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My Name Is Earl/The Office )


I still have ER to talk about, but maybe I'll save that for tomorrow when I'm less tired. Hmm...good idea.
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First off....I missed the premieres of My Name Is Earl and The Office. I know. I KNOW. I was stressed out today and for some reason, convinced myself that they were coming on at 9/9:30. Which makes no sense, as that's when CSI comes on and I've been all relieved that, as of the moment, none of my shows overlap each other anymore. But that's what I had in my head.

So that's obviously a disappointment. I wanted to see The Office more so than Earl, but I did want to see them both. Does anyone know if you can download episodes off of Limewire? And either way, if someone else saw them, can you give me an update of what I missed? I'm more concerned with The Office (how are Jim and Pam?!?), but recaps on either/or would be super.

Yeah, I know. I'm starting out really well this season, right?

A smattering of CSI and then some ER talk. )

In other news....and I have yet to respond to the last comments, which I'm definitely going to....but I believe I may have found the CW. It's on some random higher channel (253 on Comcast...okay) appears to be there. I'm kind of knocking on wood, afraid that as soon as I say that, I'll be wrong, but I think I may have gotten lucky. So maybe there will be One Tree Hill for me after all. Thank GOD.
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Yeah, so....I'm still alive. Shockingly enough. I more or less decided to take a break from the old livejournal over the summer. I had a lot of stuff going on (mostly work-related) and I just didn't seem to have the time or inclination to keep posting. Part of it (a lot of it) was due to the fact that it was the summer hiatus and all my shows were off the air. I wanted to watch Entourage, but it fell on Sunday nights, which was a bad time for me. After I'd missed a handful of shows, I decided I probably wasn't going to catch up anytime soon and would have to wait for it on DVD.

So what did that leave me with? Not much. I'm still steadfastly against watching General Hospital. I keep up with it, as I keep up with all the soaps - that's an addiction I'll never quit - but not even the prospect of a Liason reunion could bring me back. That sort of surprised me. We all know Elizabeth and Jason were my favorite couple (or not-quite-couple, as it was) and you would think I'd come running back upon hearing that they were bonding and then sexing and now possibly pregnant. But it didn't happen.

I think part of it is that I know I can always find the clips somewhere online. That way, I can watch Elizabeth and Jason, but not have to deal with any of the other crap that is going on. Sonny and Jax fighting over a woman again? Maxie's character being driven into the ground? Sam still being around and still, from the sounds of things, being a screechy, self-righteous harpy? Yeah, I'm gonna go with a no.

See, some things never change. I don't watch General Hospital.....but I can sure as hell talk about it.

Anyway. So my point is, there wasn't a lot for me to do, entertainment-wise, over the summer. Besides thank god for the fact that this time, Britney appears to have more or less grasped the concept of decent maternity wear.

But now we're starting to get back into the season. And I have to admit, I'm a bit excited about it. I finally - finally! - watched my tapes of the CSI and Without a Trace season finales, which was a pretty good opening for things. (Yeah, I know.....I sarcastically said, back in May, that it would be August before I watched them. In the end, I watched them on September 3rd).

So let's get this party started by going over my thoughts about the upcoming season: Even after all this time, I still know how to do an lj-cut. Thank god. )

I feel like I'm forgetting a show. (Okay, I am - My Name Is Earl - but I found that I had nothing really to say about that one). Maybe it just feels weird without Scrubs in there. It's coming back in January, right?

Anyway. So now that I've written another novel (come on, you missed that....okay, maybe not, but still), I'll leave everyone in peace. See, I knew by the time September rolled around, I'd be all excited about TV again!
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My Name Is Earl - not the funniest one ever (not enough Darnell or Catalina!), but still good. The slow-mo walk to Sabotage was the absolute best part.

The Office - I loved when Dwight "questioned" Angela about drugs and she just smirked at him. I absolutely adore those two together. They're both so uptight and neurotic, and you can tell that Angela is SO PROUD whenever Dwight goes after someone. I love it! And Jim's comment about Dwight carrying around his own urine while dressed like one of the Village People cracked me up.

ER - No Place To Hide )
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Best My Name Is Earl EVER!

It explained how Darnell and Catalina ended up with the group! It took place in a superstore! It was all centered around their belief that Y2K was going to be the end of the world! The only off moment for me was the addition of the friend we haven't seen before. It was like they wanted Giovanni Ribisi and his character but couldn't afford to bring him back, so they just subbed in this other guy. And he wasn't even an interesting character. But the rest of the episode was so amazing - including the music! - that I couldn't care all that much. Throw in whoever you want, as long as you give me sequences where Darnell is given a new identity and thrown out of a van. BWAH.

The Office - that was a rerun, right? Something just felt....not new....about it. Maybe it was Jim's hair. And the humor didn't seem as good. The thing about The Office is that it seems to get better and funnier every week, so I watch the older episodes and think "Nah, not as great."

Randomly - does anyone else think that Teachers show looks incredibly unfunny? Like, I really don't think there's been one joke I've heard on that show that made me laugh. The men are just....not funny. And the women are really bitchy. Not to mention unfunny.
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Thursday nights are fantastic in that I like My Name Is Earl, I love The Office, and I really love ER. Well....okay, maybe I love The Office most of all. But, still. The lineup works for me.

My Name Is Earl )

The Office )

ER - Out On A Limb )
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A story I keep forgetting to mention, soap-wise.....Miguel's return on Passions. Okay, for one thing, I never cared about Miguel and Charity. I thought they were boring and pretentious and when they both left, I was beyond thrilled. So hearing that Miguel was coming back kinda made me go "Ugh", because I like the whole deal that Kay has moved on with her life and is trying to be with Fox. I mean, I guess it's the perfect twist - her first love, the guy she was obsessed with, the father of her child - comes back just when she has finally found happiness - but, yeah. Here's hoping that Miguel is a little more interesting now that Jesse Metcalfe is no longer in the role.

On that I the only person who can't stand Jesse Metcalfe? He just seems like such an attention whore who doesn't actually do anything to merit the attention, other than prance around without his shirt on. It doesn't help that I never liked him as Miguel - again, he was SO BORING - but I really don't like him now.

Anyway. So Miguel is back in town, and everything I'm reading indicates that he is going to be unhappy with the role Fox has taken in little Maria's life. And to that I say.....where does he get off? He barely paid any attention to the kid, then he abandoned her to chase after his insipid wimp of a girlfriend. Thank god the poor girl had Fox in her life, who seems to have had no qualms in taking on the father figure role.

So, yes, basically I'm hoping that Fox wipes the floor with Miguel's indecisive stupid ass. And as for those rumors of a Charity recast....ugh. I don't even want to think about it.

.....and I still hope Theresa dies a fiery death. In case anyone is curious.

Other soaps.....does anybody actually get The Bold and the Beautiful? Because I sure as hell don't. I know it's only a half hour show, but they seem to subsist on focusing on the same five characters and shifting them in and out of each other's beds. It's kind of sick. Brooke loves Nick, but Nick is with Bridget (her daughter!), who once wanted Ridge (who she once thought was her father!), who wants Brooke, who sometimes wants Eric, who happens to be Ridge's father. I read about this show and I'm just like, seriously, people watch this shit?

I heard that Janet killed off Trevor on All My Children. What exactly is the story there? Other than, you know, Janet Is Crazy, which I already knew.


Moving along to non-soap stuff....the Oscars.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Charlize Theron. I do. She's pretty and she seems down to earth and (most of the time) she has a pretty good sense of fashion. But this whole shock-and-awe act she pulled at being nominated really wore on me. Let's see, she gets an Oscar for dressing down and playing a real person.....then the next role she picks, she has to dress down and play a real person. It just seemed pretty calculated to me, like the main reason she probably took on North Country was just so she could get another nomination. Which is fine - I mean, all actors want to be lauded for their work. I get that. But don't act all "Oh my gosh, I'm so surprised!" when it's obvious that the main reason you took the role was for this exact purpose.

Is it wrong that I don't really care about who won most of the Oscars? Heh. I was all about the fashions, of course.

I thought Uma Thurman and Salma Hayek looked fabulous and - though she really freaks me out most of the time - Nicole Kidman's dress was very pretty. (The straw-like hair I could have done without....but you know, we're getting closer). The one dress that I totally, totally, did not get, though.....Michelle Williams. Again, I normally love Michelle Williams. She's so cute, and she's usually so well put together, and she and Heath and their little Brokeback baby are just too cute for words.....but what was up with the Oscar getup?

The style of the dress was so-so, but it could have been salvaged. But that COLOR! I get that she wanted to stand out, but I'm sorry, that color was hideous. Maybe if it had been turned down a notch, but it was just so garish and loud. And speaking of garish, I don't know whose decision it was to pair it all with fire-engine red lips, but....oh, honey, no. The dress was bad enough on its own, but then paired with the horribly clashing lips, which were the first thing one was just bad news all the way around. And everyone else seemed to love it! That's what I really don't get. When I first saw a picture of her, I thought "Oh, poor thing, she's gonna get roasted." And everybody ADORED it! I don't understand.


Anyone see Failure to Launch yet? Is it any good? I'm not the biggest Sarah Jessica Parker fan in the world, but I do have a neverending affinity for Matthew McConaughey. And the movie itself looked kinda cute.


I finally got caught up on my television. It helped that I taped last Thursday's must-see TV without realizing it was all reruns. Excellent! That cut my viewing time in half.

My Name Is Earl - what I love about this show (well, one of the many things I love about this show) is the recurring characters who keep dropping back in. Like Kenny the gay guy, or Hank the prison inmate, or whats-his-face played by Giovanni Ribisi. All of these characters we've seen before make returns in one way or another, which is great.

Also, Darnell/Randy might be my new Earl OTP. I loved how they kept going back and forth with the whole Roadrunner business.

The Office - I loved everyone trying to keep the football away from Michael (go, Phyllis!) and then Dwight just tackles Ryan. Poor Ryan just can't seem to catch a break. And I love that he was recruited to work on wedding invitations with Pam and Kelly. Heh.

Angela faked being sick to go see Dwight's speech! Aww. And the look on Pam's face during the whole "Best of luck to you, Dwight!" exchange? Oh, god, it was priceless. I died. I love it when Pam interacts with the cameramen.

ER - Darfur )
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Finally caught up on My Name Is Earl, The Office, and ER. Earl wasn't bad, though I didn't think it was the funniest episode ever. Joy and Darnell fighting over Classy Ass (ha!) and Victoria's Secret, and Catalina's "Excuse me, I am hot!" exchange with Philo were probably the highlights.

The Office, I of course loved. Phyllis is so cute! I will always love Phyllis no matter what, especially when she gets all giddy about girl talk. Hee. And then Kelly, innocently questioning Jan about her hookup with Michael and then winking at the camera! Bwah! I felt so sorry for poor Pam, and I loved that Jim immediately told her to go for it without even questioning her about it. Awww. They're so adorable.

ER - Body and Soul )
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I'm now caught up on the last two weeks' worth of My Name Is Earl and The Office. )

I didn't realize CSI and Without a Trace were both reruns tonight. This works out well, because now I can watch My Name Is Earl, The Office, and ER in real time instead of having my tape float around for a week. Unfortunately, I still turned over to CSI at 9pm, and realized that I had just missed CSI: Miami. Noooo! Yeah, it was a rerun, but I've only seen a few episodes, so it was new to me. And I missed it! So sad.
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SVU: Alien )

My Name Is Earl, Christmas Spectacular = loved it. I hope TPTB never, ever decide to get rid of Joy and Darnell. I don't think I would love this show half as much without them in it. The "Son" business alone did me in. "You're Thelma's boy?" But nothing cracked me up as much as the brief moment when Catalina showed up, and in that little pause after she said "I had to blow - " and Earl and Randy exchanged a look. HA. I love this show.

The Office, Christmas Spectacular = I actually spent so much of the episode going "Aww, poor Angela!" (That doesn't mean I didn't die laughing during the Christmas-ornament-wrecking, screaming tantrum, though). Poor neurotic Angela. She plans a Christmas party and Michael - whom she so obviously hates and makes no secret of her hatred - had to ruin it. And Phyllis! Michael was so mean to poor sweet Phyllis and her homemade oven mitt! I loved this episode, as usual, but I have to say, Michael seemed a little too mean-spirited in this one. Yes, he's usually a dick and fairly clueless about it....but I don't know, usually it's a little less jarring. Maybe I'm just still upset that he dissed Phyllis to her face and made her cry.

Jim + Pam = AWWW. I think I say that every week, so it's not really a big surprise. Jim's facial expressions make this show. The little looks he throws at the camera every now and then.....honestly, John Krasinski says more with his face than he ever could with dialogue. Maybe that's why I love Jim so much.

It was all fine and well, but when Meredith took her shirt off and Michael paused and then took a picture? I lost it. He's not entirely forgiven for dissing Phyllis, but he won a few more points in that moment.
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A quick comment before I sign off for the night (ha! Like I ever actually stop writing when I say I'm going to?):

Apparently, NBC is going to move My Name Is Earl and The Office to Thursday nights. I'm not sure when this is happening, but all I can say is - DAMN IT. I knew this shit would happen. As soon as Earl got popular, I figured it was only a matter of time before they moved it to Thursday. They're so desperate to recapture the must-see TV lineup that obviously, that's where they would land. But it just pisses me off, because when that happens, that's gonna give me six - no joke, SIX - shows to watch on Thursday nights. I've got One Tree Hill, CSI, ER, and Without a Trace right now. Tuesdays worked for me, because I could watch Earl, Office, and then SVU, and I didn't have to worry about setting up tapes. My Thursday night is already chockful of switching around tapes, and this is likely gonna make it worse.

....okay, I suppose it's manageable. As long as they play Earl and Office at 8/8:30, that is. I get off work at 7, so that means I'll have to tape OTH and ER (which I've been doing anyway). Then my schedule will be: 8pm - Earl, 8:30pm - The Office, 9pm - CSI, 10pm - WaT. Still, that's a lot of TV. And if they should decide to play Earl/Office at 9/9:30, I'm kinda screwed.

*prays for an 8pm timeslot*

I guess the bright side to this is, when Scrubs comes back on, it will be on Tuesday nights and I won't have to worry about where that will fit. But, still. I watch NO television the rest of the week. (Well, aside from WaT reruns on Monday. And the occasional Monday-night CSI Miami). Why must all of my television fall on the same damn night?!
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You know when you start driving somewhere and you end up thirty miles from where you meant to go, and you're not really sure how the hell that happened? That's what this episode felt like. )

The rest of my Tuesday night: The last few weeks, The Office has been coming out on top, but this week, Earl pulled out the big guns. A wedding extravaganza! Joy's awe over Earl's homemade centerpiece! The daytime hooker was her bridesmaid! "Well, I was gonna bedazzle my initials on that spot." But nothing - nothing! - beats Earl and Joy falling on the bed and the camera panning up to Randy, huddled at the head of the bed with a terrified look on his face. I died. Like, rolling on the floor, screaming with laughter, tears rolling down, dying. Oh, Earl. Whatever did I do without you?


Nov. 5th, 2005 04:26 pm
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A fandom roundup, of sorts. Just because I'm bored like that. )

So, yes. The TV season thus far. (Save for Inconceivable, which I couldn't get into - and apparently I wasn't the only one, as it got kicked to the curb pretty quickly). Seven shows on two nights. Eeesh. And god only knows where Scrubs is going to end up. I refuse to give up my Scrubs, but I get the feeling they'll get stuck back on Thursdays, which gives me FIVE shows on that night. God, my VCR is going to literally burst into flame.


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