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How is it that I'm totally won over by Lily/Owen in the space of one episode?  Within the first few seconds of their conversation, I was sold.  This cannot possibly bode well.....and not just because we know that in the end, Lily won't end up with Owen.  (Unless, of course, he's somehow Rufus going by a different name, and if so, I call shenanigans). 

Yeah.  I might have to watch this spin-off.  Damn it.  Like I need another show to watch.

Honestly, though, if the show itself is anything like this stand-alone episode.....I thought it was very well-done.  I loved the bond between Lily and Carol, I loved the retro theme, and hell, I even loved Shep and the ongoing joke as to whether Carol was his girl or not.

I'm a fan of Lily reuniting with Celia, because let's face it - Grandma Cici rocks, all neglectful parenting aside.  Other than that, I kind of ignored the entire Serena storyline.  I guess I still don't care that much, though I will admit I was glad to see her go to prom with Dan and have a good time.  It was nice to see the two of them as friends without all the other drama.

The Blair/Nate/Chuck story.....I have to admit, I was impressed.  Even though I'm fully onboard the Chuck/Blair train (he was so proud and happy when she got named queen, even if he had just endured a tongue-lashing about what an evil bastard he was!), I almost felt sorry for Nate.  He just looked so crushed when Blair realized it was over between them.  Aww!  I'm glad she was able to have her happy (and final) ending with him, though.  It wasn't about drama, or Chuck, or anything was just Blair coming to the conclusion that what they'd had was over and done with.

Next week:  Graduation, and Blair and Chuck have post-graduation declarations of love.  At least one hopes so.....but with the back and forth between these two, I would not be at ALL surprised if we were faked out once more.  Disappointed, yes, but surprised?  Not so much.


Okay, all tragic-endings-that-we-saw-coming-from-a-mile-away aside.......that was honestly one of the best episodes I've seen in a long time.  And by best, I mean HILARIOUS.

At one point during the episode, I realized that I should have been taking notes because there was just so MUCH funny going on.  Haley going teacher during the ceremony?  Jamie on a kiddie leash?  Haley stopping the ceremony when Jamie goes "missing" to snap "Really, Skills?"  (LOVE that they're keeping up with the "Jamie gets kidnapped at weddings" theme).

Even though Brooke and Julian making each other jealous was transparent, I was still entertained by Nick Lachey getting roped into it.  His face when Julian made his 98 Degrees jibe?  FABULOUS.  And to follow that up with "Why does every guy in Tree Hill punch me?" and Peyton pointing out that he used to love 98 Degrees.  "That guy is SO COOL."  Ha!

Having said that, I'm really glad that they gave us a Julian/Peyton moment.  We can't have Julian being the love of Brooke's life (BECAUSE OF COURSE HE IS) with awkwardness between Peyton and Julian.  So I'm very pleased that we got a moment to show that they're cool with each other, and that Peyton wants him to go for Brooke.  Yay!

Speaking of, Brooke's fury over Julian bringing a date (note to Luke: THAT was a super plan) and Haley pretending that she was talking about Lucas and Peyton......hee!

On a more serious note.....Brooke and Peyton had me in tears at the four-minute mark, which I'm pretty sure is a record for this show.  Everyone keeps wanting Peyton to focus on being well and making it, but she knows that she needs to set things straight, just in case.  It doesn't mean she's giving means she's being realistic.  So I was totally okay with her taking a minute to ask Brooke to look after her loved ones, because after all, who else would she entrust with that BUT Brooke? 

Nathan's basketball story......again, I'm still not that invested, but I felt a little bad for the guy.  His small voice when he told Haley "I'm tired of failing"?  Aww......for a second, I actually forgot that I've been bored by this story for an entire season.  

Chase and Mia's ongoing joke about his staying power, or lack thereof?  HA.  I really do enjoy those two together.  They're just funny and snarky and adorable.  And do I have to mention the Laguna Beach quip?  I think I nearly cried again at that point....but from laughter this time.

Honestly, I'm really disappointed that I didn't take notes, because there were so MANY winning quotes from this episode.

"All the lyrics in the world, and you choose to go with Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison?"

"Whatever I said to you at Lindsey's wedding, just go with that."

"Well, you made fun of his boy band, Julian."

Ugh.  I know there are more, but I'm forgetting.

Julian giving Victoria what-for = WIN.

And yes, of course Peyton passed out in a pool of blood at the end.  Even without the 87 different queries throughout the episode as to how she was feeling.....obviously that was going to be the end result.  As soon as Lucas was all "Hey, let me go out to the garage and prepare my surprise!" (and then chose to stand there admiring his handiwork for ages), we knew what was coming.  But, still, I thought it was all handled well.  Now to the big question - is Peyton going to make it?  I have to be honest, I have no idea where the show is going with this one.  They've telegraphed that she's going to die pretty strongly.....but that doesn't mean it will HAPPEN.  They could just be trying to convince us so we're surprised when she makes it.  Who knows?

Also, if said baby makes it - and no matter what happens to Peyton, I feel fairly certain that the baby will make it - I'm calling it right's a girl.  (This, of course, means that I'm going to be wrong and it will be a boy).  

ALSO - I call total shenanigans on Karen not being able to attend the wedding, time constraints or no.  Seriously, they couldn't lure Moira Kelly back for one episode?  She came back for Lindsey's wedding to Lucas, for god sakes.  Ugh.  Not to mention Larry Sawyer (either incarnation!).  His daughter is (a) knocked up, (b) getting married, and (c) possibly dying (though I will understand if she hasn't mentioned that part to him), and he's still off on a fishing boat somewhere?  Sigh.  Come on, show.

ALSO ALSO - okay, I get that Sam has gone back to her birth mother (and how sad was it when Julian was like "You should have called me"?), but I still think she'd attend Peyton and Lucas's wedding.  I mean, she hit up Peyton's baby shower.  Does this mean that Sam really is gone for good?  This show has a way of bringing back past characters, so I'm not too worried....but it does make me wonder.


Coming soon.....Chez catches up on several weeks of Smallville!  And maybe even some NCIS.....and yes, Mala, I'm as disappointed as you are in this Tony/Ziva business.  I'm worried that the next two episodes cannot possibly clear this up to our satisfaction.  However, I will admit that I'm amused that, every time they fight, Ziva's first response is "You're jealous."  Because, DUH.


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