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Tonight's North Shore... )

In other know, I've pretty much missed everyone's birthday in the LJ world. I really need to click the option for the birthday updates, or whatever it is. When I first made up my account, I was like "Oh, no, of course I'll remember everyone's birthdays!" Yeah. Right. So basically? If you've (a) had a birthday in the last six months, or (b) plan on having a birthday in the next six months - happy birthday. *eyeroll*

Have I mentioned that I've gotten sucked into CSI? Everyone and their brother talked up this show, but I just shrugged it off. Didn't seem like it would be that interesting to me, for some reason. But SpikeTV showed a week-long marathon last week, and I was a total goner. It doesn't hurt matters any that George Eads and Gary Dourdan are both yummy. And hell, Marg-with-a-hard-g Helgenberger is pretty damn hot herself.

So, yeah, needless to say.....I have another show to watch this season. *le sigh* At this point, I've got North Shore, Father Of The Pride, Scrubs, NYPD Blue, The Mountain (Oliver! Yay!), ER, and now CSI to watch. Eeesh. Not to mention the daily grind and torture that is General Hospital.

Evil, evil television.
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And tonight, we babble some more about North Shore - yeah, it's cheesy. Yeah, it's sleazy. But I still love it! )

In news not related to programming on Fox....I went shopping today with my mother and her best friend, and came away with some nice swag. I got the first Gossip Girl looked interesting, and so far, I'm really enjoying it. We'll see how it goes from here. :)

I also got some lovely earrings and a few shirts, one of which is neon yellow. There's no other way to describe the color of this shirt, except that it is extremely neon. It's short sleeve, a button-up - we saw it from about halfway across Target, and it was a big joke....but the more I looked at it, the more I actually liked it. So, it came home with me.

School crap....apparently, I have two tests to take Wednesday - an Excel pretest, to see if I can test out, and a PowerPoint test. Blah. I need to go over the training programs for both, and I have no motivation to do so. I get the feeling I'm experiencing the collegiate version of senioritis. I swear, the least little thing could make me drop this class - not because I hate it or anything (hell, I've only had to go to five class periods thus far), but because I just don't want to do any of it. I don't know if it's the fact that it's summer and I've never taken a summer class before, or that I've been out of school for the last semester so I'm not used to it, or that I'm just nearing the end of my program (so I hope) and, like I said, experiencing some senioritis.

All I know is, some motivation would be very helpful right about now.
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Okay, fine. I'm the last person on the bus here, but.....

Happy birthday to [ profile] jchalo! :-)

I hope you're having (have had? I have relatives in Australia -that's close enough that I should have some vague idea of these kinds of things...) a most wonderful day, full of kittens (*snort*) and pretty graphics. And pretty kittens. Or something. :-)

Mooooooving right along....JC and Jessica Simpson? Well, okay. That was quick. I had actually given up hope that JC would get a good slot on a fairly high-profile tour, now that the Britney deal has fallen apart, so that surprised me. Especially in the amount of time that's passed. Oh, well. At least the boy is doing well for himself.

What else...? The encore presentation of North Shore came on a little bit ago, and I watched it - yes, again. *sigh* I believe I am addicted. Why? God only knows. I should probably loathe and despise this show, but yet.....hell, I'm already like "I want a new episode! Now!" Heh. I tried to see if my sister was having the same problem, because she's addicted to all those other Fox shows - The OC, American Idol, etc. - but she was like "North Shore....yeah, meh." Damn it! I need a North Shore buddy. Any takers?

Other news....I've rediscovered JC Mah Jongg. *groan* I used to have a link to it on the computer, and then I got the new comp and lost it. I figured that was a sign from the gods that I'd been playing it far too much, and left well enough alone. But I got desperate the other day and looked it up, annnnnnnd.....yeah. I suppose there's no hope for me now.
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North Shore has been digested, and..... )

Speaking of Brooke Burns....she and Bruce Willis split up. :-( I thought they were just adorable together. I really rather like Bruce Willis. Not younger, Bruce-Willis-with-hair. This current, older, bald Bruce is perfectly a-okay by me. And, as previously mentioned, Brooke + Dark Hair = The Hot. So, yes, I'm quite disappointed. Why can't fucking Demi and Ashton split up?! Why take away the cute couple, and leave us with those assholes? *sigh*

Moving Christina icon. *points* I've said this before, but....I find that I really enjoy Christina's music more than...well...Christina herself, and I enjoy Britney herself more than I enjoy her music. I guess, for me, it's that Christina comes across as a bitch. The girl seems to hate everybody, and lots of people seem to hate the girl. I mean, there's not caring what people think of you, but there's also purposely antagonizing others, which is what she seems to do sometimes. As for Britney....yeah, she does stupid things. She does a lot of stupid things. But she always gives me the impression of being a sweet girl, underneath it all. She gives off this vibe of a girl I'd want to be friends with, whereas Christina gives off a vibe that makes me want to hide, in fear that she'd kick my ass.

Buuuuut....that's just me, of course. And I'm sure neither interpretation is necessarily true. Britney could be smarter and/or bitchier than she appears, Christina could be a pussycat. I don't know. Either way, I still enjoy different aspects of them. Just not the same ones :)

Is it really that obvious that I'm bored? Yeah, I figured.


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