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First off - I just caught a HUGE black ant crawling across my arm. Naturally, I freaked out and ran across the room gasping in fear. (Turns out when I get frightened, I don't scream - I just gasp like someone punched me in the windpipe). I HATE ants. Especially those really huge ones. I was out gardening earlier today - in my wee space outside the apartment - and I must have disturbed an anthill. I was squeamish, but I was outside, they were outside.....fair enough. We can keep our distance that way. But apparently, one of them chose to follow me INSIDE. And that is where my tolerance ends.

Seriously - now I've got the creepy crawlies, and every two seconds I look down and expect to see a gigantic insect on my arm. I am NOT amused.

But on to the actual amusement of the evening.....

I love Chuck and Blair, I do. And yes, I love Chuck doing "the right thing" and letting Blair go because he wants her to be happy, etc., and Serena catching on to that......but at the same time, I'm a little bit tired of this dance they keep doing. How many near misses do we have now? It just seems like a constant tease, and it's kind of not fair. As noble as Chuck was being......we've had a full season now of back-and-forth. Something needs to happen.

I'm glad that, even when Chuck turned Blair down, she didn't immediately turn around and move in with Nate. I was afraid that would happen. Sure, they're not BAD together, but Blair made it more than obvious in her scene with Chuck that she would drop Nate in a flat second if Chuck said the word(s). So at least she seems to realize that jumping into a serious situation with Nate is the last thing she needs right now.

Lily having Serena arrested.....yikes. When Serena was first taken in, I had the feeling Lily was behind it, but I didn't realize she'd pin the "theft" of the bracelet on Serena. I'm kind of on the fence in regards to it. I see where Lily felt she was protecting Serena (and god knows Serena isn't going to listen to her mother no matter what), but her reasonings were way off. And honestly, I think a lot of them were manufactured for Lily/Rufus angst. She just felt a character tonight, and I think the main reason for that was so she and Rufus could break up (or not get engaged...whatever).

Also, while I didn't 100% agree with Lily's decision......I could have done without Rufus' huffy attitude. I didn't expect him to go along with what she did, but he just seemed so - I don't know - self-righteous in those scenes. Probably in part because I watched those scenes going "See, Rufus, that's what you should have done with Jenny this time last year!"

Hey, Eric van der Woodsen. Good to know you're still kicking around!

Loved the scene of the group waiting to get in the elevator at Blair's. Basically, all the scenes at Blair's were golden - save for the continued absence of Dorota, of course.

I like that, in the end, Georgina's "act" wasn't an act at all.....but between getting ripped off by Poppy and shunned once again by Blair, the old Georgina was back and raring to go. I LOVED her whole attitude of "I'm finished with you amateurs and your useless it's my turn." If anyone can get that money back, I'm pretty sure it's Georgina Sparks.

So what do we think of Gabriel? Was he being honest with Serena, or is he still embroiled in this mess? At this point, it's hard to say.....which I think is exactly how the writers want it.

Serena whining at Dan about going to Lily - eh, whatever. The rest of these people have money to throw around, so yes, it's a bad situation.....but it's not earth-shattering for them. For the Humphreys, though, it really is the end of the world. And considering Serena pulled them all into this in the first place.....can you really blame Dan for not trusting her high-pitched entreaties that she'd "take care of it"? For once, I fell squarely on his side.

Also a little over Rufus' money issues when it comes to Lily. What did he think they were going to do once they got married - keep separate accounts while he ate tunafish and she sat next to him eating filet mignon? I mean, seriously. Of course he has his pride, but Lily has tried to help him. She offered to flat-out pay for Dan's tuition, and when Rufus refused that (which I could understand), she still tried to do what she could to help him NOT lose his ass. Maybe her efforts were misguided, but seriously - shut up, Rufus.

Next week: Lily Rhodes van der Woodsen, the CW True Hollywood Story!


Stupid show, for making me cry big, fat, stupid tears. GAH!

To be honest, I did choke up a little during Peyton's video to Baby, because.....yeah, I'm easy like that, I guess. But what really brought on the sobs (and I'm not kidding on that) was, of course, the Brooke/Sam scenes. Oh, show. Why do you keep breaking my heart like this?

I KNEW something bad was going to happen. Partly because things were going so well, but also because of Brooke's desperation to keep Sam. As soon as I saw her lurking outside the diner in the admittedly-entertaining spy outfit, I knew we were looking at an unhappy ending, and it made me SO sad. Damn it, Sam. I should have stuck with my initial reaction of not liking you.

.....okay, fine, I GET it, and I wouldn't be so damned sad if I didn't love Sam. But, still.

I'm also warming to Victoria, which worries me that we're being set up for a fall there as well. I loved that, as much as she cared about Sam, she was far enough away from the situation to see what was happening and where it was leading. She didn't WANT it to happen, but she could see it. And it was obvious that she wanted to be there for Brooke, but she just has no damn clue HOW to do that. Brooke was insulted when she asked Victoria how to get through this and her answer was "We focus on our work", but in Victoria's mind, that was a perfectly sane and logical answer, because it's just what she does. I don't think she meant at all to belittle Brooke's feelings or the gravity of the situation. Hell, she was probably more honest in that moment than she's been at any other time.

Moving along to less serious topics.....oh my god, is ANYBODY going to tell Chad Michael Murray that his latest hairstyle is really bad news? Seriously. Every time he turned in profile to the camera, I completely fell out of the scene because I was so busy going "Oh my GOD, what is wrong with his HAIR?" The flippy thing in the front? Just, NO.

Also, I'm a HUGE fan of the fact that Lucas thought Nathan was going to bond with him over how "ridiculous" Peyton was being, and instead, Nathan was just like "Dude. You're a dick." Okay, I get that Lucas is scared. Everyone deals with their fear in different ways. I understand that. But does he really think he's alleviating Peyton's stress levels any by lighting into her the way he did? Hell, I'm surprised she didn't just keel over and pop out the baby right then and there. Like Nathan said - if he thinks he's scared, can he imagine how Peyton feels? She is doing what she needs to do. Would he rather she NOT do any of this and, should the worst-case scenario happen, their kid has NOTHING to remember her by, save for a god-awful book about a Comet?

So, yes. Be quiet, Lucas.

Skills and Lauren - cute enough, but not overwhelming. The highlight of those scenes was Chuck throwing up on Skills' shoe.....only to cheerfully announce "Mom says I should stay away from dairy!" and then diving back in for more. HA.

The baby shower was cute, though I did roll my eyes a little at the fact that there were only the five of them there. No other friends? At all? Where was Millicent? Hell, what about Nanny Deb? And though I know it's a long shot, don't you think Karen would have made an appearance by now? It is her first grandkid, after all.

I'd talk about Nathan's basketball storyline, but I still don't care.

Next week: JULIAN! Thank god. And while I'm amused that Nick Lachey is still hanging around, I really do wish Julian would bring Peyton and Lucas a wedding present named Adam Reese.
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