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Okay, I'm going to be honest here for a second.  When it comes to NCIS, sometimes I'm not that smart.  Like, do I have any idea what logistically happened during this episode?  Not really.  When Ziva said goodbye to Gibbs, I felt like there was something underlying....some indication that she might be planning something and Gibbs was in on it.  But - unless I'm still really confused - I'm guessing I was wrong.  Looks like Ziva did legitimately intend to stay behind, knowing full well that that would be the result of her decision that she could no longer work with Tony.  So, she remains with Mossad to, as Eli put it, finish Michael's mission.....and, what?  The terrorist cell has kidnapped her and is grilling her about NCIS?  Or has she been double-crossed by her own father?  I don't know.....and I kind of feel like I SHOULD know, but apparently my following skills when it comes to this show are ridiculously bad.

As far as I can figure it (which, admittedly, isn't far), Ziva's claim that she couldn't work with Tony was her giving Gibbs a clear out so she could stay with Mossad and obey her father.  Obviously things between her and Tony would be tense, but I really got the impression that she was pulling that card so she didn't have to say "I want to stay here."  Also - does the rest of the team know that Ziva essentially forced Gibbs' hand by saying she wouldn't work with Tony, or do they just think he let her go because of her involvement with Rivkin?  Curious.

But seriously.  I feel kinda stupid right now because I quite honestly had a hard time keeping up.  Or I was so broken up over Tony/Ziva angst that my attention span flew right out the window - either/or.

Before I get to that, though, a few quick comments.  I love Ziva's bond with Gibbs, and even though I had spent the episode initially focused on Tony and Ziva, the obvious sadness that Gibbs was feeling got to me.....especially when Vance pointed out that Ziva could have played him all along, per orders from Eli. 

Speaking of.....I was a big fan of the showdown between Gibbs and Vance, simply to see that Vance's decision a year ago to break up the team is still reverberating.  Vance put it best - Gibbs doesn't trust him, but he hasn't figured out yet why exactly that is.  A part of me is hoping that they don't make Vance out to be evil after all, because I really quite like him.  Even when he's making suggestions that Ziva played the entire team, because after all - why wouldn't he think that?  Hell, even Ducky pointed out to Gibbs that perhaps his trust in Ziva was misplaced.

The boat is gone!  I loved that Ducky was all "How...?" and Gibbs snapped that he asks him that every time.  HEE.

One of the funniest parts of an otherwise depressing episode (besides Tony's Twitter comment while he was "not" being interrogated by Eli, because YES) - the look on McGee's face when Abby lied to Gibbs that they just about had Rivkin's computer put back together.

Another random moment that cracked me up:  When Gibbs went missing and Vance said he was probably going out for coffee.  It totally looked like Vance was covering for him - until you realized that Gibbs was ACTUALLY going out for coffee.  Well played, show.

I also loved Palmer hanging out at Tony's desk and ogling his magazines.  Oh, Jimmy, you big dork, I kind of adore you.

But moving on to the most important parts of the show.....OH MY HEART.  First off, when Tony finally confronted Ziva, and she railed at him for everything that had happened.....and when she asked him why, his response was simply "For you."  GAH.  And then, the look on Tony's face when Gibbs got on the jet alone, and his somewhat tentative "Boss?"  Dude!  Michael Weatherly, you're killing me here.

....and yes, I do sort of enjoy the fact that Tony's feelings for Ziva are just common knowledge now.

As far as that ending.....I don't know.  I really don't.  Naturally, the team is going to have to race in and save Ziva, because - DUH.  And we'll see where it goes from there.  I admit, I'm glad it didn't end with Tony and Ziva ripping each other's clothes off, because as hot as that would have been, it wouldn't have made any sense whatsoever.  Did Ziva love Michael?  Even she has no idea, but regardless, Tony killed the guy.  Clearly, it was self-defense, and I think deep down, Ziva has to know that.  Still....that's a big hurdle to overcome, and it would have been really cheap if they'd resolved it within one episode.  But wow, did that episode ever hurt my heart.  Tony forlornly staring at his phone at the end, practically willing Ziva to call, and Gibbs can't even say anything to make it better?  Paaaain, man.
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