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My annoyance with Nate Archibald has not waned any in the past week.  I get that he's jealous, and I appreciate that even Nate Archibald realizes that Chuck + Blair = endgame.....but, still.  He knew Blair's past with Chuck going in, and let's face it - he knew Chuck still had feelings for Blair when he got together with her.  Maybe it's karma, I don't know.....but I sort of felt like Nate didn't have room to talk.

On a similar note.....I think the main reason things blew up was not because of Chuck, not because of Blair, but because of Nate himself.  Once he started getting insecure and throwing around ultimatums, it all got worse.  Getting in Chuck's face was like waving a red flag at a bull.  I honestly feel that Chuck was trying to be on his best behavior.  Did he think Blair and Nate would last?  I'm willing to bet that deep down, he didn't.....but he wasn't going to interfere.  Of course, then Nate threw out the challenge, and it was on.

I think my favorite part of the whole episode was when Chuck caught Blair spying outside of the penthouse.  Knowing that she wears her beret for nefarious purposes?  Hee!  And then the way his eyes twinkled as he listened to her detail her plan?  So cute!  This is why Blair and Chuck are endgame - because he GETS it.  He doesn't cry or whine when she comes up with a plot, he revels in it. 

Serena and, I don't know.  I'm still a little confused as to the details of that story.  So did Gabriel meet Serena before?  Obviously he didn't meet her when he SAID he met her.....but she seemed like she knew him when they left for Spain.  Did I misunderstand that? 

Overall, I don't mind the story - simply because it's going to lead to a Grand Group Plot, which I'm always okay with.  But yeah, I could have done without Serena getting all pissy with Blair.  On the one hand, I got that she was frustrated....but on the other hand, it was obvious that Blair was coming from a good place.  It wasn't that she didn't LIKE Gabriel, it wasn't that she wanted him for herself.....but she was worried he wasn't being upfront with Serena.  And anytime she mentioned that, Serena started snarling about Blair needing two guys in love with her.  Ugh.

For a split second there, I thought Dan and Vanessa were going to have a drunken hookup.  Which almost wouldn't have been bad....except for the fact that she just slept with Chuck.  (Also, love the fact that Dan was all "Well, you're allowed to make a mistake once", and Vanessa was like "Uhm, twice, actually").  However, the icky Rufus/Vanessa vibes were back in this episode, which, as always, was distracting.

Georgina!  Her scenes with Chuck were fabulous, naturally.  My favorite was when he mentioned Serena, and her respone was "I have so much love in my heart for that girl!" and Chuck looked like he could not take one more second of this "I'm saved" crap.  Ha!  Do I think Georgina is faking?  I'm sure it's pretty likely, though the previews for next week couldn't prove that.


They're kind of hitting this "Peyton's last hurrah!" thing pretty hard.  I've been on the fence as to whether she was going to kick it (I'm currently unspoiled for next season's casting - except for Austin Nichols! - but I know there's been rumors about Hilarie Burton), but they're all playing it now like she's going to die.  It makes me think we're possibly being lead astray.

The flashbacks to The Best Day Ever!  I just took it as another hint that "Peyton is going to die (wink, wink)" and shrugged it off.  It didn't do much for me. know what DOES do something for me?  Crazy Pregnant Peyton (Complete with Stuffed Panda Bear).  I love how stir-crazy she is, and how grateful she is for any company, and how she's basically just sitting on her stuffed-pillow throne while everyone comes to her to air their grievances.

Basketball, basketball....whatever.  The story probably would have had more of an effect if it hadn't taken me over half the episode to figure out who the other basketball player was.  Seriously!  He was the first cocky player that Nathan "learned", right?  (Because there are so many......*sigh*  Reason No. 28 why this story bores me).  

What didn't help matters was how casual Haley was about the entire situation.  I mean, I get it.....they're soulmates and they make decisions together, etc.  But I guess that's what gets me.....they weren't making a decision together.  Haley was just saying "Do what you want and we'll follow", which I don't think is necessarily healthy.  We're not talking about Nathan moving down the road, we're talking about another COUNTRY.  I really think this was something they needed to DISCUSS, weigh the pros and cons, so on and so forth.  That doesn't make them any less strong as a fact, I think it makes them more realistic and more bonded in the end, because they CAN talk about this kind of stuff and maybe haggle over it.  

Instead, Haley just went "Sure, baby!  If you want to go to Europe, we're cool!"  Especially coming on the heels of Brooke turning down Julian's offer because of her need to give Sam a stable life and not uproot just didn't gel for me.

Brooke, Victoria, and know, I honestly don't know what to think.  I really liked the parallels between Brooke not being able to forgive Victoria, and Sam not being able to forgive her birth mother.  As far as Sam's relationship with's uncomfortable, yet endearing at the same time, simply because we don't know which way it's going.  It seems obvious that Victoria is intent on getting her second chance through Sam, but who knows?  

And poor Brooke, standing there and watching while Sam reached out to her birth mother!  Aww!

Mia and Chase were cute, but I think my favorite part of that whole storyline was the fact that EVERYONE else knew about Brooke and Chase.  (Sorry, Mia).  I loved Haley cracking up when Mia mentioned it.  Aww.  Poor Mia.  "Stay out of it, Nick Lachey!"

Speaking of.....yeah, okay, we're back to the whole "musical guest sandwiched uncomfortably into story" angle, but I didn't mind it too much.  Mostly because we got a few cute reaction lines, and also because his performance didn't actually eat up an entire chunk of the episode.  Apparently, that's how I judge musical guests.....whether the whole show screeches to a halt when they show up.

Oh, but back to Mia and Chase.....I kind of love that the guy STILL hasn't learned to make anything besides Long Island iced teas, regardless of what he calls them.

Skills and Jamie.....ha!  I don't even care if it was corny, it was adorable and I loved it.  Skills making the other kids run laps simply so he can quiz Jamie about Madison?  The redheaded girl coughing into her juice when Jamie and Skills were discussing their options?  And of COURSE, the slow-mo strut that screeched to a stop with the guys marooned by the juice table?  All made of win.

Oh, and Chuck (Nathan Scott Jr!) trying to mack on the redheaded girl and getting shot down?  Love that kid.  

Speaking of the kids, though.....Haley's comment about how Jamie was "just like a little Lucas Scott" was kinda skeevy.  Okay, I guess there's some truth to it, except that at five, Jamie is way more entertaining than Lucas has ever been.....but, you know.  Other than that....I bet Nathan LOVES hearing about how his son is the spitting image of....his brother.

Oh, well - I suppose it's better than him being a little Dan Scott, right?

*sigh*  I miss Dan Scott.

Next week:  Okay, now I'm really worried that this Sam story is going to careen out of control.  The fact that Brooke is, presumably, considering adopting Sam in part to keep her away from her birth mother.....that just feels like bad things are going to happen.  Like, Brooke will have to let Sam go and Victoria will have to pick up the pieces?  (Or, knowing Victoria, have the birth mother killed.  Either/or).  I'm starting to feel very queasy about all this, because damn it, I LOVE my Brooke/Sam (and Julian!) family more than anything.*

*As always, Chris Keller and Adam Reese are my two exceptions to this rule.


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