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First up....

I was doing my best to stay unspoiled, but I knew there was a possibility that both Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton would be leaving.  It was in the back of my mind, but when Yahoo! blared the headline at me that CMM was out....well, there went being unspoiled.  I'm not really annoyed, though.  Like I said - I already had the idea in my head.

I've never been that invested in the character of Lucas Scott.  In fact, he's probably been one of my least favorite characters, and god knows we've all heard how I feel about the coupling of Lucas and Peyton (admittedly, they've made strides towards winning me over in this last's just sad that it took this many seasons for me to even TOLERATE them).  But it does seem weird to imagine a show without Lucas Scott.  Will it survive?  I have no doubts that it will.  It has an incredibly strong cast, and now that Austin Nichols (who, to me, is ten times more interesting than Lucas) is sticking around.....well, I don't think the show will be lacking, let's put it that way.  It just seems odd to think that OTH started with Lucas Scott and now he'll be gone.....but then again, Beverly Hills 90210 (the mothership....not the version with that Shenae Grimes girl I want to hit simply from watching the previews) survived after the Walsh twins both left.  So it's not unheard of.

Hilarie Burton....that one is a little tougher for me.  I've had a love/hate relationship with Peyton Sawyer from day one, whereas with Lucas, it was always.......well, worst case scenario, hate, and best case scenario, disinterest.  When she's being written decently, I love Peyton's character.  And I think it goes without saying that one of the most KICK ASS parts of this entire show has been her friendship with Brooke, and the fact that, after everything they've been through (Lucas....Lucas....Lucas), they're together and stronger than ever.  So that's going to be hard.....but I do think it will give Sophia Bush some incredible scenes to play if Peyton should die.

So here's my theory on how it should play out, temporarily ignoring the fact that both Murray and Burton are supposed to be done after this next episode.  Peyton dies giving birth to their daughter, Anna.  Lucas can't connect with the baby because of Peyton's death.  Finally, one day (episode three of the next season, perhaps), he leaves Anna at either Nathan/Haley's or Brooke's so they can "babysit" her......and then he disappears.  He gives up his parental rights and urges Nathan/Haley or Brooke to adopt the baby.  

I say Nathan/Haley or Brooke because I can honestly see either story working.  Nathan and Haley are the logical choice, and watching Jamie play big brother and wonder aloud why Uncle Lucas would give up on his baby would be heartbreaking.  But Brooke!  She's Peyton's best friend and has wanted a baby forever.  Can you IMAGINE Brooke raising Peyton's daughter?  You know that's how Peyton would want it.  So yes.....either storyline would work for me.

However - I would not be AT ALL surprised if the show decides to have everybody live and then inexplicably join Karen and Andy on their Ship of Contrived Off-Screenness. 

Either way - who's gonna move into the Scott house?  They wouldn't get rid of that set at this point, right?  I vote for Julian.  Because, uhm, I always vote for Julian, no matter what.


Now I'm just confused and disheartened and have no idea where NCIS is going with this.....but it makes me sad nonetheless.

Okay, so the previews that showed Tony and Ziva and Rivkin with the tag that one of them wouldn't make it out alive....well, duh, we all knew Michael was going to bite it.  But, gah, that scene was hard to watch.  I was really kind of hoping that they'd have Ziva walk in and be forced to shoot Michael as he was going after Tony.....but no, she walks in to find her boyfriend dead at Tony's hand.  I give this a very firm NOT GOOD.

I think it's obvious at this point that we will EVENTUALLY get a Tiva pairing.  They've really put too much into it, what with the constant flirting/bantering, accusations of jealousy, and Tony flat-out admitting tonight that he's personally invested.  (Not to mention Michael's nonstop sniping about Tony being into Ziva).  But it's going to be so HARD to get them back to a place where it looks viable.  It's going to take time.....and I'm not sure how I feel about that.  But on the other hand, I just can't buy them promptly falling into bed within the next few episodes.  (Or, you know....the last episode/start of next season).  It wouldn't make any sense, unless it was just angry sex.  So, I don't know.  I'm very conflicted.  And as I may have mentioned before - I don't LIKE being conflicted over Tony and Ziva.  Hell, Smallville has already given me the runaround on Chloe and Davis.....between that and naturally, the Brooke/Julian/Sam situation on Tree Hill, I'm not sure that I can handle any more angst.  Damn.

Also, who is Hadar again?  I saw that Ziva had him on her phone, and I know it was supposed to be a Big Reveal, but honest to god, there were so many names flying around that I don't have a damn clue who that guy was.  Help!

On an unrelated-to-romantic-strife note......I love it when Joe Spano comes to visit.  Gibbs' glee when Ducky got him in a headlock was priceless.

So, I've been a little behind.....figure I might as well talk about both Beast and Injustice before the season finale this week.

Chloe/Davis.....I don't know, man.  It's hard!  I love the chemistry between them and I buy it so much more than Chloe and Jimmy (whom I do like, but they just don't work for me).  Plus, I love Sam Witwer and the total angst he is portraying.  But I'm the first to admit that Chloe and Davis together are just EFFED UP.  I should not root for these two together, but sometimes, it's hard for me not to.

However, I've read everyone else's reviews, and I do get the feeling of anger most people have towards Chloe.  It's obvious to everyone that she's harboring Davis not JUST because of Clark, but because she has legitimate feelings for him.  Instead of admitting that (and really, who wants to admit that they're in love with a killing machine?), she put it all off on "doing what's best for Clark".  Is it a copout?  Yes.  Could I see to an extent where she was coming from?  Ehh......yeah, kinda.  I think she's having a hard time admitting to HERSELF what she feels for Davis, much less anyone else.  So I can see how she has convinced herself that everything she's doing is for Clark's well-being, when in fact she does another motive.

So, yes.  COMPLETELY EFFED UP.  And yet that doesn't make me any less eager to watch their story play out, all unhappy endings included.

As far as the shape shifter from this past week's episode.....who was she again?  I get the feeling we were supposed to know her, but I'm drawing a blank.  And I'll admit.....I didn't realize it wasn't really Chloe.  I spent the first part of the episode being sorely disappointed that Chloe's attitude on Davis changed so quickly, but I wouldn't have put it past the show to have her completely change sides....especially since the shape shifter did a really good job of conveying that something huge and traumatic had happened.  In fact, I had a sick feeling in my stomach for awhile because I thought they were totally going to say that Davis had raped Chloe.  

The scene between Chloe and the Injustice minions confused the hell out of me, but I still didn't think that it WASN'T Chloe.  I hate admitting that, since everyone else seems to have been like "I KNEW it wasn't her!" and I'm like "Uh......yeah.....not so much."  Yes, I knew something was up, but I was coming up with all other explanations.  Like, had Chloe been lying to Clark about Black Creek ever since she came back?  Had Chloe met up with Tess since she and Davis took off?  I really didn't know what to think.  So when she was revealed to be the shape shifting girl, I was like "Ohhhh.....right!"

What can I say.  Sometimes I'm not that quick.

I think Clark has been coming up with some pretty solid and upstanding plans.  Yes, he's getting shot down by everyone, and yes, that sucks.  I think he's really using his brain and coming up with the best answer for what is undeniably a very tricky situation.  I suppose if I look hard enough, I can see where the opposition is coming from.  Chloe wasn't really Chloe (at least in this last episode).  And as far as Oliver's obvious that Lex's "murder" (yes, I'm still using quotes, because he's not dead, damn it!  He's not!) is eating away at him.  Even if he can't admit it to himself, I think a part of him wants Clark to kill someone "for the greater good" because that way, Oliver can convince himself that he's not so bad, that maybe he did the right thing.  That's not to say that I agree with him on any level, but I can understand the characterization.

What the hell is this deal with Kandor?  Am I supposed to know what that is?  No, seriously.  I've seen every episode and yet I still get lost in the history I'm honestly not sure if this is something we've been aware of in the past and I forgot it, or if everyone else, like me, is scratching their heads and saying "What the hell is this deal with Kandor?"  

I guess, whatever it is, it might explain some of Tess' motivation in Clark admitting that he's the alien Jesus (ha!), but overall, I'm still a bit put-out by Tess Mercer.  Don't get me wrong, Cassidy Freeman is great.  And loathe as I am to admit it, she has good chemistry with Tom Welling.  However, I still feel like she's Lex-lite.  And it STILL irks me to no end that she has fallen into so much bloody information on the Traveller and Krypton in ONE SEASON, when the Luthors stumbled around looking for scraps for the last SEVEN. 

I know, I know.  Let it go.  I'm just bothers me.

Oliver's ultimate plan to not get caught is to get naked?  WIN.  I mean, sure, a part of me was going "But seriously, where ARE his clothes?  Isn't Tess going to question it when he pulls out a green leather hood?  Not to mention his BOW?" but......oh, look, shiny Justin Hartley torso.  What was I saying?

Next (uh, this?) week:  My record with the Black Canary is very spotty.  The first time, I hated her, the next time, I enjoyed her.  Hopefully the latter will hold up, because I'm well aware that I'm not supposed to dislike the Justice League.  And hey, that hottie Legion kid is back.  Since Clark and Ollie have broken up, I guess we'll have to make do with Legion-kid (what was his name again?) and Clark giving each other the eye.  

Also - I hear a past character is supposed to come back in the next episode and then possibly stick around next season.  If that's the case, I beg of you - DON'T BE LANA.  Please, people.  I actually didn't hate her at the end of her last arc, which was a freaking first.  Let's not ruin that.
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