that Jamie at least expressed that he misses Grandpa Dan, because again - he's five.  I really think, more so than wondering what Great-Uncle Keith was like and why he apparently wore such tiny, tiny boots, Jamie would be concerned about where Grandpa Dan went and if he's ever coming back.

You know - like I am.

One last note - I totally enjoyed Brooke's heart-to-heart with Chase.  I had almost forgotten that those two dated, so it's nice to see them leaning on each other.  Also, I thought it was adorable that Owen is gone but not forgotten.  He's still Chase's best friend (wherever he is.....rehab?  New York?  CSI Miami?), so of course Chase is going to have some loyalty to him.  But he also has loyalty to Brooke, which showed in that scene.  I thought it was cute.

In three weeks or what not:  Peyton bleeds all over Karen's nice house.  Julian comes back!  (Hopefully he brought Crack!Dawson with him, because I MISS him).  And there was other stuff, but I was too busy going "Julian!  AHHHH!" to notice.

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