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Okay, am I the only one who is beyond tired of hearing about how Britney is The Worst Mother That Ever Lived? Please tell me I'm not.

I'm not going to say I agree with what she did, because it was a stupid mistake. But last time I checked, everyone makes stupid mistakes. I'm sure she regrets what she did. After all of this kerfuffle, she'd be stupid to not regret it. I'm sure it will make her think twice about doing the same thing again, and isn't that the point? I'm going to take a guess that there are many - MANY - parents out there in the world who make Britney look like a saint. Let's worry about them instead of spazzing out about Britney.

I guess I just feel bad for her because it seems that, no matter what she does, everyone judges her and sees the worst in her. From what I can see, she takes her kid almost everywhere with her, she's not that interested in restarting her career because she just wants to be a mom, she's certainly more into her baby than his own douchebag father is......but nobody really focuses on that. Instead, they just wait until she messes up, and then it's "Britney is a horrible mother! She deserves to have her child taken away!"

Like, when the baby was first born. There was a picture of Britney's mom holding the baby, and people went NUTS. (Yes, ONTD - I'm looking at you). "Oh my god, she won't even HOLD her own baby - she's such a BAD mother - look, she's just passed him off to her own mother!" Because god knows you're a terrible parent if you let someone else - the own child's grandmother, even! - hold your baby.

But then we have Meg Ryan, who goes and adopts a baby. And in the picture I've seen, some other woman is carrying the child and Meg is barely giving her a passing glance. But that's okay, because she's not Britney. Look, I'm not suggesting that Meg is a bad mother. Maybe they caught her at the wrong moment. Maybe she had to take a phone call, so the other woman held the baby for her. But the thing that bothers me is, nobody questions it. It's all perfectly fine. But if that was Britney, standing there hardly paying attention to the baby while somebody else toted it around....? People would be FURIOUS. It just drives me nuts.

Let's move on to OTHER things that make me furious, and by other things, I naturally mean Belle Black. The cover of Soap Opera Digest this week proclaims that Belle tells Shawn that she loves him and wants to be with him. That's all fine and well, except she seems to forget that she is married to another guy - who is madly in love with her - and is raising a child with him. (Yes, it's actually Shawn's, but they don't know that).

This is what drives me completely insane in regards to this character. She's one of the most selfish characters I've ever seen, and what makes it worse is that we're supposed to believe she is as sweet and pure as the driven snow. Instead of standing on her own two feet when she thought Shawn didn't love her anymore, she turned around and immediately latched on to Phillip. This was one of her best friends, whom she knew was crazy about her, but she went ahead and used him because she was too weak to be alone. And the whole time, she pissed and moaned about how much she missed Shawn, and how much she loved Shawn, and blah blah blah.

Then, she has a baby with Phillip (so we think) and is that enough? No, she's STILL going to piss and moan about Shawn. Even when her child is apparently DYING, she's still making cow eyes at Shawn and wishing that Claire was his child. And now that that crisis has been averted, she's decided to go declare her love. Why? Because Shawn has proposed to Mimi and Poor Sweet Belle just can't handle it. She's going to do her damndest to tear apart everyone's lives because she's a selfish little brat who is having a jealous fit. And I'm supposed to root for her?

Look, I'm not saying that she's a terrible person for not loving Phillip. He is kind of boring and all of that. But she had no regard for his feelings in the first place. She should have left him alone and not married him if she wasn't in love with him. But she went ahead and did it. And now I'm supposed to feel sorry for her? The woman is supposed to be an adult (though she sure as hell doesn't act like it). She made her own decisions, so now, as far as I'm concerned, she needs to grow the fuck up and deal with it. She can't keep playing these childish little "I want Phillip because Shawn doesn't want me! - Oh, but Shawn wants Mimi now, I'm sad, I need to get Shawn back!" games.

Yeah, I know. You've heard it all before. It doesn't take much to set me off on a Belle-hating tangent, unfortunately. I kind of thought that maybe, once Kirsten Storms wasn't playing her anymore, I would possibly hate her a little less. But that doesn't seem to have happened.
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So, I haven't talked about anything non-soap-related in awhile, have I?

Let's see.....the rumor is that the ADIDAS video is going to feature Carmen Electra. *nods* I can live with this. Look, JC likes blue-eyed brunettes.....that works for me. Heh. Carmen Electra does have blue eyes, doesn't she? *pause* I thought she did, but watch me say that and be totally wrong. Huh.

Why isn't my friendslist discussing the latest Britney rumor? I read on IMDb a few days ago that the video for Everytime was being revamped, because there was a scene in there that depicted suicide, and everyone was throwing a fit over it. Brit and Co. claimed that it was showing "accidental death" as opposed to "suicide", but they decided to tweak it anyway, so nobody got the wrong idea. Hmmm.

Got my Rolling Stone in the mail today. (And I'm pretty sure there's pretty JC hidden somewhere in the depths, but I haven't gotten there yet). I swear, why don't they just rename the damn magazine "We Hate Bush 4Ever"? I mean, the whole gay marriage thing has rather soured me on Bush, but still - this is a national publication here. Why can't they just try to be neutral? I almost dread getting the magazine now, because I swear, every single issue, there's a very strongly anti-Bush article (or five, or ten) in it. And the whole Correspondence section is literally nothing but people bitching about Bush. I know RS does handle some political issues, but they're supposed to primarily be a music magazine, right? At least, that's why I'm subscribing. It just annoys me, is all.

What also annoys me about RS is their general pimping of Beyonce. (Bouncy!) I've gotten to the point where I don't mind her so much, but the rest of the world acts like she's the second coming. How come Britney gets skewered (okay, and Christina, too) for dressing like a slut, and being half-naked all the time? Has anyone looked at Beyonce? It's not like the girl is running around in a nun's habit. But it's okay - we celebrate Beyonce. Why? I don't understand. Okay, she's got a good voice - then say she's got a good voice. Don't talk about how she's so much more "classier" than Britney, because I don't see it. And for god sakes, the publicist who lets Beyonce give interviews in which she talks about how her morals are so much better than Brit/Xtina/whoever's, while wearing what amounts to hot pants and a spangled bra, really needs to be flogged.

Hey, AI kids out there.....did Tate (or Marque...whatever) get booted from some point? I refuse to put myself through the pain of watching that show again (Trenyce soured me last year, man), but I was hoping the little former Mouseketeer would make good. Then again - I haven't heard his name come up anywhere, so I'm guessing he probably got booted awhile back. *sigh*

I don't know what else I was going to go into, so I'll just post another Zaxie snippet. Yeah, I know. I'll try not to spam everybody with 48 different parts in one day again. The word of the day is "restraint". ;-)
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Damn it all. Nicole Kidman is going to star as the White Witch in the movie adaptation of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe? *groans* Come on, not fair. Way to ruin one of my favorite books. :-(


And apparently, there's still a big kerfluffle over Schizophrenic? *eyeroll* I mean, I do understand where some of it comes from.....but it just constantly feels like they're looking for something to complain about. *shrugs* I guess I should just look at the bright side and say "Any publicity is good publicity", right?

On that note....while reading through my trashy tabloids this weekend, I noticed that the Star gave JC three of four stars on Schizophrenic, and had a fairly decent review written up. They basically said Schizophrenic wasn't as great as Justified, but they didn't say it was terrible, by any means. Hee. Not that I'm sure the Star actually counts for anything, but it still made me grin.

Now that it's been said that Build My World is the next single, I started thinking about the next single. (What can I say? I think ahead. :-p) I'm thinking One Night Stand could be good. You know JC would have a time getting himself all pimped-out for that video, and it's just generally a fun song. It's not my favorite song on the album, but as far as video potential, I think it's one of the best.

I still haven't gotten tired of Schizophrenic yet. *sighs* I'm so happy that I love this CD so much. I was worried I wouldn't be that into it, but......I still love it. Silky like a Milky Way, man. Like [ profile] _jules_ said about "What's up, fucker?" - why are there not more icons that say "Silky like a Milky Way"? Man, that would be the first one I'd go for.

And, since I'm mentioning lyrics here.....which one of you jokers coined the phrase "strap on a donkey thong"? Because now I can NOT listen to that song without hearing that. I don't even know what the real words are anymore. I just hear "strap on a donkey thong" every time.

And yes, I still laugh when I hear "Adjust the button fly on my Levis when you walked into the door." Oh, JC. Dude.

And I still don't like Everything You Want (hides from [ profile] charlidos). I just, I don't know - I just cannot, for the life of me, get into that one.


Since I keep forgetting to actually go respond to the comments.......first off, thanks to [ profile] _jules_ for enjoying the "What's up, fucker?" icon ;-) and also, thanks to the Lola half of [ profile] babygotbass for the other icons I snagged. I keep meaning to go back and comment, or respond to comments, and......yeah, I have no brain. Basically.


The current GH rumor is that..... )


So, Brit's next single is going to be Everytime? I can see the controversy, I suppose. I mean, logically, she's released two singles, and they've both been upbeat, so it's probably time for a slower one. And Everytime is the most "ballad-y" song on the album. But yeah, it does seem sort of convenient. *shrugs* Either way, I'm trying not to buy into it too much, because she could release The Patty Cake Song (remix), and everyone will claim it has something to do with Justin. Like how Brit got married in Vegas because of Justin. And how the Toxic video is all about Justin. Which still makes me roll my eyes.


I guess it's time to go wait for General Hospital, and the Neverending Custody Insanity that I'm sure will come. *groans* Wish me luck. LOL.
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I got this from a tabloid (Star, I believe), so of course, there's a 99% likelihood that it's not true. But I thought I'd post it, just for shits and giggles.

Read more... )

So, yeah. It's not even the Cameron/Justin/Britney angle that I'm interested in. Let's pretend this is true. If it was, I wonder which bandmate it is we're talking about? Discuss.

Heh. I love tabloids.


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