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I actually had sort of missed Good Morning Miami.......but yet, still didn't miss Jake and Dylan. I was personally hoping Victoria would get the apartment, especially after Jake sunk to the level of pretending to be Frank's best friend. Poor Frank. :-/ Jake sucks. And if I have to hear Dylan pronounce something or someone "really mean" ever again, I may throw something at my TV.

However, Gavin and Penny continue to amuse. They're basically the reason I tune in, other than Jillian Barberie, who was sadly missing from tonight's show. :-( I hope she'll be back....

Scrubs was much better without all the focus on Tara Reid. But hey, Scrubs is never really bad, by any means.

I missed most of ER, because I had to watch the Osbournes Christmas special......Read more... )

My mom seemingly does not understand my great love for *N Sync, sadly. She's not into JC ("Have you looked at his nose?!?!"), she can't stand Justin ("Everybody treats him like he's a little god..."), and she insists on calling Joey, Joey Fa-tony.

She doesn't seem to mind Chris, though. I think that's mainly because she doesn't have to hear about him too often.

And then, of course, there's Lance.
Mom: Maybe I'm the first person to say this......but that Lance? I'm thinking he swings both ways, myself.

No, Mom. Not quite the first. ;-)
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Different points, in no particular order:

  • Throughout my lurking of LJs, friends of friends and the like, I stumbled onto [ profile] jchalo's diary, and felt just awful to hear about her cat. It reminded me of losing Slick, so I understood how upset she must be feeling. I wanted to comment, but I figured that would be rude. I mean, I've never commented in her diary before, and to just suddenly drop in to say "I'm sorry for what happened - by the way, LOVE your journal!" would be.....yeah.

  • I listened to Justified today, for the first time in awhile. I mean, I listen to it, but I realized that I'd gotten to the point where I listened to, well, Never Again, and maybe one of the others (Rock Your Body, LILY, etc). But I hadn't really listened to the whole CD in awhile. So I did that on the way to class tonight, and was reminded that I really like Right For Me. I'm not often attracted to Justin, per se, but Right For Me .... well, let's just say it makes me think of the boy in a new light. Take It From Here - the lyrics are ridiculously simple, almost laughable ("Your eyes are red because you cried..." Oh wait, wrong song) but I don't mind it.

  • I also listened to Britney today. As in, Britney the CD. (On a side note, I found Britney and Justified huddled under my car seat snuggling together. Crazy kids). I was trying to figure out why I lovelove Early Mornin', even though it's chockful of grunts, etc, and why I wasn't as crazy about Slave. Then I realized, in Slave, she basically just pants. So, yeah. Grunting!Britney=good, panting!Britney=bad, apparently. At least, in my world.

  • Pictures of JC's interview, etc, with JoJo have been cropping up. All I have to say is, there's one in particular (I'm sure you know of the one of which I speak) which has JC, JoJo, and some random chick, and it's all about the crazy hair, the pornstache, and JC making an insane face. It's just....there's just....I just. Yeah. JC! What happened? Where's the pretty? I mean, sure, he's prettier in that picture than most people will ever be in their lives - but, damn, dude.

  • I keep forgetting to bitch about Days, so.....Read more... )

  • And then there was GH....Read more... )

  • I know this is long, but....yeah.....Good Morning Miami. I was more amused than usual. I finally realized it was because we had maybe 15 seconds of Jake and Dylan's Great Love That Sucks, and then they were separated for the rest of the episode. Excellent. Tiffani Theissen was fun. I didn't actually hate Dylan so much (didn't like her, but I wasn't ready to throw things at her, like I usually am). There wasn't enough Jillian Barberie, who I don't think I'm supposed to like, but I just love.

    I don't want to believe that Gavin and Penny are over. They're the best damn part of that show. There seemed to be unfinished business between them, but then again - this is the show that gave us the season finale where Jake decided Penny was the girl for him, and ran to her, only to find her making out with Gavin. Then, when the new season started, he and Dylan were a sickeningly in love couple. So I guess I shouldn't expect much. *sigh*

All right. Off to see must-see TV. Back later...ish.
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For those of us who care about Good Morning Miami (okay, it's just me).....Read more... )
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GMM inanity....Read more... )

While waiting for Newlyweds, I watched a little bit of NYPD Blue. Eh. *shrugs* I keep hoping I'll tune in and see Mark-Paul's ass, but I'm always disappointed. *sighs*

Kim Delaney annoys the hell out of me. That also doesn't help in me watching the show.

Ooh, time for Newlyweds!

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And, because they knew I had homework, MTV decided to show the Making The Video for Me Against The Music. So, here we go....Read more... )

Okay, sorry about that. That was really long. Damn television.
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A few more thoughts....

Good Morning Miami....Read more... )

Then, it was on to Newlyweds....Read more... )

I read the Pharrell article in People magazine. Interesting, but two things really jumped out at me:

  • Pharrell went to band camp! That just endears him to me even more. Band camp! I'm so thrilled whenever I find fellow band geeks.

  • The Neptunes wrote Rump Shaker!!!! I can't believe I didn't know that. Rump Shaker! That's a classic, man. I loved that song back in the day - hell, who am I kidding. I still love that song.

As I mentioned last go-round, I've been getting into Felicity. Yeah. Maybe it's because I haven't really paid much attention to the later episodes, but I'm much for Felicity/Noel than I am for Felicity/Ben. Maybe I am just personally against relationships that begin with one character stalking another.

Oh! Back on the whole "TV that I watched today" conversation.....I watched 8 Simple Rules. I'd never watched it before, but I had wanted to see John Ritter's last episodes. I'd forgotten it the last two Tuesdays, but remembered today. And the show is damned funny. I think Katey Sagal, in particular, is great. I didn't think I'd ever be able to watch Katey Sagal without thinking of Peg Bundy, but I can do it. And the little brother is hilarious.

The end was showed little pieces of scenes with John Ritter, and then it showed him standing in a doorway, ostensibly seeing someone off, I suppose. And he's watching, all choked up, and finally waves and goes "Off you go". And then they put his name and the dates up. It was really touching and sad. It kinda choked me up, and I had never watched the show.

Well, I hate to end it on that note, so.....Pharrell! Band camp! Rump Shaker! :)
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How do you make the little cut tags say something other than "Read more..."? Hmm.

Anyway....bitching about Good Morning Miami, behind the tagRead more... )

I'm assuming Fastlane died a quick and painless death last season. Considering I haven't heard another word about it, and Tiffani Theissen is now on GMM. I mean, I'm not surprised - I think maybe three people watched it. I thought it was quite fun at first, but I couldn't be bothered to watch it every week. I never thought it was particularly deep. It was like Charlie's Angels, only with guys (and typically, lesbians). Obviously, that was the McG influence.

Last night, I also caught Newlyweds. As usual, Jessica either bored me or annoyed me. I was also distracted by her father's sparkling earring. Wasn't he a minister at one point, or am I just confused? Nick and Drew attempting to move furniture up the ladder was hilarious, however. I swear, I cheer out loud every time I see Drew come onscreen, because I know good times will abound.

In GH-related news, I've taken to calling baby Kristina "the baby Jesus", but I haven't used it in any of my posts yet. I figure that could offend too many people. But, seriously. I think I'm getting like Judge Farmer - I just don't care anymore. The baby gets more screen time than a good deal of people on that show. I guess she really IS a Corinthos.


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