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I'm not really sure what to say about this one.  I was excited to get an episode in which Lois is the star of the show.....and then I ended up kind of disappointed.  I'm honestly not sure why that is.  Did I build it up too much?  Did the plot points not gel the way I thought they should have?  I really can't tell you what it was, but about halfway through the episode, I realized I was feeling this one.

Not to say that it didn't have its moments, because sure it did......Lois choosing a "sexy" vinyl catsuit and then realizing it squeaked when she walked?  Lois and Clark eyeing each other's bags of sekrit!superhero get-ups?  Clark getting suspended mid-blur by magically kryptonite-laced money?  (Okay, maybe that part wasn't SUPPOSED to be funny....)

It was all made somewhat, if not entirely, worthwhile by that last scene, though.  I think what I loved most about it was how much Clark wanted to make Lois happy, to give her what she wanted, to make her believe in herself......and his surprise when he realized Lois didn't want to talk to the Red-Blue Blur in order to further her career as much as she just wanted that connection.  I found that really interesting, honestly, and I think it harkens back to her relationship with Oliver.  By delving into who the Red-Blue Blur is, and what he feels about what he does, I think that gives her some insight into Oliver.  I mean, yeah, I'd like it to be all about Clark and Lois at this point (heh), but your past is what makes you.  And if this gives her some concrete answers about her own past relationship.....well, that can only mean good things.

Or I could be reading too much into it.  Either/or.

Jimmy's descent into drug madness and so on and so forth.....ehhh.  I think what ruins it is the fact that Ashmore is just so sweet and cuddly-looking that it's hard to buy him as this hardened addict, even if the storyline has laid it out for us.  And what was that last scene with him?  Did he steal the (magically kryptonite-laced!) money?  That's what I took out of it, but I could be wrong.

Chloe/Davis......I know I'm not supposed to be a fan, and I know I'm supposed to be cringing at how desperately alone and scared she is, and how she's pushing everyone away in order to protect him.....but damn it, I'm still really interested to see where their story is going.  Next week could either be really interesting or really......bad.  The pessimistic side of me (you know....the one that comes out to play 90% of the time) is thinking it's not going to end well, and I don't just mean for Chloe/Davis as a pairing (because hello, who doesn't know that isn't going to end well?).  I'm afraid that there's no way to come back from this story without decimating these characters and the feelings that they do have for each other, and that worries me.

But.....we shall see, I guess.  We shall see.


Oh, George Eads, where is the hair?!  I mean, let's face it......I will enjoy the scenery regardless of what's happening at the top of the mountain, but still.  The buzz cut always serves to make him look older......and now that Laurence Fishburne is around, with his similar build and also closely-cropped hair, it can be kind of hard to tell them apart in those brief science montages.  Just saying.

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