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1 - Without a Trace has officially been canceled.  I haven't watched it in the last season (and apparently, neither did anyone else), but I'm still disappointed.  I had heard the rumors, but once Cold Case was renewed, I figured Without a Trace would be as well.  I guess I assumed they had the bigger audience or something, I don't know.  So yeah....while it didn't hold my interest this past season, it's got a really great cast, and I'm hopeful that we'll see them elsewhere.  Like, you know - on the shows I'm actually watching....

2 - Smallville is apparently moving to Fridays.  Damn you to hell, world!  Friday would, naturally, be the one night I close at the pharmacy.  Is it bad that I'm actually considering changing around my schedule?  Okay, actually, Smallville isn't the only reason.  I kind of loathe closing, ESPECIALLY on Fridays.  So we'll see what happens there, but chances are, I might have to end up taping and watching later.....which more often than not, is the kiss of death when it comes to my shows.  (Apparently I'm the laziest person who ever lived.  Who knew?)  

3 - The NCIS spinoff, as expected, got picked up and will be airing after NCIS The First.  That was the one bit of good news that I managed to find on  I was hesitant on the idea of a spinoff, until I saw the episodes that introduced us to the LA team.  And damn it, I like them.  All of them!  Random fact:  I had a crush on LL Cool J when I was much younger.  And I'm pretty sure, after those episodes, that I currently have a crush on Chris O'Donnell.  When did that kid get hot, anyway?  Also, the spinoff prominently features Louise Lombard, and while I know she's not ACTUALLY Sofphia from CSI.....well, I can make believe, right?


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