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Feel free to keep sending me top 5 list requests (does it sound like I'm begging? Because I am). I'm working on the first batch - i.e., I'm trying to remember Office quotes, LOL - and having such fun with it that I'm already clamoring for more. That's....probably kind of sad. But what can you do.

In other news.....I just watched the first season of the Mickey Mouse Club. Yes, the entire season, but actually, I've been stretching it out over the last couple weeks. So it's not like I sat here and watched all 40 or 50 episodes in one sitting. Even I can't handle that much cheese all at once.

It's kind of unexpected, but I sort of love the first season a LOT. I'm not sure if it's due to the kids on the show then, or just changes in the general structure, but it feels a lot more ad-libbed and improvised than later seasons of the MMC. Once you watch season one, you start to realize just how incredibly scripted the later episodes are. I mean, we all knew they were scripted, but....yeah, it's just really, really obvious. Like I said, I'm not sure if that was a creative choice made by the producers or whatever, or if the original cast was just really good at improvising so they let them run with it.

In the start of every episode, Fred and Mowava gather with a couple of the Mouseketeers and they just talk. Of course, it's all based around a certain topic that will eventually lead into the first skit or performance, but it doesn't feel like they're reading lines or anything. It's like the director or someone said "Okay, you have this many minutes and this is the topic" and they went with it.

I almost hate to admit this, but Mowava has totally grown on me. I've always said that Terri is annoying as hell (because she is), but that Mowava seemed kind of boring. And it's not like she's suddenly become all THAT interesting. But I can't see Terri having these little unscripted conversations with the kids. I guess it's an attention thing. Mowava seems more inclined to sit back and let the kids be the stars of the show, but I always kind of thought that Terri jockeyed for attention. And I think it's more of the improvised-vs-scripted deal - Terri was always acting, but Mowava seemed to be genuinely interested in the Mouseketeers. Again, that may have been more of a creative choice than an actual comment on the women themselves.

I'd read that Braden and David were chosen last for the show - kind of a desperate "Oh, we need more boys!" last dash - and that's why they were only around for the first season. Having watched it.....okay, I totally get it in regards to David. He may have been a nice kid, but the boy was WOODEN. No wonder you hardly ever saw David - every time he showed up, it was a little bit cringeworthy.

As for Braden, though....the kid is adorable and clearly a good little actor. They certainly seemed to love him - he is all OVER the first season. You can't watch a skit or introduction without Braden being somehow involved in it. So I don't really understand why he was given the boot after season one. To me, he was just as good - if not better - than Kevin. The only thing I can really think of is that Kevin was a better dancer, but that's about it. *shrugs* I don't know, maybe there was some behind-the-scenes stuff going on. Maybe Braden chose to leave. Who knows?

The first season also included the movie-within-the-show, Match Point. Oh, wow. It was atrociously bad, but I found myself growing kind of addicted to it. Forget Jason/Robin or Bart/Robin, the real couple was Jason/Bart. They were all about the Secret Gay Love. At one point, Bart threatened to "smash some balls down [Jason's] throat"* and I laughed until I cried.

*Okay, the movie was about a summer tennis camp, so the balls comment actually makes sense taken in context. But, still. Jason and Bart were soooo in love.

Randomly, the girl who played Robin in the movie (Renee O'Connor?) resembles a young Kirsten Storms so much that I actually thought for a second that it was her. Until I remembered that this was 1989, so Storms was probably, like, six at the time.

Also - Bart was played by Brian Krause, and oh dear lord. He was terrible! All these other kids are basically unknowns, but they totally outshine him. I don't even understand how he managed to forge a career after Match Point while the other cast members basically disappeared.

Anyway....I suppose I've rambled on about that for long enough. In summation - I don't care how cheesy this show is, it still provides me with hours of entertainment. Sadly enough, LOL.
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It's probably wrong that I'm so interested in what went on behind the scenes at MMC, but come on, these were high school kids so you know there had to be some exciting stuff going on. I was discussing some of this with [ profile] pacific_gravity (of course! My MMC enabler! :-p) and I decided to make a post with some of the gossip I've heard. I remember this stuff and then go looking for it and can never find it, so it would be nice to have it in one spot. If you guys know anything, feel free to fill me in!

And needless to say, I'm not sure how much truth there is to any of this. It's fun to think about, though!

Why, because we don't have a Behind The Music special yet. )
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I'm currently writing up a post with my favorite and least favorite characters from each of my shows, but it's turning into some kind of epic. I mean, I've even got pictures included. So I'm thinking that I might finish that sometime next year, LOL. But for now, I thought I'd mention that - I got my Party DVD the other day! *squee*

Okay, so I guess overall, it's not really that big of a deal. I like That's Why, but you can only watch so many performances of it before you're like "Didn't they have any other songs?" But, still, I'm pretty easy for this stuff. And I can drool over Albert regardless of what he's doing, and yes, I know that he's only a teenager and it's horrible and wrong. I KNOW.

Something I realized while watching the DVD: I like Deedee a lot. I mean, I liked her in the first place, but mainly I just liked her singing voice. She just seemed kind me. But on this DVD, there are more in-depth looks at all of the members, and she loosens up and is actually really funny and cute. There's one point where she and Tiffini are doing one of the What's Up With The Party things, and they're saying that they don't date anybody in the group. At one point, Deedee says "It's a love/hate thing - they love us, we hate them." And they're both cracking up and just totally "Ewww!" at the prospect of dating any of those guys.

I will say, though, I have my suspicions about Albert and Tiffini. They just seem a little too chummy at times. Yeah, I know - I'm finding dirt when there is likely no dirt at all. But if we could just get those Behind The Music specials that [ profile] pacific_gravity is lobbying for, I wouldn't have to rely on my skewed intuition, right? Hee.

One of the clips on the DVD is of someone interviewing them (Youthquake?) and the woman basically makes fun of the fact that they started on the MMC. Albert kind of goes along with it - he doesn't really say "Yeah, MMC sucked" but you can tell he wants to. He just kind of sums it up as "We were young and it was a good opportunity at the time." Damon wins a lot of points because he immediately jumps in and points out how much the MMC did for them, and if not for the show, they would have never met each other and so on and so forth.

But Deedee is the one who completely wins my heart, because when the woman asks the question, she sort of visibly flinches, and then glances at the camera like "Did she really just say that?" Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but she does not seem at all pleased that someone is mocking them for being Mouseketeers. I mean, who knows, maybe she was just worried that Disney would get wind of this so they better keep their mouths shut. But in my happy world, I like to think that she was protective of the MMC. :)

From everything I've heard, the Party split up because Damon left. He's only featured a minimal amount on the last album, so I'm guessing he bolted before they were even finished. I find it kind of interesting, because in all of these interviews, Damon almost seems like the most passionate one when it comes to the group. It makes me wonder if something happened, or if he was just a really good actor that whole time.

.....see what I mean? I need to know the real stories. Otherwise, I make my own up. Like Damon was madly in love with Tiffini, but she was with Albert, and then she got involved with drugs and Damon blamed Albert and they had a knock-down dragout that led to Damon leaving the group and Albert experimenting with weird hair colors. I'm going to guess that absolutely none of that happened (heh), but what else do I have to go on?

Anyway. As you can clearly tell, the DVD is still good times. My only disappointment is that the music videos on there are the Disney ones, so some stuff has been edited out. I want to see the non-clean version of Private Affair! I've tried watching it on Yahoo, but it's not clear at all. Ah, well. The clean version is better than nothing, I suppose. :-p
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I really, really need to stop writing now. But I just can't. I'm a pain in the ass. I don't update for days, and then when I do, I think of every single thing I wanted to write about. Ever. know, moving along. I was doing some research the other day on The Party (hah! Doesn't that make it sound better? Like, maybe I'm a little less of a loser if it sounds smart?) and I ended up with some goodies. I've now managed to download every Party song except All About Love (which figures, since All About Love is, I do believe, my favorite) and I also discovered that Yahoo Launch has several Party music videos you can watch. Squee! The quality isn't all that great, but it's better than nothing.

I also checked out some Yahoo groups, just to see if there is any new information out there, and according to one site, Tiffini has had all sorts of issues with drugs and depression. I'm not sure if there's any real truth to it, but it sounded kinda legitimate. And it would kind of explain why she totally fell off the face of the planet after the MMC ended. I mean, even the ones you rarely hear about, like Braden or Tasha, you occasionally hear something. But once season seven ended, it was like Tiffini Hale ceased to exist.

Other than that, I didn't find all that much that was noteworthy. Deedee has done Broadway, performed at Disney, and is now married with a baby. Chasen joined Buzzfly. Albert released a solo album. And Damon was on Undressed and did some commercials.

Randomly, I kinda miss Undressed. It really sucked, but I could sit down to watch it and get sucked in for hours. And at the time I watched it, I didn't really know who Damon was, so now it makes me wonder if I saw him on there and didn't realize it. That would figure.

All right, I really do think I'm done harassing my Semagic client tonight. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
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I am spamming the hell out of the LJ world this fine evening. Guess I must be bored. I still haven't watched my tapes of ER (two weeks worth!) or the most recent One Tree Hill yet. But here I sit, yammering away. Story of my life.

I went ahead recently and bought a DVD from Nsyncland. It was the MMC performances one. He was kind of vague in the description of it, but I figured, what the hell, it's four bucks. (Or, was at the time). At the very least, I might get a couple performances that I didn't already have. For four bucks, that's a pretty good deal, I'm thinking.

Anyway....I got the DVD, and after a small mishap where it wouldn't play and he had to send me a new one, I'm actually quite impressed. It's got a lot more performances than I expected on there. Of course, they are all season 5-7, but I went in expecting that. After all, the description did say the DVD focused on JC, Justin and Britney. So nothing from the earlier seasons (i.e., no Albert - *sigh*) but, still. It was definitely worth it. There were a few season 7 performances I didn't have, so I was happy. The quality isn't the best in the world, but it's not what I'd call "bad" by any means. Basically, I'm used to near-DVD quality, and this is more like VCR. Does that make sense? Still, the amount of performances you end up with more than makes up for the slight fuzziness or occasional line.

At this point, there's only a small handful of performances I can think of that I don't have. And I'm still kind of lacking in regards to The Party, but I'm working on it. My pile of MMC DVDs is growing ever larger. Bwahaha.

Just in case there's anyone out there who is thinking of buying that particular DVD at some point, I thought I'd list the performances. Plus, listing them will make it easier for me to find certain songs quickly.

Like I've said before, some people have Harry Potter....I have Mickey Mouse. )

If you want details on any of those (i.e., "Gonna Have A Good Time? Who the hell was in that one?"), leave me a comment. I'm too lazy and tired to type out who was involved in what performance right now, LOL.
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This is really quite long....but I wanted to post it for my own observation, and I figured - hey, it's Lesley's birthday, so what better day than to go through and pick out my favorite MMC performances? Watch out, the list is MASSIVE. Hence why I'm putting it behind a cut.

Who's the leader of the club that's so goddamn cheesy? )

Aww, MMC. What did I do without this crazy, silly, embarrassing show?

.....yeah, I know. I watched 90210, is what I did.
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So I'm pretty sure the only person who might be even remotely interested in this is [ profile] pacific_gravity, but I found it entertaining. And it also gave me a chance to show off my delightful Albert icon*. Squee!

With a name like The Party, I guess I can't blame them for being a little pissed. )

*Okay, honestly, it's not exactly my favorite Albert picture ever. But it's really quite hard to find pictures of The Party. Occasionally, you'll run up on a picture of DeeDee or Chasen, but even then, they're only recent shots. And speaking of.....I also found, in my travails, that DeeDee is married and has a baby. Aww. And rumor has it, Marc Worden - owner of the Original Porn Voice - is also married with a child.

Oh, and Britney has a baby. I know! You had no clue, did you?
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A couple of memes! Because, uhm.....well, I don't know why. Just because.

What your name means )

LJ Interests meme )

I didn't realize you were only supposed to pick ten, so I wrote descriptions for all eleven....and then it cut off my answer for The District! So, because I'm pissed, I'm gonna try to remember what I wrote and rewrite it. Hmph. Take that, discriminating meme!

The District: Nobody has seen this show, ever, and that makes me so sad. I myself didn't discover it until after it was already canceled. Craig T. Nelson is awesome, and the show is just so well-written. (And Jonathan LaPaglia is hot, in a weird way). I mean, sure, Ella Farmer and her neverending pretentious attitude usually set me off, and sometimes Temple made me cry in the bad way.....but overall, once I started watching it, I found myself deeply invested.

On that note.....I've found that I didn't really get into The District until the second season, which I'm sure had a lot to do with the fact that I was crushing on LaPaglia and that's when he joined. But honestly, season one involves a lot of politics, and that part kinda bored me. I just didn't care that much. And I know that's kinda bad - after all, that was what the show was supposed to be about, the politics + the crime solving, and once they got away from that, they kinda became your semi-average crime show.......but, yeah. I can't help it.

Anyway, wow, that was a lot on The District. But, come on, guys! Go watch it! You'll see what I mean. Reruns are on USA! And it even has a cute dog!
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Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have fewer than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much.

Christopher Meloni: Uhm, because he's hot? I think that sums it up quite nicely. Heh. I also kinda like the fact that, in real life, he seems slightly off his rocker. It's a good contrast to the somewhat buttoned-up character he plays. And have you seen Wet Hot American Summer? If you have seen that movie, you can't not love Meloni.

Gary Dourdan: Do I really have to explain this one? The man is walking sex.

JC Chasez: Aww, I love me some JC. Besides the fact that he is absolutely adorable and the biggest dork that ever lived, I also think he's an extremely talented musician. Sure, I might have first gotten hooked by how good-looking he was, but the voice is the icing on the cake.

Mickey Mouse Club: I don't think I can even articulate how much I love the MMC. Yes, it's unbelievably cheesy and a lot of the time, the skits weren't even that funny. But after you watch a bunch of episodes, I think you really do start to gain attachments to the cast members. Sometimes, a skit can be completely lame, but you'll sit through it because, oh, it's JC or it's Marc. And sometimes, the skits actually were funny. My personal favorite, though, is the musical numbers. Those were the songs I grew up with, so I usually recognize them pretty quickly. And it's fun to see how talented that cast was in general.

Plus, you can watch the jailbait boys and feel guilty for thinking they're cute. Hee.

NYPD Blue: Okay, I'll be honest - the main reason I was into NYPD Blue was because of Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Because, you know, he's hot. (Are you sensing a theme here?) The biggest chunk of the episodes I've seen are been ones after MPG joined the show. It wasn't until the last season that I actually started watching regularly. But once I started watching, I ended up falling for a lot of the other characters, like Medavoy (the most adorable doddering man EVER), Baldwin, and Lieutenant Bale. Who was kinda evil, and who everybody else hated, but I just loved.

Tabloids: Do I even need to explain this one? I absolutely love celebrity gossip. It's one of the biggest joys in my life. So tabloids are pretty much my bible. How else am I gonna know what Britney is thinking about naming her kid, or whether Sienna is really pregnant, or seriously, who the hell lets Gwen Stefani leave the house looking like that? I must say, though - I'm getting a little tired of the biggest story in every tabloid every week being how sad Jennifer Aniston is. I know she's the first woman who ever got divorced, but for real.
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It's [ profile] sprklydncgrl's fault. She started it.

50 Worst Songs meme )


In other news....[ profile] stamplet has been having the biggest MMC party ever in her journal, which of course, makes her the coolest person alive. *cheers* So far, I've gotten: Stone Cold Gentleman, Motownphilly, the Camp Rap skit, the Bomb Squad skit, Pride In The Name of Love, Black Or White, The Way She Loves Me, and a handful of credits and Emerald Cove.

Yeah, I've pretty much been camped out in her journal as of late, why do you ask? Heh.

But, MMC! It's so fun! The hair, and the dancing, and the clothes, and I think Blain even got to sing in one song, instead of just lurking around and looking creepy! I am pretty durn impressed.


Moving along to long, sad pet babble )

Well, enough dreariness for tonight. Remind me not to write any more entries at one in the morning, I get all mopey and shit. :) If you got through that, you deserve a cookie. Hell, you deserve a cheesecake. LOL.
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Brief Not-so-brief-after-all notes....

~I swear, I'm ready to storm JC's place myself and take away the damn hat with the cross on it. What is it with this boy and the outfits/accessories that he wears over.....and over....and over? First it was that leather jacket with the Burberry scarf. That was cute the first 400 times, but then it was like "Dude, I know you have other clothes. I just know it!" And it's getting that way with this hat, too. Eeesh.

He's still cute and all, but I'm just sayin'. Lord.

~I had a dream about Mark-Paul Gosselaar last night. He was an elementary school teacher, and I was, I guess, his little wife or whatever. It was very cute and sweet, and I really have no idea where the hell it came from. Huh. But he was, as is to be expected, a very good kisser. Obviously.

~So, I watched that Richard and Judy interview JC did, and I was greatly amused. Hell, anything MMC-related amuses me (I would be even more amused if nsyncland would get a new MMC DVD - come on, there has to be more footage out there, I just know there is!), but just the comments and such.....Hickey Mouse Club.....Nita became Miss Virginia "or whatever" (thanks, JC) was just lovely.

I especially enjoyed that Richard seemed to be leading the conversation, and be really into it. Judy - well, Judy perked up occasionally, but as far as I could tell, the woman was damn near asleep the whole time. *shrugs* Not that I've ever seen these people before, so I have no idea if this is normal behavior or no.

~I'm assuming they went ahead and killed off poor old Alice Horton on Days Of Our Lives? Good lord, that shit's awful. I mean, the woman is what, ninety-one years old? You couldn't have just let Alice die peacefully in her sleep sometime? Jesus.

Besides, I think we all know I'm holding out hope that Belle gets an axe in the back. Or Shawn. Because they're basically the reasons I can't stand to watch the show. Most annoying characters ever.

~I'm trying to read She's Come Undone, by Wally Lamb, and damn it if that isn't one hell of a depressing book. I'm maybe halfway through it, so who knows, maybe it gets better. God, I hope it gets better. I made the mistake of reading it before I fell asleep last night, and I found that I couldn't sleep - I just tossed and turned and felt incredibly sad. I finally had to go dig up some CDs to listen to so I could get my mind off it. Which leads us to....

~I finally dug out my old Millenium CD. BSB, man. I was never huge into Backstreet (sorry, [ profile] swabian), but obviously, since I do own the CD (and the self-titled one, too), I did enjoy some of their songs at some point. (I still don't know what the fuck I Want It That Way is supposed to be about, though). The thing that I could always give them credit for is that they seemed to divvy up the solos a little more. At least, I think. I could just be majorly confused because the only Backstreet voice I sort of recognize is Nick's, and I think that's because it's kind of.....well, whiny.

I also listened to my Jordan Knight CD, which was fun - for some reason, I'd only listened to a few songs on it over and over, and had never really listened to the rest of it. It's a good CD - for some reason, I'd had it in my head that it was more of a dance-oriented CD, and it's actually a lot more ballad-driven. Chez=Ballad Whore, so I think I will be listening to this one a little more.

And finally, I broke out the NKOTB Greatest Hits CD, because someone (Mala, was that you?) was discussing the New Kids the other day, and it put me in the mood. Not that you really have to be in any kind of a mood to enjoy The Right Stuff. Because, for god sakes, it's The freakin' Right Stuff.

~ER in a few minutes. I'm a little lackluster, honestly. I guess because I know Gallant will be gone soon, and Luka and Sam are continuing their wonderful love affair, and since Susan got a story last week, I'm sure she won't get another one until, say, next November..........and basically, yeah. Oh, well. I'll watch, anyway. You know I will.
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A snippet from JC's Marie Claire UK interview (found in [ profile] fuskeez's journal):

Do you ever feel embarrassed about being in the Mickey Mouse Club?

Absolutely not. I ended up going to five proms because everyone wanted to be my date and I travelled the world. Would I trade in that time? No way.

Awww. I love him. I'm so MMC-crazed, that every time I hear somebody allude to it in a bad manner (ahem, Mr Timberlake), I get all irked. So, defending the Mickey Mouse Club is a very good thing in my book. Aww, JC.

And, a meme. Because [ profile] chenin and [ profile] jchalo did it, and I want to be like the cool kids. Heh.

*wink* )
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Are there any songs where you think to yourself "Damn, I'd totally make out with somebody if this song was playing", or am I just the weird one here? Going with that train of thought.....there's a few of those songs. I mean, there's the obvious ones, like you know, Lately by Tyrese, or I Wanna Know by Joe. But then there's those weird ones, where it's like "Why do I get this vibe from this song?" Like With Or Without You, by U2. Or In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins.

Yes, In The Air Tonight. I did some investigating (in my MIND! *doo doo doo*) and I finally came up with what might be the source of the problem.

Do ya'll remember Fastlane? It was on, what, last fall*, maybe? Peter Facinelli and Bill Bellamy played a pair of cops thrown together, and of course, they grew to respect and love each other, because - hello - that usually happens. And their boss was Tiffani Theissen. It was directed by McG, and looked kinda cool, had lots of cool music sequences, and lots of female guest stars who had a tendency to make out, either with each other or with one of the male leads.

And jesus, I know way more about that show than I should.

Anywho. To my point. Early on in the show - in fact, it might have been the first episode, I gave up fairly early on in the run - the Weekly Damsel in Distress was played by Jennifer Sky. Whom some of us may remember as the original Sarah on General Hospital, and still others may remember as Lisa, the chick Wipeout was cutely crushing on during Emerald Cove. (The girl in the 'stang, people!) AnyWHO. So, she was hooked up with Peter Facinelli (of course), but she was a criminal (of course), so they couldn't be together. Blah. And there was a musical montage of them driving somewhere, to do something (no, not that kind of something), and In The Air Tonight was playing.

So, I'm hoping there's some other reason I get that vibe from that song, because if it's due to Fastlane? Jesus, that's just wrong, people.

However, I think it does prove that all roads lead to JC. In The Air Tonight --> Fastlane --> Jennifer Sky --> Emerald Cove --> JC. Heh.

I think I'll just stop talking now.

*And by last fall, I mean like, a year from last fall. Yeah. I know. Talking in freaking circles, but you knew that already.

ETA: And hey, here's another one! In The Air Tonight --> Fastlane --> Jennifer Sky --> General Hospital --> Steve Burton --> Tara Reid --> JC.

And of course: In The Air Tonight --> Phil Collins --> Tarzan --> *N Sync --> JC, but that was really obvious, right?

Okay, I just need to stop now.
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So, I haven't talked about anything non-soap-related in awhile, have I?

Let's see.....the rumor is that the ADIDAS video is going to feature Carmen Electra. *nods* I can live with this. Look, JC likes blue-eyed brunettes.....that works for me. Heh. Carmen Electra does have blue eyes, doesn't she? *pause* I thought she did, but watch me say that and be totally wrong. Huh.

Why isn't my friendslist discussing the latest Britney rumor? I read on IMDb a few days ago that the video for Everytime was being revamped, because there was a scene in there that depicted suicide, and everyone was throwing a fit over it. Brit and Co. claimed that it was showing "accidental death" as opposed to "suicide", but they decided to tweak it anyway, so nobody got the wrong idea. Hmmm.

Got my Rolling Stone in the mail today. (And I'm pretty sure there's pretty JC hidden somewhere in the depths, but I haven't gotten there yet). I swear, why don't they just rename the damn magazine "We Hate Bush 4Ever"? I mean, the whole gay marriage thing has rather soured me on Bush, but still - this is a national publication here. Why can't they just try to be neutral? I almost dread getting the magazine now, because I swear, every single issue, there's a very strongly anti-Bush article (or five, or ten) in it. And the whole Correspondence section is literally nothing but people bitching about Bush. I know RS does handle some political issues, but they're supposed to primarily be a music magazine, right? At least, that's why I'm subscribing. It just annoys me, is all.

What also annoys me about RS is their general pimping of Beyonce. (Bouncy!) I've gotten to the point where I don't mind her so much, but the rest of the world acts like she's the second coming. How come Britney gets skewered (okay, and Christina, too) for dressing like a slut, and being half-naked all the time? Has anyone looked at Beyonce? It's not like the girl is running around in a nun's habit. But it's okay - we celebrate Beyonce. Why? I don't understand. Okay, she's got a good voice - then say she's got a good voice. Don't talk about how she's so much more "classier" than Britney, because I don't see it. And for god sakes, the publicist who lets Beyonce give interviews in which she talks about how her morals are so much better than Brit/Xtina/whoever's, while wearing what amounts to hot pants and a spangled bra, really needs to be flogged.

Hey, AI kids out there.....did Tate (or Marque...whatever) get booted from some point? I refuse to put myself through the pain of watching that show again (Trenyce soured me last year, man), but I was hoping the little former Mouseketeer would make good. Then again - I haven't heard his name come up anywhere, so I'm guessing he probably got booted awhile back. *sigh*

I don't know what else I was going to go into, so I'll just post another Zaxie snippet. Yeah, I know. I'll try not to spam everybody with 48 different parts in one day again. The word of the day is "restraint". ;-)
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So, I saw this article in People last week. All about this guy who broke a speed record (I believe....I didn't look that closely, honestly) in a plane back whenever (okay, I barely looked at all). Anyway, my point, because I know you're wondering if I actually have one. I read glanced very quickly at this article, and went "Chuck Yeager? Wasn't he the tutor on the MMC?" I scanned the whole thing for a Mickey Mouse Club mention, which I know pales in comparison to speed records and such, but for real.

Of course, now I realize that the MMC tutor's name was actually Chuck Yerger. *pause* Oh. All right.


I now return you to whatever else you were doing before reading of my general retardedness.
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Quick notes -

~Seriously, all the "entertainment magazines", what not, should just offer Sadie Bomar a job as a correspondent. She is quoted in every single article about Justin. It's incredibly cute, and endlessly amusing, to see his grandmother tossing off comments for every single story. Maybe Justin is not amused, but hell, I am, so that's all that matters. Obviously.

~I'm.....actually feeling kinda sorry for Paris Hilton. I don't know! I don't get it. Why? It's Paris Hilton, for crying out loud. *shakes head*

~I finally heard most of In The Zone (due to some downloading that may or may not have been exactly legal, SHH) and....I don't mind it. It's not the greatest CD I've ever heard, but when I think back on things, I've never been madly in love with any of Britney's CDs. Sure, I own them all, and I have favorites on each one.

The main thing is, I have CDs where I will pick out certain songs and listen to them, and hardly listen to the rest. With Britney, most of her CDs, I can listen to the whole CD at a time, no skipping. It's not because I LOVE all the songs, it's because, I guess, I'm sort of ambivalent about them. If that makes any sense (I know, I NEVER make sense). Basically - I like all of her songs, as opposed to outright loving some and outright hating some.

Okay, yeah, that really didn't make sense. *sigh* In summation, I just don't mind the damn CD, okay? Better? :-)

~I read that Tony Lucca got signed. That's really awesome. I haven't heard very much of Tony's stuff, mainly because I've just gotten into downloading some of his stuff. I haven't searched out any of his CDs around here, because a) broke, yo, and b) this area hardly has anything except for, well, Britney Spears and 50 Cent and all the big-name stuff, so it could be difficult. But, to get to my long-winded point here - I have mad love for Tony (that MMC man, it affected me), and everything I've heard of his so far, I've really liked.

~I just realized that, on this new computer, I can watch DVDs. *dances* This may not be earth-shattering to some of you, who have been able to watch DVDs on your computers for ages now, but for me, it's a huge deal. I broke out my MMC DVD (of course! Because it's not really a celebration without the Mickey Mouse Club!) and happiness ensued.

Oh! Since we're talking about the MMC (do I ever stop, really?), I also downloaded part of the gorilla skit with JC and Justin. I'm not done with it yet, but it's like, 20 seconds from the end or something. And it's just hilarious! Seriously, I am easily amused, especially when it comes to this stuff, but I was busting up at the gorilla skit. Just, JC and Justin, and their little faces! JC is so "on" in this skit, it's amazing. I can't believe I hadn't seen this before.

"Buenas noches, Derek!"
"Uh, whatever."

And the "cocker spaniel" that loves to clean! While standing on its hind legs! And the LOOK on his face!

Okay, I'll stop. But seriously, it's just great.

~Speaking of JC....I saw the pictures that have been infiltrating the LJ-world. From the InTouch party? The belly/underwear shot? *sighs* I am a shameless hussy. I literally had to tear myself away from staring at his stomach. And any shot that includes a peek at underwear, I'm all over, and that's pretty damned sad. But, JC! Mommy, it's so pretty!!!!

Now that all is said and done....I think I most certainly need to retire to my bed ;-)
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Holy hell.

I just stumbled onto "Cry For You" by Jodeci. I'd obviously heard it before, but it had been awhile. In fact, the last time I had heard it, had been long before I heard the MMC version.

And you know what? The MMC version? Is really-damn-good.

I mean, I'd always thought it was good. But I didn't realize just how MUCH it sounds like the original version until now. There are only the most miniscule differences. It's amazing.

So, yeah. Dale, JC, Justin, Ryan. Gold stars on your foreheads, kiddos. You know - like, ten years after the fact.
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Okay, so, tabloids. Are fun.

J-Lo may have taken Ben back. Noooo! Don't let it be true. I was almost liking her, and if you know me, you know that THAT was a near miracle. And, plus, won't the world be a much nicer place without the Bennifer overload? :-/ It's like pollution. You always hope they'll get rid of it, but yet it just never goes away.

Pink, along with the OutKast guys and Dave Matthews, discussed downloading music and how bad it is. I didn't read the article, because I knew it would just piss me off. I couldn't help myself and glanced at a few of Pink's comments, and she didn't make a lot of sense. It made me like her less. Not that I loved her or anything, but I didn't hate her, really.

Didn't watch the Emmys, but I heard Six Feet Under went home empty-handed (nooo!), and The Sopranos won lots. Blargh. I'm so over The Sopranos. And, I know Kim Cattrall has a body to kill for, but does she really HAVE to go out half-naked all the time? On the contrary, I loved Sarah Jessica Parker's dress.

Oh - and Alicia Silverstone's. And Marg HelgenCSIchick's. And Christina Applegate is gorgeous, though I wasn't a huge fan of the dress itself.

Demi Moore, go AWAY.

So, Christina Aguilera apparently hates Tara Reid. *snortlaughs* That amuses me, a LOT. " "

January Jones and Josh Groban are dating, which I find excessively adorable.

I may be totally straight, but for Kate Beckinsale? I might switch teams. I luuurrrvvve her.

Stevie Nicks just had to comment on the Britney/Madonna kiss (what about Christina? Man, you skimp a little on the tongue and people forget you exist entirely). Stevie, yes, it was obnoxious, but you know what? Not near as obnoxious as your need to make a big deal out of it. Go away.

One of the girls from the new Bachelor is from Kalamazoo, Michigan! I'm rooting for her. No, I'm not going to watch the show. And yes, chances are, she'll be a bitch. But, Kzoo!

I'm still on the fence about Beyonce. I have made a big decision though - I definitely don't like her mother. The woman needs to make decent statements and stick to them. First, she says "I would never dress my daughter in anything revealing", and next thing you know, there's Beyonce rolling around virtually naked in that porn video for "Baby Boy". Then, she says that Beyonce doesn't wear bright colors - next to a picture of Beyonce in a neon pink jacket.

I don't know if I've yet mentioned how depressed I am that Scrubs is disgracing itself by having Tara Reid on, but - I'm depressed that Scrubs is disgracing itself by having Tara Reid on. Scrubs!

Has anyone seen the US Weekly (maybe 2 weeks old now) of Enrique and Anna making out hardcore on a bench? That's funny enough, but the fact that he has a cell phone in his hand the whole time, and they have a little caption pointing to it going "Um, is he expecting a call?" is totally the icing on the cake.

Seriously, Brit? The first girl-on-girl action thing was all right. I mean, publicity, all that. But doing it over and over and over again, all the while whining whenever someone asks you about liking girls, and acting like a 4-year-old and totally grossed out over it? It's a little old.

Was that all random enough for you? Yeah. Now, we'll move on to quick TV recaps. I'll try to be brief, I promise....

Read more... )

My last note. I rewatched my MMC DVD today. *hangs head* It's like crack, man. The Chasez as a young'un. And Tony! And Dale! And Ilana! And the little ones.....Britney before she became a fake lesbian. Christina before she turned orange.

A few other thoughts - I don't get Nikki. I want to like her, but her voice kinda gets me. I don't know why. It's probably "JC-ex-envy". Did I mention that I'm 12? Mmm hmm.

Still don't like TJ much. Ryan is cute as hell. I liked the Xscape episode, where he's all up dancing with them. That Ryan, into older women even then. *snerk*

My last MMC note - I read recently that Rhona just joined En Vogue! I find that so awesome. I don't really know WHY, exactly. I just think it's great.

Does anyone know what the other "less-famous" MMCers are up to? I would love to find out. Yes, even about TJ.

Okay, this has been fairly long (*cough*) and torturous. I think I'll end off here.
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Okay, I did it. I finally finished the MMC marathon.

Man, you just have to stop occasionally while watching those episodes. They're so - sugary sweet and corny that you can't help it. The things I do for JC, I swear ;-)

(And besides, we all need to get our JC fix somewhere, because it sure as hell doesn't look like we're getting a single/album anytime soon. Hmph)

So, anyway. My thoughts. Damn, those are definitely a talented group of kids. I wonder what happened to the rest of them we don't hear about now? I particularly liked Ilana.

Quick thoughts:
~Okay, Britney's cute and talented....but I'm not noticing a Louisiana accent on the show, as opposed to the really strong accent she's got now. Hmm.
~T.J. just really annoyed me for some reason.
~Ryan Gosling is too adorable. He's such a cocky little shit. And to watch him dance....oh, it's to die for.
~How old was Rhona? Seriously, even during the episodes of the show, she looked like she was about 27.
~I loved the take-off of "Whatta Man" where they had to keep changing words and phrases, and cutting out verses, for the Disney crowd. *snerk*
~So, Tony was working the pompadour hairstyle, but you know something, the boy was still very good-looking. I liked the 60 second workout skit with TJ, where the girls in the audience screamed gleefully when he flexed his arms. LoL.
~Any glimpse of Tony and Keri as a couple, I just adore. They are too too cute.
~Nikki....hmm...don't know what to make of her. It's the weird love/hate thing with JC's girlfriends, I do the same thing with Bobbie :-p Whatever happened to Nikki, anyway? I know she was in Innosense, that group even together anymore?
~Another Nikki note. She's in a lot "" of skits, etc. I think she was the MMC pet.
~I remember, when I was younger and I would occasionally be lucky enough to get Disney and see the show, I hated both Lindsey and Jennifer. :-p
~Dale is an endless source of amusement, especially when he's paired with Rhona during Emerald Cove.
~That one song, where Keri has to repeatedly say something like "Tell him how it is, girlfriend", made me laugh a lot "".
~Same with Ricky and the Sergio skit.
~When I was younger, I also really hated the hosts, Fred and Terri. And you know what? Yep - still do. My accounting teacher in my first year of college was a carbon copy of Terri. They looked the same, and they sure as hell acted the same. That perky act....ugh. It's so awful. I had to fast-forward through the whole Invasion of the Gork-Ons game, because I was just gritting my teeth hating Terri. Fred had his moments, but Terri, it was just full-on hatred all the time.
~I love it whenever they show Tony side-by-side with Christina, because he was seriously about three feet taller than she was. He made her look like such a dwarf.

Okay, and now what we're all here for, and of course, that's JC squee.


Okay. Yes. It is absolutely ridiculous for me to harbor such a crush on a kid who couldn't have been more than 16, but.....he was SO adorable. Wipeout, particularly, sends me into fits. The EC episode where Jeff showed up with Wipeout's dream girl in the Mustang? Oh, the little crushed look on his face actually made me go "Aww!" out loud.

Of course, there was the whole EC scene where Wipeout had to break down in tears because Bobby let his secret out. That was a little....painful....but I gave the kid props for trying. Come on, JC could read the phone book and I'd give him props for trying.

Basically, he was just too cute for words. What made it even better was that, all goofiness aside (the Three Bears/Stooges skit, Let's Get Together in general), he really was talented.

"Well, she looks like she's a lot of fun!" ---Clarence "Wipeout" Adams

I think, if I had been on the MMC (let's just pretend, shall we...), I probably *would* have gone for JC. Yeah, I might have been distracted by Tony's pretty-boy looks ;-), but I seem to like the goofy guys best. And I mean, Wipeout! :-D Throw in the Let's Get Together hair, and I'd be all over that.

If you didn't already guess that.

My final note: Watching all those damned episodes, I consistently get the different incarnations of the theme/ending songs stuck in my head. "Hey there, hi there, ho there..." "Mic, ke-yyyyy, Mouse!" "Boom shaka laka boom!" and the most annoying of them all: "MMC's got it goin' on, funky style!"

I'm sure I'll think of more stuff later and add on, but for now, that's my MMC review. :)
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Finally, after waiting for what seemed like forever, I got my nsyncland DVDs in the mail yesterday. Yes - I squeed out loud at the mailbox. Of course I did.

So, thus far, I've watched The Video Collection, The Best of the Best Live, and most of the Top 40 Videos Uncut. I've listened to the CDs I got (Live and More, I think it is, I'm too lazy to go look). I have the MMC DVD left.

~My reviews....okay, I'll start with the top 40 videos, since that's freshest in my mind.

First off, I had to keep pausing and turning off the DVD because I was feeling freakishly voyeuristic. Just, the guys sitting there waiting around, and then the whole home-video feel of it. I kept feeling even more perverted than normal ;-)

Unfortunately, they put the rookie cameraman on this one, so we've got a whole hell of a lot of gratuitous crotch shots. *eyeroll* However, he (she? it?) apparently had a crush on JC, because we got a lot of close-up shots of him. Obviously, I'm okay with that. LOL.

JC, as usual, was a dork, and as usual, my love has grown in leaps and bounds. :-) Then he was rapping to Tupac, and I just giggled and oohed and ahhed myself silly. Oh, geez. "...the satin on your panties..."

Steve Fatone may be a "poor man's Joey", but something about him cracks me up.

Come to think of it, I think the cameraman may also have a crush on Lance.

I giggled when the camera focused on Justin on the bus, and he went "What?! What did I do?!" Haha. It's not incredibly often that I find Justin cute, but I did then.

I loved it when they messed up takes. I also loved the take in the Hard Rock Cafe, where they're supposed to be introducing another video, and suddenly a plate with a burger/sandwich and fries appear, and all these grubby little fingers start snatching fries mid-intro. Cute, dorky boys.

The concert footage - eh. It's really not *that* great, in my opinion. The five minutes of screaming teenies beforehand was about five minutes too much for me. I know they have fans, I don't want to see them. I want to see the group.

I know we've all been spoiled since PopOdyssey and the like, but.....I can't imagine that I was feeling the guys' original stage get-ups even at the time. I mean, the spacesuits, and the helmets, and then the weird silky-pj-mandarin get-ups. Oh, boys. Oh, geez.

A few more highlights - when Lance get referring to the tour bus as a motor home. And when Joey introduced himself, turned to Chris so Chris could introduce himself, and Chris just paused, and finally went "Yep - that's Joey, all right."

Moving along.

~The video was all right, I suppose. Some of the videos don't have the greatest quality. Together Again, particularly, was atrocious. *pauses* Okay, Together Again looks to be atrocious under normal circumstances.

I finally saw U Drive Me Crazy in it's entirety. As much as I love those boys, I cannot love them in drag. Especially JC. I just - can't. It's so wrong. And the rap scene! JC in his beret! Jesus.

I Want You Back, Euro version. Oh, lord. Those crazy Europeans. Did the girlies actually squeal over this one? Because, personally, I was just kinda staring in horror.

TIPY, Spanish. Mmm, Spanish, yum. I kept trying to spot differences between this one and the English language version. Hee. I found a couple. (Well, you know, besides the, uhm, different language, and all).

On the Line....I didn't realize how much Joey actually sang in this song. I'm suitably proud and thrilled. And it's always good to hear Lance for more than one note every eighth song.

What's Going On. JC, in bondage (sorta). Yeah. Oh, I'm not thinking any dirty thoughts. I *swear*.

~The Best of the Best Live

The whole *N Sync *Ntimate Holiday Special. How did I ever miss that when it originally aired? Don't ask me. But I am a little sad, because JC was obviously having an incredibly good day. Mmm.

Other thoughts on that:
*I like Joey's shirt. It's like, a fancy sweatshirt.
*Bye Bye Bye, Jamaican style. How come I haven't heard this before? I love it!
*JC dancing to Bye Bye Bye is so cute. Okay, okay. But trust me, you're gonna get a lot of JC squees in these reviews, you might as well get used to it now.
*You Don't Have To Be Alone - now, I'm like, the only person in the world who loves this song normally, but I loved it even more live. Mmmm. *insert obligatory JC squeals and giggles here*
*This I Promise You....I didn't even realize Richard Marx was the one playing piano until he started singing. I adore Richard Marx, so you can imagine what my reaction to that was.
*I think Richard Marx has a little crush on JC. I don't think I blame him.
*O Holy Night gets me every time.
*Lots of group interaction, not just JC and Justin. That's always cool. It's always good to know the other guys really can sing, too. *eyeroll*

The 60s, That Thing You Do, JC. *squee* Their pants are throwing me a little, but you know.

The 70s. I'm betting Justin pouted for a really long time 'cause Chris got to sing the Michael Jackson parts.

The 80s. As much as I love JC singing lead a lot (no comment on Justin), I really wish Joey got do more. Listen to him during Celebration. So good - and he has a lot of fun singing "What's your pleasure." Oh, Joey.

I'm not a huge Tim McGraw fan. I don't dislike him, I'm just not crazy in love with him. But I loved his medley with the guys. I think it's just that I loved all the songs they sang. It's not the best day for JC, though. *sigh* Joey and Chris both did awesome on "Stand By Me".

The MMC part....I'll Take You There. baby!Britney was adorable. And so talented, at both singing and dancing. And look, baby!Justin pretending to be black. Some things never change........Now And Forever. baby!JC, Tony, a guitar, a Richard Marx song. Again - I'll just let you imagine my reaction.

The 2000 VMAs.....I love the screens and the little dance. And I finally figured out that the part in IGBM is actually "If you're looking for a hot boy to FREAK" as opposed to "If you're looking for a hot boy OR THREE", which really really confused me. *blush*

TIPY, Grammy performance. I love this version. But somebody really needs to beat those boys' stylists. Is Justin wearing a crocodile turtleneck? Good god almighty. And JC, you know I love you, but I doubt even Lance would wear that shirt.

Pop w/Michael Jackson. I read in a review of this that nobody but celebrities think Michael Jackson is cool anymore, and I laughed my ass off. It's so true. Most normal people on the street are freaked out by him. And I mean, maybe if he'd actually sung, it would have been cool, but just dancing? Eee. And JC, honey - how do I put this delicately? Uhm, the world is already very aware of your....groin area. You don't need to wear pants that emphasize it. You *really* don't.

Gone/Girlfriend w/ Nelly. I just wanted to say that I really love JC's jacket. You know, the white leather one, with the black and gray stripes? Yeah.

MOMH w/Gloria. Okay, how come Gloria looks so damn annoyed to be performing with them? Ugh. And why are her pants tattered? *shrugs* But seriously ya'll, if JC was singing that lovely lovely song, and looking at me like he worshipped me (like he does with that ungrateful hussy ;-)), well, let's just say Gloria's pants wouldn't be the only item of clothing getting tattered.

This Christmas....was that Shawn Colvin? I can't remember, but she does look oddly out of place. I had that same sweater she has on, and I hated it. *shudder* And Justin is so macking on Tatyana Ali.

Believe In Yourself....okay, I know it's for little kids, but it's SO cheesy. JC looks like he's about to die laughing. Poor kid. I bet Big Bird scared him.


Okay, I'm going to go watch my MMC DVDs. A review of that will probably come shortly, of course ;-)


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