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One quick CSI mention:  I'm pretty sure A Space Oddity is right up there on the list of my all-time favorite episodes.  The only downer was the fact that Nick was such a pissy bitch throughout.  But other than that.....I love me some Wendy/Hodges.  I've never actually 'shipped a CSI pairing before* - the closest I came was Grissom/Lady Heather, which I wouldn't allow myself to get into because, hello, lost cause - but I am all about the Wedges.  He told her they were meant for each other!  Eeeee!

*Okay, I 'shipped Sofia and Brass a tiny bit.  Don't judge me.


Mar. 26th, 2009 09:03 pm
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ETA:  Very unrelated to Smallville, but has anyone else seen the picture of George Eads in TV Guide?  *thud*  When I first started watching CSI, I was all about Nick Stokes....then gradually, I moved on to Gary Dourdan/Warrick Brown.  Now, snooze (i.e., get busted for drugs), you lose (i.e., get fired), I guess,  I do believe the pendulum has swung right back.

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I have to be honest - I don't mind having hiatuses from television shows.  It gives me a little breather just in case the show was starting to feel like a chore.  And if that wasn't the case - well, it gives me something to look forward to, right?

Also, the extra time apparently convinces my friends that I need something else to watch.  And that, my friends, is How I Met....well, Barney Stinson, really.  I'd heard that How I Met Your Mother was hilarious, but I didn't have the time to fit it into my schedule.  Besides that, I seem to be really bad at watching comedies every week.  I get more drawn into the dramatic shows and are more inclined to watch those instead.  So while there are comedic shows I've always enjoyed - Scrubs, The Office, and I'm pretty certain I would love 30 Rock - the desire to watch every week just isn't there.

Having said that, though.....when my friend handed me the first season DVDs of HIMYM and told me I absolutely HAD to watch, I went along with it.  And I found that I truly enjoyed the show - or most notably, Neil Patrick Harris.  While I find the other characters fun (Alyson Hannigan never ceases to be adorable), it's obvious the real star of it all is Barney.  So yes, while I'm not going to add the show to my weekly line-up (I have three more seasons to catch up on!  And too much Monday night TV as it is!), I will definitely be checking out the rest of the DVDs in the future.

My friend also lent me It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  I'm a few episodes in, and I have to say, I'm amused, but I haven't been totally enchanted by it yet.  I've had many people tell me that it gets better as it goes on, though, so I'm going to keep trudging through.  I don't dislike it - I just don't feel the need to "have" to watch the next episode.

Moving on to some more slightly-recent television......

My letter shows - CSI (both LV and Miami) and NCIS. )

And finally, because I clearly didn't prove that I'm a teenager in an adult's body by admitting my love for Taylor Swift.....let's talk about Twilight.

Screw it, dazzle is still a funny word. )

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I still have ER to talk about, but maybe I'll save that for tomorrow when I'm less tired. Hmm...good idea.
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First off....I missed the premieres of My Name Is Earl and The Office. I know. I KNOW. I was stressed out today and for some reason, convinced myself that they were coming on at 9/9:30. Which makes no sense, as that's when CSI comes on and I've been all relieved that, as of the moment, none of my shows overlap each other anymore. But that's what I had in my head.

So that's obviously a disappointment. I wanted to see The Office more so than Earl, but I did want to see them both. Does anyone know if you can download episodes off of Limewire? And either way, if someone else saw them, can you give me an update of what I missed? I'm more concerned with The Office (how are Jim and Pam?!?), but recaps on either/or would be super.

Yeah, I know. I'm starting out really well this season, right?

A smattering of CSI and then some ER talk. )

In other news....and I have yet to respond to the last comments, which I'm definitely going to....but I believe I may have found the CW. It's on some random higher channel (253 on Comcast...okay) appears to be there. I'm kind of knocking on wood, afraid that as soon as I say that, I'll be wrong, but I think I may have gotten lucky. So maybe there will be One Tree Hill for me after all. Thank GOD.
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Yeah, so....I'm still alive. Shockingly enough. I more or less decided to take a break from the old livejournal over the summer. I had a lot of stuff going on (mostly work-related) and I just didn't seem to have the time or inclination to keep posting. Part of it (a lot of it) was due to the fact that it was the summer hiatus and all my shows were off the air. I wanted to watch Entourage, but it fell on Sunday nights, which was a bad time for me. After I'd missed a handful of shows, I decided I probably wasn't going to catch up anytime soon and would have to wait for it on DVD.

So what did that leave me with? Not much. I'm still steadfastly against watching General Hospital. I keep up with it, as I keep up with all the soaps - that's an addiction I'll never quit - but not even the prospect of a Liason reunion could bring me back. That sort of surprised me. We all know Elizabeth and Jason were my favorite couple (or not-quite-couple, as it was) and you would think I'd come running back upon hearing that they were bonding and then sexing and now possibly pregnant. But it didn't happen.

I think part of it is that I know I can always find the clips somewhere online. That way, I can watch Elizabeth and Jason, but not have to deal with any of the other crap that is going on. Sonny and Jax fighting over a woman again? Maxie's character being driven into the ground? Sam still being around and still, from the sounds of things, being a screechy, self-righteous harpy? Yeah, I'm gonna go with a no.

See, some things never change. I don't watch General Hospital.....but I can sure as hell talk about it.

Anyway. So my point is, there wasn't a lot for me to do, entertainment-wise, over the summer. Besides thank god for the fact that this time, Britney appears to have more or less grasped the concept of decent maternity wear.

But now we're starting to get back into the season. And I have to admit, I'm a bit excited about it. I finally - finally! - watched my tapes of the CSI and Without a Trace season finales, which was a pretty good opening for things. (Yeah, I know.....I sarcastically said, back in May, that it would be August before I watched them. In the end, I watched them on September 3rd).

So let's get this party started by going over my thoughts about the upcoming season: Even after all this time, I still know how to do an lj-cut. Thank god. )

I feel like I'm forgetting a show. (Okay, I am - My Name Is Earl - but I found that I had nothing really to say about that one). Maybe it just feels weird without Scrubs in there. It's coming back in January, right?

Anyway. So now that I've written another novel (come on, you missed that....okay, maybe not, but still), I'll leave everyone in peace. See, I knew by the time September rolled around, I'd be all excited about TV again!
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You'd think I would have learned by now that I should never - never! - forget to check the friendslist for a week, unless I am of course in Vegas. I think I got to something like skip=400, and that was with skipping over a lot of stuff. By the end of it, my eyes were like "Dear GOD, woman, what the fuck was THAT?"

Anyway. I've basically given up on CSI and WAT. I've accepted that I am never going to watch the last few weeks' worth of episodes, so I might as well give it up and start anew. So I shall tape tomorrow night's episodes and hope that, with the prospect of just one new episode each to watch, I'll actually do it. Instead of going "God, I have four episodes - of each show! - to watch", whining, and then not doing it.

So, yeah. If there is anything of note that happened in the personal lives of the characters over the last few weeks, I would love you guys forever if someone let me know what's up. I don't care that much about the Case of the Week - but if Catherine Willows had sex with someone or Martin Fitzgerald relapsed, that's the kind of thing I'm curious about.

One Tree Hill - I desperately need to remember to tape the next episode. It's the season (series?) finale, for god sakes! So you know damn well I'm probably going to forget it, since that's what I DO. I think my father has tied up the VCR for the time being, so I'm literally setting my tape on top of my purse so there's no way I can leave for work tomorrow without remembering it. Let's keep our fingers crossed on that one.

Sooo, Daytime Emmys....I don't have a clue what the hell happened. I haven't really bothered to check. I did hear a rumble that GH won Best Show or something (*sigh*) and that Tony Geary pulled off Lead Actor. Oh, and that Zimmer took Lead Actress, because all the fangirls on the GH community were freaking out because Kelly Monaco was "ripped off". Other than that, not a clue. Did anybody humiliate themselves? Were there any particularly pretty dresses? Any incredibly shocking wins?

Speaking of I understanding this right? Are Sonny and Jason really trying to kill each other? Because if so, then that makes my heart SING. Yeah, I know, nobody will go through with it, and in the end, I'm sure they'll embrace to romantic music and all will be well, but still. Just the THOUGHT of those two possibly killing each other off makes me want to dance.

Another random soap I the only one who hates it when people refer to the actors by their character names? For instance: "I really want Sonny to win the Emmy." Okay, I get it if you don't know the actor's name. But is it that hard to write "the actor who plays Sonny"? I don't know, it's just a pet peeve of mine. I always feel like commenting and saying "Yeah, I doubt Sonny is going to be winning any Emmys anytime soon, considering he's busy with the whole killing people for a living and boinking his latest girlfriend."

God, I am SO BEHIND. Seriously, that's what every single journal entry I've written for the last few weeks has said, isn't it? But it's so true. I haven't even updated my icons, people! You KNOW it's bad when I don't even update icons. Once I get my shit together - which probably won't be until the "season" is over - I need to go in and clean out the icons and start fresh. Because this just feels so wrong.

I'm ridiculously tired, and I'm sure everyone is sick of my massively long entries, but I wanted to get back into the swing of things and talk about recent television:

CSI: Miami, NCIS, Scrubs, and Law & Order: SVU )

So, yeah, kinda half-assed reviews, but....getting back into the swing of things. Or something. Maybe.
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After thinking more on the latest episode of CSI last night, I've realized that - good episode or no - I still have more questions than answers.

What the hell just happened here? )
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*raises hand*

Okay, was I the only one who had NO CLUE WHATSOEVER that Bobby - the guy who worked for Faye Dunaway's character - was the same guy from Formalities? You know, the one whose daughter was killed in the hotel room and he totally lost it? I mean, the CSIs obviously knew him from somewhere, and I was completely confused by that. I totally didn't understand what was going on, but then I got wrapped up in the story and forgot about it.

But then [ profile] quettaser mentioned him, and the lightbulb went on. Now I feel kind of stupid that I had no idea who the guy was.


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