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Chuck and was adorable and I loved it.  Is it in keeping with their characters?  I suppose that can be debated.  But I think the reason that I AM so pleased with it is that there was actual MOVEMENT with those two.  I really, really wanted them to get together in the finale - for one, because they're Chuck and Blair, for god sakes - but also because I was beyond tired of the back-and-forth.  We all know they love each give us that.  Will it last?  No.  It wasn't a series finale, so chances are, they'll have those two broken up by episode two of the new season.  But to leave it on that note?  I was pleased.  Possibly because it's so damn nice to see Blair happy like that.

Yes, I was initially disappointed to once again have a scene of Blair putting herself out there and Chuck shooting her down.....but for once, I got it.  I certainly didn't expect Chuck to hear that Blair had slept with his dirty uncle (a storyline that I had, believe it or not, forgotten about) and handwave it.  Jack Bass betrayed Chuck up one side and down the other.  It would be incredibly hard for him to hear that Blair, HIS Blair, had slept with him.  So, I got it.  As disappointed as I was to see her hopes dashed again, I totally understand where he was coming from.

Serena vs. Gossip Girl - oh my GOD, was that not the most insufferable nonsense ever?  Oooh, Gossip Girl called Serena irrelevant!  It's on!  I mean, seriously.  Look at Nate.  He got called a whore, for god sakes, which is infinitely worse, and besides that - it could affect his future career.  The only thing of Serena's it affected was her ego.  So to see her go all Norma Rae and "We have to put a stop to this for the future generations of children!" was beyond ridiculous.  

I will say, though - the best part of that tedious storyline was Dan's nonchalant "Oh, well, that makes total sense" when Blair walked in and they mistakenly believed she was Gossip Girl.  Hee!

The only time I really felt bad for Serena was when Dan pulled his whole "Well, we're never gonna see each other again, have a nice life!" routine on her.  You could see how surprised she was that he'd just write her off like that.  That, I didn't take so much as being egocentric....just Serena figuring that she and Dan would stay friends, because after all, they HAD meant a lot to each other.

Did anyone else feel like they were building Vanessa up to be Gossip Girl?  I totally got that vibe, especially when they were all like "Well, it HAS to be a Constance Billard senior" because Vanessa didn't go there....but she knew all about it.  I'm glad it wasn't her (as far as we know), though.  Overall, I do think Vanessa is a likable person, and I can't see her selling out everyone like that.

Rufus and Lily.....damn it, they were really cute.  I'm glad they put the crap aside and finally got engaged.  I didn't think I could deal with Rufus acting self-righteous anymore.

This episode definitely had its share of humorous moments.  Rufus telling Dan that he would appear to him like Obi-Wan Kenobi?  Nellie Yuuki rambling on drunkenly and Dan going "Was she going to tell me she loved me?"  (Seriously - I died).

Nate deciding to go backpacking with Vanessa after all......I don't know, it felt a little out of left field to me, but we'll see what happens, I guess.  I do think it's a bit grating that, as soon as Blair dumps Nate, he starts sniffing around after Vanessa again.....but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe he sees how wrong he was?  (Yeah...I don't know).

I totally blanked on Rufus and Lily's mystery child.  Oops.  Apparently I forget Gossip Girl plotlines if they go away for more than a week.  Go figure.

Wish Georgina had played a bigger part in things....I would have liked to have seen how she got the money back from Poppy.  It looks like she'll be around next season, but I also heard that Michelle Trachtenberg is on a new fall series, so I'm not sure how that's going to work.

ETA:  I just remembered another moment that cracked my shit up: Lily showing up at Rufus's with a brown bag that she "found in Chuck's room" and Rufus responding that they know it has to be good.  BWAH.


Okay, I will say this much: Though a part of me thinks it's a copout that they built this up and then didn't kill off Peyton.....I was SO impressed with this finale.  Like Mala said, it actually would have worked out amazingly as a series finale.  A part of me is nearly disappointed that it all worked out so well, because what are we aiming at next season?  The only thing really hanging out there is Brooke's relationship with Sam, and even that isn't a dire situation.

But, moving on.....I had heard by now that Moira Kelly was going to be back, so that wasn't a surprise.  While watching the finale of Gossip Girl, I saw a preview that featured a shot of Paul Johansson, so I knew he would be back.  (And yes, I went "Dan!" out loud).  But then I saw the credits for the show, and what did they say?  BARRY CORBIN.

You GUYS.  I had given up on Whitey a long time ago.  It was a sore subject, yes, but I assumed Whitey died somewhere in the interim and nobody was bringing it up.  (Which - lame).  Granted, I do think it's a little sucky that Whitey has been alive this whole time, and apparently in contact with the group, but.....Whitey is ALIVE.  So I think I will have to let it slide.

And that SCENE.  Gah!  I should have known that, out of everyone, Dan would get some sort of absolution from Whitey - the one person who has been so utterly disappointed in him and has been against him from the very start of the series.  But like I said, I never thought we'd see Whitey again.

Of course, it's so like Dan Scott to not be able to pull the trigger himself.  I think I'm beginning to lose track of how many times it seems like Dan COULD commit suicide, but he's just not going to.  Yes, Dan, make the old man do it for you.  Some things never change.

Having said that, I really did miss Dan Scott and his ability to stare forlornly at his own headstone for hours on end.

And yes, I was a softie for the scene with Dan and baby Sawyer.  I'm glad that Peyton let him hold her for a second, and that she almost softened towards him.  The whole "She's the only one who doesn't know what I did" and "I know you can't tell her about me, and I'm sorry for that"?  GAH.  How is that he killed his own brother in cold blood and yet, in the end, I sort of want to hug him?  That's just not right.

The baby's name is Sawyer BROOKE Scott!  I should have called that one.  As soon as Brooke picked that baby up, I was like "Her middle name is Brooke.....I can see it coming."  If that's the final Peyton/Brooke scene we get - and I'm assuming it is - then that was a great note to go out on.

As far as the "Is she or isn't she?" regarding Peyton's supposedly-imminent death....I kept going back and forth.  First, when we saw that scene of Lucas at night with the baby, I went "She's alive."  I figured they were going to play it out that Lucas was a single, devastated parent, and at the end - surprise! - Peyton would walk into the room and join them.  Okay, so that wasn't totally correct.  Then, after hollering like an idiot when I saw Barry Corbin's name in the credits, I went "Ohh....maybe she IS going to die."  Because rather than bringing Whitey back for Dan, I totally thought they were going to bring him back so he could give Lucas advice on the whole "How to move on after the love of your life has died" situation.

Okay, so at least this show still surprises me....I guess.

I guess I'm glad that Peyton made it.  I mean, the story was really sweet and was handled really well, and hey, it's nice for Peyton/Lucas fans (there are those kinds of people out there, right?) to get a happy ending, complete with goofy smiling baby in the backseat of that bloody Comet.  At the same time, I had kind of set myself up for her dying, and I thought it would give the other actors (Sophia Bush!) some INCREDIBLE material to play.  But hey, whatever.  All's well that ends well.  I'm sticking to my earlier theory that they're going to join Karen and Andy on the cruise of Self-Contrived Offscreenness.

Also - if that really was the absolute last we see of Lucas Scott, I LOVED that we got a Lucas/Karen scene.  This show started about brothers (though on that note - no final brothers scene?), but it was also very much about Lucas and Karen vs. the world.  So I was really, really happy that that was one of the notes they chose to go out on.  

Nathan's basketball story......I don't know, man.  I will admit that they got me.  I had heard Nathan was going to be off the Chiefs (nice knowing you, Bobby), but I really thought maybe, just maybe, he was going to have to give up the basketball dream.  I was interested to see how that story (i.e., Nathan, get a job) turned out.  I mean, it fits in with the theme of "If you follow your dreams, they'll come true"....but, yeah.  Maybe I'm just disappointed that we're going to have to watch MORE basketball next season.

Also, I bet Nathan's new coach is going to be pissed that he left his new jersey in a cemetery.

And okay, fine, when Nathan gave Haley the news and she burst into tears?  It got me a little, because man, there was so MUCH in those tears.  She's had to be the strong, supportive breadwinner who keeps building Nathan up every time he falls down, and you know there had to be a part of her that was going "When are we going to move on from this?"  So to see that absolute RELIEF from her was probably more of a treat than seeing Nathan's joy.

Brooke and Julian - as usual, they were just pitch-perfect.  (Especially when Julian mentioned how much he missed Sammie and I nearly considered hugging my television).  LOVE those two.  But you know what REALLY killed me?  The Brooke/Victoria scene.  OH MY HEART.  Victoria just threw it all out there, and then Brooke asked her to stay on with the company because she loves it and is good at it, but mostly because she's her MOM?  Oh, man.  I know there were a lot of perfect happy endings in this episode (again - like a good series finale), but that scene was just wonderful.

It's official.  I am SO OVER Mouth and Millicent.  And I hate that, because I love Millicent, I do.  But this past storyline of theirs really made me hate Mouth, and I'm sorry, but that's not going away anytime soon.  I don't care how sad he was, and how many puppy dog faces he makes, he was still a complete douchebag who got off way too easy.  So I've officially transferred my rooting value from them to Mia and Chase.  Who, yes, are cute filler without much substance, but I'm hoping that changes next season.  

Overall - a REALLY nice finale.  Okay, so things were wrapped up almost too well, but I suppose it's a bit of a relief after some other finales that I won't mention.  (No, I'm not getting over it anytime soon).  And next season, it's all Austin Nichols all the time!  WOOOO.

On a random side note - I was watching the CSI: Miami finale, and Brian Austin Green was a guest star.  Yep, BAG still lives and breathes.  But as I was watching him, I thought "You know, David Silver IS kind of attractive" and then I realized why that is.  Other than having different eyes, BAG and Austin Nichols could play brothers.  Just something in their mannerisms and physicality.....I don't know, man.  And then I was left with the question of whether Austin Nichols is stealing BAG's mojo and we're all hot for a copycat David Silver, and then my head kind of exploded.


CSI is catching a lot of flak for Billy Petersen leaving and Laurence Fishburne taking over.  And honestly, I don't think it's at all well-deserved.  Do I miss Grissom?  Hell yeah, I do.  I loved Grissom!  But Fishburne is doing a more than admirable job of filling in the void, and Ray Langston is a likable character.  So I feel bad that he's getting the blame for the faltering ratings.  Yes, less people are tuning in because Petersen is gone.  But I really think if they came back and gave Fishburne a chance, he'd live up to expectations.

Having said all that.....I WAS disappointed that the finale focused on Langston's character.  I can understand WHY they went in that direction, but I also feel that it's a mistake to take finale time away from established characters if you're trying to lure people back.  Hell, they shipped Nick Stokes off to Hawaii for the entire episode!  (Obviously that made me personally sad).  Plus, we've had several episodes already that have focused on Ray.  If we're desperate to focus on a new character, then what about Riley?  I know a lot of people don't like her, but I also feel like we don't really KNOW her as a character yet.  Like I said, we've had several episodes that have "introduced" us to Ray and shown us how he works.  How about if we give Riley a shot at being more than a supporting player in Ray's stories?  Maybe the audience would warm to her a little more if we actually KNEW something about her.

But, there's always next season, I guess.  And on a side note - Brass apparently had sex (offscreen) a couple weeks ago.  Good for him!  I love me some Brass.  I mean, sure, his hook-up turned out to be married and more or less set her husband up to be killed, but.....Brass got to have sex!  Now see, THAT'S some actual progress.
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