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Does anybody else out here watch Raising the Bar?  Anybody?  Bueller?

Much like NYPD Blue, I got roped into this show because of....sigh....Mark-Paul Gosselaar.  Don't ask me what it is.  As an impressionable teenager, I watched Saved by the Bell and never had a crush on the guy.  (Was it the blond hair?  Who knows?)  But he got older, and went back to his natural hair color, and.....I don't know, man.  Dude is attractive.  Even if his name is, you know, Mark-Paul.

Anyway.  I'd heard of Raising the Bar, but didn't watch the first season.  I don't know why.  I had that moment of "Ooh!  Gosselaar!" and then forgot all about it.  But recently, I saw some clips online and heard the second season was about to start, so I decided to get caught up on it.  Luckily, the first season was only ten episodes, so I was able to get up to speed without much of a problem. 

So, my thoughts.....okay, is it the most amazing show I've ever watched?  Probably not.  But I'm enjoying it all the same, mostly because of the characters.  Obviously I'm all about admiring the Goss, and apparently I have some major girlcrush on Natalia Cigliuti that I was heretofore unaware of.  

I love all of the public defenders...but then again, I'm pretty sure we're supposed to.  My particular favorite is Richard.  Richie Rich!  He is so adorable and good-hearted that it kind of melts me.  Love Jerry, love Bobbi, love Roz.....but Richard wins all.  

As far as the prosecutors go.....I like Marcus even when he's being pigheaded.  Michelle.....ehhh.  She has her moments where I really enjoy her, but then she's back to being snarky and shitty and I can't stand her.  Unfortunately, I get the feeling she's written that way so we'll root for Jerry/Bobbi.  And yes, I'm rooting for Jerry/Bobbi, and am ridiculously displeased at this twist where it looks like Jerry will turn back to Michelle simply because Bobbi told him she was going through a messy divorce and needed time.

Anyway, back to my point....just when I think I might like Michelle, she acts bitchy and I'm back on the fence.  I'm hoping this will change as time goes on, but with the advent of this triangle.....I don't know.  I get the feeling it might be awhile before I'm able to really enjoy Michelle Ernhardt.

Judge much as I get Jerry's frustration, I have to admit, a part of me is amused when I see her shoot Jerry down simply to shoot him down.  I also liked her reaction to Charlie's confession that he's gay.  Yes, it was shitty when she forced him to resign.....but I could see where she was coming from.  She felt totally used, and who could blame her?  This guy has been out hooking up with Ricky from My So-Called Life behind her back while she's helping him advance in his career.  It was obvious that she truly cared about him.  It sucks to get dumped....but it sucks even more to find out that you're being dumped because, oh, I like penis and you don't appear to have one.  However, I was really glad that she rethought her decision and brought him back....and that he went along with it, because I was afraid he'd tell her to stick it.  Again - what she did was shady, yes.  But is what he did any less shady?  

I loved tonight's episode (save for the Jerry/Bobbi/Michelle stuff) mostly because of - yep - the haircut.  (Maybe that's why I was reluctant to start watching this.....note that I made the decision to jump in once I knew MPG had cut his hair.  Subconscious?)  The nonstop digs at the hair, and then the reaction to the haircut itself.....HILARIOUS.  I loved that Richard and Bobbi ran into the courtroom just so they could see his hair.  Word was out on the street, man.  And Kessler catching Charlie giving Jerry a thumbs-up?  Ha!

But finally......I saved the best for last.  Remember when I watched NYPD Blue and had a ridiculous soft spot for Currie Graham and his character?  (Okay, maybe you don't, if you didn't read my reviews...but, yes).  Well, now that I'm watching Raising the Bar.....I have a ridiculous soft spot for Currie Graham and his character.  I LOVE Nick Balco and how terribly inappropriate he is.  I can actually feel my face lighting up when the scene opens on him, because I know there is more than likely going to be a one-liner that cracks me up.  I think I also love that he doesn't discriminate.  Are you a woman?  Then Balco is going to hit on you.  End of story.

Speaking of.....this was a random exchange from an episode last season, but I watched it over and over because it KILLED me.

Roz:  His dream is to be a firefighter.
Kessler:  Well, I used to dream of being a ballerina.
Nick (lights up):  Did you?
Kessler:  I was six.  I got over it.
Nick (deflated):  Oh.

If only I had a video clip, because it doesn't work as well without seeing his face.  He just gets so excited over the thought of Kessler being a ballerina!  Oh, Balco.  LOVE you.

Next week:  I am torn.  Can I tolerate Jerry possibly having sex with Michelle know....Jerry is hot?  Or am I going to be so disappointed that it's Michelle that I can't watch?  Ugh.  Decisions!


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