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For the record, I am:
---Still not a fan of this Nate/Blair redux.
---Still not a fan of Serena's self-absorbed drama.

Just so we're all on the same page here.

First up, Nate/Blair redux.  It's just really boring to me at this point.  I mean, I GET why Blair is going there.  Even before Grandpere Vanderbilt started tossing out golden opportunities, I understood that it wasn't just about where Nate could get her (though I think that did play a role).  It's mostly that when she was with Nate, things were good.  Maybe not necessarily in their relationship, but everywhere else.  She was Blair Waldorf, who was going to go to Yale and rule the world.  Period.  Now, she has no idea who the hell she is or what she's supposed to do.  So no, she's not the first person to revert to the past in order to comfort herself.  And I totally understand that reasoning.

That doesn't mean I'm all that invested in it, though.  I guess I'm having a hard time buying that these two have some kind of great love.  As of two episodes ago, they were both very much into OTHER people.  Do I think they're great friends and will always care for one another?  Of course.  But that's as far as it goes for me.  So when the end of the episode came about, I kinda groaned and went "Yep....back together.  Yay."

Though I had to laugh a little when Chuck came downstairs, looked at the glasses, and got that look that said "Ah, man, I didn't mean you should go BACK to her!  Damn it!"  Poor Chuckles.  That's what you get for playing marriage counselor, man.

Moving on to Serena's draaaama.  Oh, spare me.  Did anyone actually feel sorry for her?  Because I didn't.  In fact, I felt sorry for Gabriel (who is apparently a Bad, Bad Man, and that pisses me off because I don't think that justifies Serena's initial treatment of him).  The guy was into her, thought they had a connection....hell, as far as she knew, he thought they were married....and she just up and leaves him, because she's five and can't face up to her own mistakes.  Then she gets all uppity when he tries to track her down and throws Dan in his face, which - besides being immature and stupid - was kind of shady, in regards to both guys.  So no, I didn't buy into the whole "Oh, no, Serena got married in Spain and now she's scaaaared!" thing.  She wants so badly to be freeee and not have to answer to anybody (even though she's still living under her mother's roof), but when she does get to be freeee, she acts like a toddler, makes stupid mistakes, and then whines about it.  In summation - shut up, Serena.

Having gotten that bitching out of my system - more seder!  More seder!  Even if the Serena storyline was ridiculous and lame, throwing it in the middle of that whole Passover scenario was fabulous.  Yes, Dan pretending to NOT be the cater waiter was silly, but totally worthwhile for the moment when Eleanor gave him orders and a stunned Rufus commented "Wow, that was kinda rude ."  Then you had everyone's reaction to Dan and Serena "getting back together", which was made of win ("Oh no, not again!"), Eleanor's weak smiles at her mother-in-law, and poor Cyrus constantly getting interrupted........oh, show.  You do so impress me with your gatherings.  Only Dorota could have made that better.

The Chuck and Jenny really surprised me, but it made total sense.  I had almost forgotten about the circumstances under which they first met, since it had been swept under the carpet to an extent.  I liked seeing that Jenny hasn't forgotten at all.....and that Chuck realizes what a sleazebag he was.  Ohhh, Chuck Basstard.  I do love you.  (But I'd love you more if you were sleeping with Vanessa again instead of random chicks.  Just saying).

As much as the Nate/Blair thing irks me, I did really like seeing them each turn to their best friends after all was said and done.  Nate and Chuck - the bromance is back on!  (Uhm, for now, anyway).

Also, was I the only one who was kind of expecting the catering chick to steal something while everyone was busy arguing?  Heh.

Next week:  Blair and Chuck plot.  I'm not sure I even care what else happens, because everyone knows that Blair and Chuck are at their best when they are plotting.


Remember all those times I said that I was tired of Nathan's basketball drama and that I was, in general, bored with the whole scenario?

Well, I am STILL tired of Nathan's basketball drama and am, in general, bored with the whole scenario.

I don't know, it's just case number eighty-gajillion of Nathan being forced to pair up with/help somebody who gives him a hard time, but eventually Nathan wins him over through the Power of Male Bonding and Basketball.  Whatever.  Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, cried when you shot and killed the character, etc.

Also - WHY would Bobby (hey, look, I finally learned his name!) put Nathan in that position anyway?  Did anyone really EXPECT Jones to be okay with the guy he lost his spot to giving him pointers?  Because personally, I'd be pretty damn irked.  Speaking of.....what is this "It's your team now" crap?  The impression I got was that Nathan came in on the middle of all this.  These guys have all been around longer than he has.  Yes, maybe he has more talent.....but I guess what I'm saying is, I wouldn't be at all surprised if these guys were lining up to give him swirlies after every single practice.

Moving on - let's have a moment of mourning, guys.  They killed the Comet!  The Comet of neverending and everlasting looooove!  Noooo! 

And also, yawn.  So naturally, Peyton was okay, and Lucas freaked out and insisted she stay in bed at all times, and he's going to fix the car with his bare hands and the spirit of his uncle Keith urging him on, little camper, because the Comet is soooo much more than "just a car."  Whatever.  I predicted every beat of that story as it was happening, so I was a little bored.  Though I did love the Peyton/Brooke scene, because yay!  Peyton and Brooke!

Is it just me, or are both Peyton and Lucas very quietly convinced that she's going to kick it?  I'm just saying.

I rather enjoyed Haley and Nathan arguing over Jamie's new school.  It all made total sense that they'd fall on opposite sides of the fence....and then naturally, switch sides again.  I loved seeing Haley look around the Oppenheimer school like she was in heaven, while Nathan's reaction was all "That jackass was trash-talking our kid!"  HEE.  Also, Haley calling Nathan a C-student and him responding that she was his tutor?  Priceless.

Mouth and Millicent and webcams.....yawn.  Even my girlcrush on Lisa Goldstein couldn't save those scenes.

Jamie matchmaking for Skills and his teacher, however......WIN.  Possibly because it's going to bring us slow-mo strutting in suits next week, but that's neither here nor there.  And because there's no better time or place to say it - Antwon Tanner, dude, what the hell?  That was...unexpected.

I loved the beats of the Brooke/Sam story.  Sam actually started to cry when she called Brooke out on Julian's proposal!  Aww!  Sam loves Julian as much as we do.  And damn it to hell, but Jack continued to amuse me this week.  When did this happen?  I don't even understand.  But he suddenly went from creepy to endearing.  I don't know how this show does it, but yes, I do still feel used whenever I start loving the annoying and obnoxious teens I swore to never care about.

The Victoria angle.....I honestly don't know what to think of it.  When she first started talking to Brooke about the company, I really thought she was going to threaten to have Sam taken away if Brooke didn't come back.  And.....not so much.  I haven't quite figured out if Victoria has got a plaaaan (i.e., come between Brooke and Sam by wooing her away) or whether she legitimately feels like she's got a second chance of sorts with Sam.  Right now, it's hard to tell, which I think is the intent.  I will admit that I'm interested to see where it goes.  Which probably means all sorts of bad things will happen, but what can you do.

Next week:  Did I mention the slow-mo strutting in suits?  Because, seriously.


One quick CSI mention:  I'm pretty sure A Space Oddity is right up there on the list of my all-time favorite episodes.  The only downer was the fact that Nick was such a pissy bitch throughout.  But other than that.....I love me some Wendy/Hodges.  I've never actually 'shipped a CSI pairing before* - the closest I came was Grissom/Lady Heather, which I wouldn't allow myself to get into because, hello, lost cause - but I am all about the Wedges.  He told her they were meant for each other!  Eeeee!

*Okay, I 'shipped Sofia and Brass a tiny bit.  Don't judge me.


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