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Jul. 5th, 2009 12:38 am
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Yeah, I know.  It's the off-season and I went a little missing again.  As I do.  The only show I've been keeping up with is Raising the Bar, and though I really enjoy it (I'm going to be on vacation in Las Vegas for 10 days - eeek! - and still plan on watching it on Monday night if possible), I don't feel the need to write about it every week.

Anyway....I saw that [personal profile] leobrat did a meme (awhile back, now) and figured it was a good excuse to (a) write (i.e., bitch and complain) again, and (b) say hi to everyone and hope that your summers are going well!


#1. Tony/Ziva - NCIS
#2.  Buffy/Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
#3. Chloe/Davis, Smallville
#4. Xander/Anya, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
#5. Brooke/Julian, One Tree Hill
#6. Jen/Jack, Dawson's Creek


#7. Jason/Elizabeth - General Hospital
#8. Jake/Peyton - One Tree Hill
#9. Delko/Calleigh - CSI: Miami


#10. Sonny/Carly - General Hospital
#11. Lucas/Peyton - One Tree Hill
#12. Dan/Serena - Gossip Girl


#13. Mark/Lexie - Grey's Anatomy
#14. Johnny/Maxie - General Hospital

Questions! )
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Oh, come on. This is what I DO. I know you haven't forgotten this in the ten years or so since I took leave from this little journal, right? Sure.

Because my soap magazines are like my Bible. )

I'm sure as soon I post this, I'll think of eight billion other comments I was going to make (oh, look, they fired Matthew Ashford. Again. Again) but I figure this has been long enough as it is. Ahh, soaps. You drive me up the damn wall, but I just can't quit you. Or quit reading about you, rather.
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Yeah, so....I'm still alive. Shockingly enough. I more or less decided to take a break from the old livejournal over the summer. I had a lot of stuff going on (mostly work-related) and I just didn't seem to have the time or inclination to keep posting. Part of it (a lot of it) was due to the fact that it was the summer hiatus and all my shows were off the air. I wanted to watch Entourage, but it fell on Sunday nights, which was a bad time for me. After I'd missed a handful of shows, I decided I probably wasn't going to catch up anytime soon and would have to wait for it on DVD.

So what did that leave me with? Not much. I'm still steadfastly against watching General Hospital. I keep up with it, as I keep up with all the soaps - that's an addiction I'll never quit - but not even the prospect of a Liason reunion could bring me back. That sort of surprised me. We all know Elizabeth and Jason were my favorite couple (or not-quite-couple, as it was) and you would think I'd come running back upon hearing that they were bonding and then sexing and now possibly pregnant. But it didn't happen.

I think part of it is that I know I can always find the clips somewhere online. That way, I can watch Elizabeth and Jason, but not have to deal with any of the other crap that is going on. Sonny and Jax fighting over a woman again? Maxie's character being driven into the ground? Sam still being around and still, from the sounds of things, being a screechy, self-righteous harpy? Yeah, I'm gonna go with a no.

See, some things never change. I don't watch General Hospital.....but I can sure as hell talk about it.

Anyway. So my point is, there wasn't a lot for me to do, entertainment-wise, over the summer. Besides thank god for the fact that this time, Britney appears to have more or less grasped the concept of decent maternity wear.

But now we're starting to get back into the season. And I have to admit, I'm a bit excited about it. I finally - finally! - watched my tapes of the CSI and Without a Trace season finales, which was a pretty good opening for things. (Yeah, I know.....I sarcastically said, back in May, that it would be August before I watched them. In the end, I watched them on September 3rd).

So let's get this party started by going over my thoughts about the upcoming season: Even after all this time, I still know how to do an lj-cut. Thank god. )

I feel like I'm forgetting a show. (Okay, I am - My Name Is Earl - but I found that I had nothing really to say about that one). Maybe it just feels weird without Scrubs in there. It's coming back in January, right?

Anyway. So now that I've written another novel (come on, you missed that....okay, maybe not, but still), I'll leave everyone in peace. See, I knew by the time September rolled around, I'd be all excited about TV again!
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You'd think I would have learned by now that I should never - never! - forget to check the friendslist for a week, unless I am of course in Vegas. I think I got to something like skip=400, and that was with skipping over a lot of stuff. By the end of it, my eyes were like "Dear GOD, woman, what the fuck was THAT?"

Anyway. I've basically given up on CSI and WAT. I've accepted that I am never going to watch the last few weeks' worth of episodes, so I might as well give it up and start anew. So I shall tape tomorrow night's episodes and hope that, with the prospect of just one new episode each to watch, I'll actually do it. Instead of going "God, I have four episodes - of each show! - to watch", whining, and then not doing it.

So, yeah. If there is anything of note that happened in the personal lives of the characters over the last few weeks, I would love you guys forever if someone let me know what's up. I don't care that much about the Case of the Week - but if Catherine Willows had sex with someone or Martin Fitzgerald relapsed, that's the kind of thing I'm curious about.

One Tree Hill - I desperately need to remember to tape the next episode. It's the season (series?) finale, for god sakes! So you know damn well I'm probably going to forget it, since that's what I DO. I think my father has tied up the VCR for the time being, so I'm literally setting my tape on top of my purse so there's no way I can leave for work tomorrow without remembering it. Let's keep our fingers crossed on that one.

Sooo, Daytime Emmys....I don't have a clue what the hell happened. I haven't really bothered to check. I did hear a rumble that GH won Best Show or something (*sigh*) and that Tony Geary pulled off Lead Actor. Oh, and that Zimmer took Lead Actress, because all the fangirls on the GH community were freaking out because Kelly Monaco was "ripped off". Other than that, not a clue. Did anybody humiliate themselves? Were there any particularly pretty dresses? Any incredibly shocking wins?

Speaking of soaps....am I understanding this right? Are Sonny and Jason really trying to kill each other? Because if so, then that makes my heart SING. Yeah, I know, nobody will go through with it, and in the end, I'm sure they'll embrace to romantic music and all will be well, but still. Just the THOUGHT of those two possibly killing each other off makes me want to dance.

Another random soap note...am I the only one who hates it when people refer to the actors by their character names? For instance: "I really want Sonny to win the Emmy." Okay, I get it if you don't know the actor's name. But is it that hard to write "the actor who plays Sonny"? I don't know, it's just a pet peeve of mine. I always feel like commenting and saying "Yeah, I doubt Sonny is going to be winning any Emmys anytime soon, considering he's busy with the whole killing people for a living and boinking his latest girlfriend."

God, I am SO BEHIND. Seriously, that's what every single journal entry I've written for the last few weeks has said, isn't it? But it's so true. I haven't even updated my icons, people! You KNOW it's bad when I don't even update icons. Once I get my shit together - which probably won't be until the "season" is over - I need to go in and clean out the icons and start fresh. Because this just feels so wrong.

I'm ridiculously tired, and I'm sure everyone is sick of my massively long entries, but I wanted to get back into the swing of things and talk about recent television:

CSI: Miami, NCIS, Scrubs, and Law & Order: SVU )

So, yeah, kinda half-assed reviews, but....getting back into the swing of things. Or something. Maybe.
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It's Emmy time, so I feel that I must complain and ramble about the nominations, whether or not I watch the actual shows. Because that's just what I do.

Is it wrong that I giggled when I found out Burton wasn't nominated? )

I sort of love the fact that General Hospital is apparently "my" show, but yet every year when the nominations come out, I'm always rooting for everybody BUT General Hospital. How sick is that?


Jan. 28th, 2006 02:44 pm
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That SoapNet promo is a thing of beauty. Come on, Guza, everyone knows the truth. You might as well admit it.
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I might as well just give up all pretense and post a weekly entry on which celebrities have gotten on my last goddamn nerve. At this point, that's what it feels like - at least once a week, I feel the need to rant about a celebrity or celebrities that piss me off.

Sooo, this week!

~First up, Oprah Winfrey. Okay, I'll admit that I don't quite get the whole "James Frey is a dirty LIAR!" furor. I haven't read the book, but from what I've heard, everyone who has read it absolutely loves it. Sure, maybe he shouldn't have portrayed it as truth when it wasn't all truth, but in the end, what does it matter? Does it suddenly become a shitty book because it was part fiction? I don't understand that. If you were drawn into the story and amazed by the writing, then shouldn't you still be drawn in and amazed by the writing when it's fiction?

But, you know, whatever. I guess I can accept that people feel betrayed and lied to, even though it doesn't really make sense to me. What pisses me off, though, is Oprah. She went on Larry King Live and defended the guy, but when her audience turned on her, she completely changed her tune. That just seems really weak to me. Either she jumped to his defense without getting all the facts, or else she was too afraid her audience might get "mad" at her so she turned on him. Either way, it really kind of sucks. Make up your mind and stick to it.

I don't know, maybe there is more to the story, but it really feels to me like she jumped to his defense and then panicked because, for once in her career, her audience wasn't going "Yeah, go Oprah, we love you!" So she turned it around and confronted him in order to save face.

~Apparently, George Lopez made a joke about Nick Lachey and because he was afraid he insulted poor wittle Jessica Simpson, he sent her flowers and an apology. Excuse me? Shouldn't he be sending Nick flowers and an apology? I mean, for god sakes. Why on earth is Jessica Simpson getting painted with the victim brush here? It's bad enough when she files for divorce and then every single magazine reports about how "sad" and "heartbroken" she is. But this doesn't even make sense. Personally, I think it's pretty damn insulting. Jessica's worthy of an apology, but Nick isn't - when the joke was actually about him? Ugh.

~This week's People cover: How Jennifer Aniston Is Coping. OH MY GOD JUST LET IT GO ALREADY. They've been separated for over a year now and she appears to be moving on with her life just fine. But oh my god, Evil Evil Brad hooked up with that homewrecking tramp Angelina and now they're having a baaaaaaaby! Oh my god, poor wittle Jennifer! Whatever will she do!

I'm not going to say that I expect her to be like "Aww, Brangelina - so cute!" But I'm just getting tired of the constant victim act. Yeah, I'm sure a lot of it is just the media twisting things. But you can't deny that this is great publicity for her (especially considering her movies are tanking). So whether she's actually wallowing in her tears like they say she is or not, I think she's perfectly content to encourage that visual because then the world will go "Poor Jennifer. How is she coping?"

Say what you will about Brad and Angelina, but they do seem to be genuinely good people. Angelina Jolie does more for the world than a lot of other Hollywood actresses - Jennifer Aniston included. I'm sorry, but when I see people like that who give so much of not only their money but their time, I can't completely write them off as Evil and Bad.

~If Kanye West sweeps the Grammys, my heart will shatter into tiny little pieces. It's not so much that I want Mariah to win (even though I kind of do, since it will piss everyone off), it's just that I want ANYONE WHO IS NOT KANYE WEST to win. Though admittedly, if Gwen Stefani wins, I will probably still bitch. Because I was sick of Gwen Stefani, like, two years ago. If I have to choose between Gwen and Kanye, though......*sigh* Damn it. I guess I will have to go with Stefani and her crazy-ass clown clothes.

~This is actually somewhat unrelated to the theme of "I hate celebrity bitches", because, while I consider Guza and Pratt bitches, I refuse to lend them the importance of calling them celebrities.....but what is up with the Virus That Ate Port Charles? Okay, I'm pretty sure I know which two people are going to die, and one of them kind of surprises me. Just because......ah, hell, I might as well just cut it. Is there really a monkey running around onscreen, or was that just a Maurice joke that I didn't catch? )
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Ha! It seems that the GH livejournal community has just gotten wind of the Cameron rumor, and as is to be expected, the fangirls, they are a-rioting.

Just in case you don't care, I'm going to giggle behind the cut. )

Now that I've gotten that out of my system......I'm reading last week's Soap Opera Weekly, and for some reason, I am finding everything funny. Bryan Dattilo referred to John Black as "Juan Negro" and I just about died. It's probably not even that funny, but for some reason, "Juan Negro" is sending me into a fit of snortgiggles even now.

Then, someone wrote in against the Tammy/Jonathan story, because incest is bad and all of that. And I do see where they're coming from, because I'm personally having a hard time jumping onto the Kissin' Cousins bandwagon....but what really got me is when they said something like "They could have a three-eyed baby!" Just because it made me think about that as a storyline twist. You know.....Tammy and Jonathan have a three-eyed baby and then have to deal with their guilt at what they've done. And then that poor sad child has to grow up with three eyes and be sad and lonely and wonder why all of Harley Cooper's kids scream and cry whenever they see little Tripod out and about. Aww. It's The Greatest Soap Story Never Told!

.....yeah, I know. I'm going to hell. Making fun of the would-be incest baby is probably even worse than the time I insisted on calling GH's Kristina the baby Jesus.
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Dear General Hospital Girls:

I'm pretty sure that I might need some help. Why, you ask? Well.....I just downloaded a bunch of General Hospital mvids, you see, different pairings that I grabbed because they seemed interesting or even that I just liked the song the video was done to. The Diego/Georgie mvid that I snagged happened to fall into both of those categories. But something strange happened.

I sort of fell in love with the idea of Diego and Georgie.

I'm a little disturbed by this, because god knows it took me a long time to warm up to Ignacio Serricchio (I still don't even know how to spell his last name!) and if the rumors are correct, it might be all for naught anyway. (Yeah, because clearly, GH needs another recast - what, they won't be happy until the only original actors are Maurice, Steve, and Tony?) And I was into the idea of Diego and Maxie until, you know, I remembered that Kirsten Storms was playing Maxie now and I still haven't gotten over that whole Belle thing. And besides, then came Jesse, who bores me to death and yes, I realize that makes no sense as I don't even watch the show, but believe me, it's possible. So I just kind of threw up my hands and figured they'd eventually write off Diego. After all, he's just an Alcazar and nobody actually likes them, right?

But then came this video and......ahhh! I'm completely intrigued and I've never even seen them together. You know what I mean - real scenes, actual dialogue, etc. All I've seen are clips set to a Kelly Clarkson song, but between that and the idea of them as a couple.....I'm kind of sold. And also, kind of scared.

I mean, is this making sense onscreen? Feel free to break my heart and tell me it's the suckiest story that ever sucked. I'd like to believe that it's coming across well, as the sparkle of GQ kind of died for me when Sage did. (Diego's not the only one who doesn't forget. Bastards!) The whole thought of good girl Georgie defending Diego and wanting to know him when nobody else does.....that's classic, right there. The misunderstood bad boy redeemed by the good girl's love and devotion! Come ON. That is soap opera, people!

......but this is also General Hospital, who managed to screw up Nikolas/Courtney, Jax/Courtney, Luke/Skye, Lorenzo/Carly, Jason/Sam - well, basically, any couple that once sounded really interesting and in the end, just kind of sucked. So forgive me if I don't have much faith.

On a related note - another mvid I watched was a Scrubs one and....I get it. I mean, they were another couple which sounded intriguing (anything is better than pining over the Borg, after all) and of course, Mala pimping the couple helped matters immensely. Heh. But the mvid just sealed the deal for me. Hell, by the end of it, I was even into the character of Robin Scorpio, which is pretty much the first time THAT has ever happened.

*sigh* I'm sure I have better things to do with my time than watch music videos, but.....uh, yeah. Clearly, that is not happening.

My last GH note/question: So, if Alicia Leigh Willis really is leaving eventually*, what are they planning on doing with Nikolas? It seems like they're going full steam ahead with a Soily pairing, so I'm not sure what else they would do with him. Maybe he can break up Jason and Sam? *crosses fingers*

*I'm assuming she's leaving at some point. I know she's going on recurring, but I was under the impression that was just to wrap up the current storyline. Of course, with GH, god only knows what that means. And it sounds suspiciously like they're trying to write Courtney into the ground, so I don't see her lasting all that long. All of this "villian/new attitude" talk sounds suspicious to me....like maybe they're pulling an AJ on her and completely destroying her before she leaves for good. Aww - and here we all thought they saved that kind of treatment for Billy Warlock!
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Okay, so [livejournal.com profile] stargems came up with this nifty little list of the five couples on GH that she thinks should have happened, and you know me, I'm always up for stealing a good thought. So here's my own list...

If I was writing the show, which as we all know, I damn well should be. Except then poor Maurice Benard would have to look for other employment. )

Since I'm in a list mood.....a few pairings that I was really into at first, and then the show killed it for me and I cried. TPTB's favorite hobby is pissing on our parade. )

A random aside: It seems that every time I see a picture of Brian Frons, he is surrounded by women. I rarely, if ever, see him with any of the male actors on his shows - it's always the young, beautiful women gathered around him, with him flashing that shit-eating grin that makes me want to go all hulk-smash on his ass.
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Apparently, Kari Wuhrer has filed suit against General Hospital, claiming that she was unjustly terminated because of her pregnancy.

Honestly, I was kind of hoping this would happen, and kind of hoping it wouldn't. The part of me that didn't want her to go through with it is mainly because I don't think it will go anywhere. I'm sure the current slimy regime will slither their way out of it, because I'm sad to say, but I've lost all hope in regards that they will ever be forced to own up to the things they've done. (For instance, writing this show into the GROUND). In the end, I'm pretty sure that Kari Wuhrer will be made to look like a fool. And I kind of hate that. Because even though I don't think her pregnancy had everything to do with her firing (two words: Maurice Benard), I think the timing was very suspicious. Reese wasn't all that popular from the start - it wasn't like her popularity was just starting to wane when they decided to fire her. In fact, at the time she was fired, I believe her character was actually starting to gain popularity. So I've always felt that their reasons were pretty fishy.

And besides, telling someone that they are just not "sexy" enough to be on your show......personally, I think she ought to sue and win solely for that comment. Yes, we all know that soaps are about pretty people, but to come out and say it? And to say it like that? I know it's a bit outlandish to expect these assholes to have any kind of tact, but come on. They haven't learned anything over the years? Besides how best to please Maurice Benard?

What I find interesting is that she states in her lawsuit that she's not the only actress who has been fired from GH due to her pregnancy. Naturally, everyone assumes she means Lesli Kay. That makes me wonder how involved, if at all, Lesli Kay is going to be in this. She's made it clear that she wasn't all that happy with how GH treated her. She's pretty much come out and said "They let me go because I was pregnant." And she's fairly well-respected in the business - certainly more so than Kari Wuhrer is. I think if they could get Lesli Kay on board, they'd have a better chance. But I'm still not holding out much hope. Because like I said - this regime appears to be indestructible. I keep bringing up all these different reasons why I don't watch GH anymore (Sonny Corinthos, the rampant misogyny, Sonny Corinthos, the misuse of characters vital to the show's history, Sonny Corinthos), but it really all comes down to the regime. As long as they are in charge, I can't bring myself to watch this show. I just won't do it. And I still find it hard to believe that they've been "in power" (per se) for as long as they have been.

So, yeah. Good luck to Kari Wuhrer - I hope she wins, but the logical part of me is saying she won't.
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To my General Hospital girls:

I'm hearing things. Things that involve harm being visited upon Dr. Meadows. Feel free to tell me that what I've heard is WRONG, and my favorite television gynecologist is still wandering about Port Charles, looking and acting as if she hates all the characters as much as I do. Otherwise, I am truly going to be saddened.

.....also, feel free to fill me in on anything else exciting or just plain traumatic that I may have missed. Has Sonny shown any kind of compassion or vulnerability, or is he still an emotionally stunted asshole? Is Carly still as deranged and grating as she used to be? Has Emily learned how to speak without gasping and pausing in inappropriate places? Have TPTB remembered that they have Robin Christopher and Blake Gibbons at their disposal? Does your soul die a little every time somebody mentions Jason and Sam, or is that just me?

Basically, I don't miss the show, but I miss talking about it. Yeah, I know. That whole "not watching at all anymore" thing sort of makes that difficult. I can't help it, though. I've tried to keep up with things via recaps and the like, but that's about as much as I can do. Absolutely nothing sounds appealing enough to drag me back. In fact, the more I hear, the more I think how lucky I am to have escaped.

....but have I totally escaped? No. It's like some sort of celluloid Stockholm Syndrome.

I really should go to bed now. I don't even know WHAT I'm saying anymore.
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Because I'm in a writing mood and there's a small part of me that misses dissecting General Hospital. But if you repeat that to anyone, I will cut you.

Since I'm not watching, this is all about my gut feelings and biased interpretations. Not that it wasn't like that when I actually WATCHED the show - but I'm just saying. )
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Rumor has it that Kari Wuhrer is thinking on the idea of suing GH for discrimination, claiming they fired her because she was pregnant. I'm not sure if there is any truth whatsoever to this. It might just be a bitter fan stirring shit, or something that got blown out of proportion. But if it's true, I kinda hope she goes through with it.

I mean, don't get me wrong. Reese was not my favorite character. Far from it. Part of the problem was that the writers couldn't make up their minds what the hell to do with her. The original plan, at least from everything that has been said, was for Reese to be the bad guy. She was supposed to be the original Caroline, come back for revenge against Carly for "stealing" her life. Gradually, she would become more and more insane until she was killed off. True or not, I don't know - but that's what I kept hearing when she first arrived.

Except in the meantime, GH rushed into recasting Carly and Jennifer Bransford was apparently not working out in the role. So what to do? They decided instead to make Carly the insane one, in the hopes that they could eventually ship her out and beg and plead with Tamara Braun to return recast the role once more. At that point, Jennifer Bransford's misfortune basically became Kari Wuhrer's good luck. They couldn't turn both women into psychos (though GH has never been one for subtlety, so it kinda surprises me that they didn't go there. I guess somebody had to keep Sonny's bed warm, though). So instead, Reese is spared. For the time being.

Where was I going with all that? Oh, right - I was explaining why I didn't like Reese. The biggest part was that, in my opinion, the writing was completely transparent as to what was going on backstage. And because the situation backstage kept changing, the writing - and therefore the character of Reese - kept changing. You didn't know from one day to the next whether you were supposed to be rooting for her or rooting against her. I think that's because the writers themselves didn't even know from day to day.

The other reason was - as usual - The Sonny Factor. Yet again, we have a female character who is touted as being independent, strong, ethical.....and as soon as she meets Sonny Corinthos, all of those things fly out the window. Suddenly, Reese is okay with the mob and with Sonny doing whatever he "has" to do. It would have been bad enough, but the fact that she was originally an FBI agent made the situation even worse. She went from enforcing the law to enabling a lawbreaker in the space of a week. That's hard to like.

I'm rambling again. I bet you're waiting for me to get to the part where I explain why, like her or not, I didn't want them to fire Kari Wuhrer. Right?

Well, it's not so much that I didn't want them to fire her. I could have cared less about the character, especially once she was officially Sonny's New Woman. But what bugs me is the way she was fired.

According to GH, she wasn't popular with the fans so they had no choice. I'm not going to deny that there may be some truth to that. But hello, Reese was never popular with the fans! Maybe for the first few days or so, but after that, all bets were off. The audience has never been overwhelmingly supportive of the character of Reese Marshall. Yes, she had her fans, but she certainly had her detractors. In fact, by the time she was fired, her fanbase was starting to grow. More and more people were starting to enjoy her. I'd say by the time Kari was let go, Reese was probably more popular than she'd ever been. Of course there were some people who still hated her. But it was nowhere near as ugly as it had once been. So to hear the writers claim that they were letting her go because of popularity felt like an excuse to me. Besides - have these writers ever considered what the audience likes? Because if they had, I'm pretty sure Natalia Livingston would have been gone a long time ago. She's another one where she certainly has fans - but she seems to have far more detractors. Yet I don't hear the writers saying "Well, the fans aren't really into Emily Quartermaine, so we're letting her go."

I guess it's the timing that really makes me think something is weird. Yeah, I know, I'm a conspiracy theorist - but the fact that Kari Wuhrer was fired almost immediately after announcing she was pregnant seems very fishy to me. I probably wouldn't even go there if not for Lesli Kay. They lured her away from ATWT to join GH, and then as soon as she announces her pregnancy, she's essentially dropped from the show. I mean, sure, they didn't give LK that much screentime in the first place, so it wasn't a big surprise. But it's always bothered me a bit that they waited until she was pregnant to officially say "Oh, by the way, we don't really want you anymore." And now they appear to have done the same thing to Kari Wuhrer. It just doesn't feel right, is all.

Personally? This is what I'm thinking went down. They didn't like Kari Wuhrer (and the fact that Maurice Benard has never spoken out about her, the way he made sure to with both Jennifer Bransford and Natalia Livingston, probably just sealed her fate) and wanted to get rid of her, but when they had to write Jennifer Bransford out, they were forced to stick with her. After all, they were losing one of their lead actresses, and the rumors were flying that Alicia Leigh Willis and Kelly Monaco - their other top stars - were going to leave. (The ALW rumor turned out to be correct). They had no choice, really.

But then, they get Laura Wright. And Kimberly McCullough agrees to come back. Suddenly, the future of GH is looking a little brighter. My guess is, they were leaning towards letting KW go - but when they found out she was pregnant, that sealed it.

So, yeah, maybe it's not all because she was pregnant. The timing suggests that it played a part in it, though. And I'd love to see her go ahead and sue them, especially because, from the sounds of it, they weren't exactly nice about the firing. Let's face it, we all know that even if she were to sue them, it would go nowhere. But I'd like to see her try.

.....of course, the fact that I have a seething hatred for TPTB probably plays into this a lot. And I'm just going on rumors and my own conjecture and conspiracies, so who knows how much - if any - truth there is to any of it? It's interesting to gossip about, though. Ahahaha.

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First up, the icon meme, stolen from....you know, everyone on my friendslist. Or something. Feel free to do it, because I LOVE talking about icons. I love it like a fat kid loves....cheese fries.

Mmm. Cheese fries.

Take a look at my icons. Comment with the following:

1. One that makes you automatically think of me.
2. One that you think I should TOTALLY use more often.
3. One that you don't get/needs more explanation/you have no idea why the hell I have it.

Comment using an icon of yours that you LOVE, and tell me why you picked THAT one too.


The upside to getting home after working a 10-hour day: Are you kidding me? You're fucking done. It's all good.....

The downside to getting home after working a 10-hour day: .....except for the fact that you keep forgetting how there is no heat in your bedroom, for whatever goddamn reason*, and it's really hard to type when you can't actually feel your fingers. But I am determined, bitches. I even have an ER reaction to write up after this! Hah!

*For whatever goddamn reason pretty much = the guy who wired our house was off his NUT, yo. Seriously, I think this is the worst part of winter for me, because I always forget. I guess it's just something I block out of my mind. Then, the first cold night comes, and it's like "Oh, shit. This is why I don't like cold weather. Because my room could possibly keep dead bodies fresh and lively."

Other random asides:

What the hell is happening on General Hospital? I thought it was bad enough when I read the other day that they used Good Charlotte for a mob scene (because, as we all know, nothing implies danger and intrigue like the Madden twins). But today, people on the GH community are claiming that there was honest-to-god singing, by actual freakin' characters, doing a shootout. There's a part of me that hopes I'm just reading too much into some random comments.....but there's also that part of me that's thinking "OH MY GOD THIS IS SO HORRIBLE THAT I SORT OF LOVE IT!"

Not enough to go back, though. Sorry. I still feel seething hatred for most of the characters in the cast. I keep thinking ambivalence will come with time (after all, it did for Steve Burton, right?), but.....no.

Without A Trace rerun tonight! Is it wrong that I happened to think of this during work and smiled? Really, it's kind of sad. When I start watching a show, I get so overly invested in it and just want MORE MORE MORE. (And I would buy the DVDs, except that I am BROKE BROKE BROKE). Eventually, I settle into a kind of relaxed, "I love it but I'm not scouring the Internet for clips of it anymore" state. That hasn't happened with WaT yet. In time, I suppose.

Speaking of downloading.....I just downloaded some Kids Incorporated clips. I vaguely remember the show, but as I didn't have Disney back in the day, I was never a steady watcher. But I figure, if I'm this into MMC - the one show that is the exception to the "I love it but I'm not scouring the Internet for clips of it anymore" rule - then maybe I'll be into Kids Incorporated.

....plus, it might be nice to see Fergie back when she looked like a girl. Oh, did I say that out loud? I'm sorry.


Uh, yeah. I should go now. As mentioned, I have ER to blather on about. You'd think after ten hours of work and dealing with irate customers, I'd be comatose, but......not so much. Besides, gotta keep the blood moving in the fingers, you know. Brrrr.
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A very brief mention in regards to Dancing With The Stars, which I didn't actually watch but still feel the need to comment on.....

Please don't hit me! )
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A couple of memes! Because, uhm.....well, I don't know why. Just because.

What your name means )

LJ Interests meme )

I didn't realize you were only supposed to pick ten, so I wrote descriptions for all eleven....and then it cut off my answer for The District! So, because I'm pissed, I'm gonna try to remember what I wrote and rewrite it. Hmph. Take that, discriminating meme!

The District: Nobody has seen this show, ever, and that makes me so sad. I myself didn't discover it until after it was already canceled. Craig T. Nelson is awesome, and the show is just so well-written. (And Jonathan LaPaglia is hot, in a weird way). I mean, sure, Ella Farmer and her neverending pretentious attitude usually set me off, and sometimes Temple made me cry in the bad way.....but overall, once I started watching it, I found myself deeply invested.

On that note.....I've found that I didn't really get into The District until the second season, which I'm sure had a lot to do with the fact that I was crushing on LaPaglia and that's when he joined. But honestly, season one involves a lot of politics, and that part kinda bored me. I just didn't care that much. And I know that's kinda bad - after all, that was what the show was supposed to be about, the politics + the crime solving, and once they got away from that, they kinda became your semi-average crime show.......but, yeah. I can't help it.

Anyway, wow, that was a lot on The District. But, come on, guys! Go watch it! You'll see what I mean. Reruns are on USA! And it even has a cute dog!
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So, yeah, the General Hospital community is going a little nuts at the moment. And by a little, I mean.....wow.

So, let's make sure I've got things straight here.... )

Why do I always start entries in the middle of the night? I know I'm just gonna babble on without end, and not actually do anything that I had planned on. Go figure.


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