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I still haven't gotten around to watching ER from last week. Yeah, I know. And right now, you're probably saying "Well, if you're that concerned about it, why don't you go - you know - watch it, instead of sitting on your ass posting to LJ like usual?" Good point. I just don't....feel like it, I guess. I've got the next two days off, so I figure I'll watch it sometime before Thursday night.

Apparently, the *N Sync greatest hits CD came out today. Unfortunately for me, I blew any extra spending money I had this weekend (most notably on the first season of Without a Trace). I couldn't afford to buy the CD even if I wanted to.

Do I want to? Honestly, I'm not sure. From the sounds of things, Jive just threw this together willy-nilly. There's not even a new song on it. I mean, most greatest-hits CDs these days have at least one new song, you know? It's kind of ridiculous not to. In this age, you can download songs so easily (whether through legal or illegal means). In order to ensure that you sell CDs, you need to have something on there that appeals to people. Something that makes the fans sit up and go "Wait, I have to get that!" Either Jive thought that the fanbase was so loyal, we would buy any old piece of crap they put out, or else they just didn't care. I have the sinking feeling it might be the latter.

I mean, okay. Let's say that the guys were too busy or even just disinterested in getting together to record a new song. I get that. But there are several songs I can think of off the top of my head that weren't released or were only released on soundtracks or what have you. There are certainly songs out there that the average fan may not have access to. Why not grab a few of those and slap those on the CD? It may have still looked half-assed, but not to this extent.

I don't know, that's just my thought. I love the group, and it would be nice to buy the CD. But right now, I don't really have the money to go out and buy a CD where everything on it is basically something I already have. Maybe if I had a surplus of cash (maybe if Enrique hadn't been so damn enticing this weekend...heh), I'd go for it. I still feel a loyalty to the group, after all. I'd like to feel that I'm supporting them, in my own way. But I'm afraid to say that this isn't worth it to me. Call me a bad fan if you want - maybe I am a bad fan. But that's just how it is.

Which brings us around to my thoughts on the group itself. Did you know I have a tendency to be long-winded? You had no clue, right? )

......well. I was thinking that, since I missed the whole ten-year anniversary, I wasn't going to write anything about it. I think I just proved myself wrong.
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Babble, babble, babble.

I remember back when I was so 'Nsync crazed that I would turn on something like the AMAs just for the slightest glimpse of any of them. Now, it's like......ah, well, if anybody shows up, I'll see the pictures later, right? I don't know if that means my love has faded a little bit, or I'm just so accustomed to LJ and the spread of any pictures/information, or both. *sigh* And of course, the fact that most awards show just tend to annoy me and/or bore me to death, so I really can't be bothered.

But on that note.....I did see the pictures of JC from before the show, and the boy looks adorable The spiky (short!) hair, the glasses, the suit and's all good. As for Eva....her dress was kind of a letdown, especially considering all of the recent pictures I've seen of the girl where she's wearing the most gorgeous dresses ever. Ah, well. What can you do? No matter what dress she's wearing, I'm sure it would pale in comparison to her hot eye candy. Heh.

A little bit of General Hospital babble/spoilers, courtesy of Soap Opera Weekly: I know that it's the tabloid of the soap world, but hey, I love tabloids, so it's kinda a given )
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In generally random news:

After the CSI reruns tonight, this new Spike show, The Club, came on. I was vaguely paying attention to it, as it takes place in Vegas, and I luuurve Vegas, but mainly - I was just too lazy to get up and leave the room and/or change the channel.

Anyway, the show revolves around this Vegas club called Ice, and they've just hired in this Allison chick to be....I think a promoter? I don't know, something or another. Anyway, she's listing off all the experience she has, she's worked the doors for the big awards shows, MTV awards afterparties, so on and so forth......and before she moved to Vegas to take on this new job, she had a big going-away party. She mentioned offhandedly that a bunch of celebrities attended, but I didn't pay much attention until, I swear, I think I saw JC. Mainly, I think it was him because, besides wearing that white bandanna on his head that he wore to CFTC, he was sort of flailing his arms around like a dork. Heh. And now that I think of it......I seem to remember some pictures of him that popped up awhile back, and they were labeled as some kind of going-away party for an Allison chick, but as I didn't know who this Allison chick was, I didn't much care.

So, yes. That was interesting. And reminded me that I really haven't paid much attention to my original boycrush, the lovely Chasez, in ages and ages. I blame the CSI boys, man. Dourdan and Eads are where it's at, at least for the moment. Obviously, poor JC had to sneak himself onto a little Spike show in order to recapture my attention. The poor neglected guy.

Moving along into news that nobody much cares about/wants to know about: I went in for my yearly feminine-esque check-up today. It was the first time I went to this specific doctor, so I was a little nervous, but it wasn't so bad. (Not that these things are ever great fun, but still). The only thing was that she felt the need to tell me exactly what she was doing at every minute. I suppose that should be comforting, but I'm used to my old doctor, where it was practically Magical Mystery Hour. He never told me what he was doing, and in a way, I preferred it that way. I don't want to know what's happening down there - just get it done and let me go. But I suppose it wasn't so bad - just something to get used to.

Well, that was my excitement of the day.....*eyeroll*
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Due to the start of the fall TV season, and the fact that I have recently (as previously mentioned) discovered CSI and the hotness that lies within (George Eads! Gary Dourdan! Lions tigers and bears, oh my!), I feel that I have been neglecting poor, poor JC.

So, yeah, a quick little moment of JC giddiness. Seriously, JC/Eva? Guh. I always thought she was totally gorgeous, and the pictures......I'm too lazy to link to the one I saw in particular, but [ profile] charlidos had it up, of the two of them at the Emmys, and it is just the most adorable picture ever. *sigh* They're so cute, I'm almost willing to ignore JC shooting himself in the foot by consistently stating, loud and proud, that actresses are crazy and he'd never date one.

On that note, did anyone catch this? It was in the latest issue of People, with the Emmy writeup. Just a quick little thing:
New couple JC Chasez and Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria snuggled at the TV Guide party. Said Chasez: "I think she's pretty special."

Other pop-ish, Justin and Cameron. Off or on or off or.....honestly, I'm not even paying attention anymore. As far as I can tell, it seems like the consensus is that they're off because they haven't been seen anywhere near each other for awhile now. And last time that happened, they suddenly showed up at Challenge having a lovefest. So, whatever.

And then, of course, there's Britney. *sigh* Oh, sweetie pie. What's sad is that absolutely no one expects this marriage to last. It's not even so much as "Hey, Brit got married!" - it's more like "What the fuck has she done this time?" And with all of her talk about getting pregnant as soon as possible.....eeesh. If her handlers are smart, they're crushing up birth control pills and putting them in her drinks.

In one of my trashy magazines.....US Weekly, maybe?.....they had details of the prenup, and one of the bigger points they highlighted was that Britney will not support Kevin's kids with Shar. They acted like that was a big deal, but honestly....? I don't much blame her. I don't think it means she doesn't care about his kids, but why should she have to support them? That would be a dangerous trap for her to fall into. It would basically be encouraging Kevin to not get a job and do anything to help out, because "Britney can afford it". I think that bit of the prenup is pretty damn smart, actually.

In semi-related news, though.....I really like the darker hair on Britney. I always have, but as soon as I start to think it's here to stay - bam! - she bleaches it out again. *le sigh*

Okay, I think that's enough pop-related nonsense for right now.....
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Anyone want my opinions on The Great *N Sync Scandal '04? Didn't think so )

So, that's that.

Other news: I'm ready for fall television to come back! Hee. I was doing okay while I had the diversion of North Shore, but now that North Shore has also been relegated to the fall (and what if it doesn't come back at all? I'll be so sad!), it's like, okay, let's get back to business now. I need my NYPD Blue and my ER and my Scrubs! Neeeed. Oh, sure, I could always go watch Trading Spouses or Extreme Dental Makeovers or whatever other reality shit they're shoving down our throats. Or I could go stab myself in the eye. *sigh* I just want my shows back. Please?

Ah, well. Time flies, so I'm sure that soon enough, I can go back to being the couch potato we all know that I am.

On a television-related note....I was writing up an article thingamajig on Dillon and Georgie (GH, natch), but I haven't finished it yet. I've basically been praising and applauding the breakup, and I'm afraid that GH will do their usual bait-and-switch on us, and as soon as I finish writing it, D/G will get back together, and everything I said will be for nothing. *sigh* Oh, well. We'll see how motivated I feel tonight, I suppose.
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So, yeah, basically a GIP.....because, look! Staaaaaaamos. Seriously, Uncle Jesse was really damn hot, once he chopped the mullet off. Mmmm. Becky, what were you thinking, let this one get away?! Silly girl. Many thanks to [ profile] _squirtgun for the icon. Pretty Johnny!

Okay, fine, I'll think of something to say......uhm. Oh, yes. I forgot to mention earlier - my favorite part of JC's performance at the Miss Teen USA pageant? The (as usual) literal hand gestures. Not only did he hold up one finger every time he said the word "one", but (and this was my most favorite): During "clear and concrete understanding", he actually points at the ground. LOL. Oh, JC. I bet if he'd had both hands free, he would have made a big circle with his arms every time he sang the word "world", too.

Okay. I think that's it.
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I wish I was as good as the rest of you guys at coming up with little birthday entries and the like. But, unfortunately for me, I'm not. So I'll leave it all the rest of you, and go ooh and ahh over those, and just leave mine at "Happy birthday, JC!" :)

Speaking of the boy......I finally caught the Miss Teen USA performance (thanks, [ profile] stamplet!) I had forgotten about it, but got up Friday morning, and when I checked the friendslist, saw somebody mention it. "Well, I'll be home tonight......I won't forget to watch it."

Mmm hmm. Right.

So, yeah, about 10:30pm that night, I get online and the friendslist is just squeeing itself to death, talking about how great he looked and sounded on and so forth. "Damn it!"

But, as mentioned, I got the clip from Lesley, and got to watch it, and...*drool* Seriously, if the boy walks around with that hair, in that suit? He doesn't even have to open his mouth (though, you know, that would be nice and all). Just, guh. Definitely one of my favorite JC looks.

I was also surprised to see that it was a flat-out performance.....I haven't watched the pageant in years, so I expected it to be JC singing in the background as the camera focused on teen beauty queens stalking the stage. So I was pleasantly surprised to see the camera focus on just the performance, and there were no teen girls to be found. Yay!

Moving along.....

Bet you thought I'd never actually talk about Nick/Paris, huh? )

But, more the big Nick/Paris "divorce", who gets to keep JC?! Heh. Though I guess that's a silly question....because of her "album" (is that thing ever going to see the light of day?), Robb Boldt goes with Paris....and we all know JC goes wherever Robb goes. Sorry, Nick.
chrysalitron: (Default) I the only one who thinks that when JC swears he was never "with" Tara, that they were just "buddies", that really means that they didn't actually have Textbook Definition Sexual Intercourse (tm), but that they were definitely into the oral shit?


Right. That's what I thought.

On an I-don't-really-know-if-it's-related-or-not note: Why am I the last one to board the bus that is Tony Lucca's journal? Mmmm. Loooove Tony. On that note, I finally bought Shotgun while I was in Vegas, but I haven't had the chance to listen to it yet. When I get a new CD, I want to be able to really listen to it.....I don't want other things going on that would distract me. And I haven't gotten those few moments yet. But I will! Damn it.

And, since I can't seem to make an entry without some sort of soap mention: Rumors as to who's going to kick it in the big GH murder mystery )

So, yeah.....that's what I'm hearing. What's everyone else hearing? Mala? Chrissy? Willow? Bueller? Anything?
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I'm watching TRL. *grumbles* I hate TRL. I swear to god, I think this show practically gives me hives. So basically, the boys better announce something pretty damn good, because if it's bad news? I'm really going to be disappointed that I sat through this for that end result.

ETA: That was really a whole lot of nothing, wasn't it?

Is anybody else kinda disappointed? We've all been so excited to hear what was happening on TRL, but it ends up being one quote from JC, one quote from Justin, and an (admittedly very nice) intro by John Norris. And what information did we gather from that?...........Not a whole lot, as far as I can tell. *sigh* Ah, well. Guess we're still in limbo.

Anyway. More CFTC babble: *happy dance* )

Moving away from all of that.......I read that The Blonde have split, and I think my heart kinda broke a little. Which was surprising, because I never honestly realized I was a Blonde fan. I was always like "Huh, Paris and Nick.....okay" but then I hear that they break up, and I'm like "What?! This can't be!" *sigh* I always join the fandom a bit too late. Same with MMC - I never actually watched MMC while it was on the air, but now that it's (way) over? I looooove it. Same with My So-Called Life. Never actually saw it until MTV started airing it, but then I fell in love. I could go on and on....

Conveniently, the soft rock channel just started playing Somewhere Down The Road by Manilow. "We had the right love, but at the wrong time...." And now I'm sitting here giggling hysterically over the thought of someone making a Paris/Nick songvid to this song.

Oh, well. At least I amuse myself.
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I <3 CFTC weekend.

Seriously, it's nearly 2am, I'm sleepy, I have stuff I want to read before bed......but I cannot drag myself away from this computer. But Mommy, there's pictures! And they're pretty! And, *squee*!

On that note......many, many thanks to [ profile] fuskeez for her constant updates and pictures and all of the like. And, I'm sure it's been said many times, and I've had no actual contact with this person, but she's sort of famous in this part of LJ.....many thanks to [ profile] liz_w for all of her lovely pictures. Mmm, pretty boys.

I missed all of the drama that went down earlier. Damn it! I hate not knowing what the latest kerfuffle is about. *le sigh* Ah, well. I'm sure someone will fill me in later on......right? *cough* *puppy dog eyes*

Anyway.......I could go into the details on my very unexpected and last-minute road trip to Chicago last night, but, as previously mentioned.......reading, bed, etc., so on and so forth. I'll save it for tomorrow. When I wake up to find more yummy pictures, hopefully!

Wow. CFTC totally turns me into a teenie. Well, you know.....if I wasn't already one in the first place. *cough* Yes.

Good night, kids.
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Okay, fine. I'm the last person on the bus here, but.....

Happy birthday to [ profile] jchalo! :-)

I hope you're having (have had? I have relatives in Australia -that's close enough that I should have some vague idea of these kinds of things...) a most wonderful day, full of kittens (*snort*) and pretty graphics. And pretty kittens. Or something. :-)

Mooooooving right along....JC and Jessica Simpson? Well, okay. That was quick. I had actually given up hope that JC would get a good slot on a fairly high-profile tour, now that the Britney deal has fallen apart, so that surprised me. Especially in the amount of time that's passed. Oh, well. At least the boy is doing well for himself.

What else...? The encore presentation of North Shore came on a little bit ago, and I watched it - yes, again. *sigh* I believe I am addicted. Why? God only knows. I should probably loathe and despise this show, but yet.....hell, I'm already like "I want a new episode! Now!" Heh. I tried to see if my sister was having the same problem, because she's addicted to all those other Fox shows - The OC, American Idol, etc. - but she was like "North Shore....yeah, meh." Damn it! I need a North Shore buddy. Any takers?

Other news....I've rediscovered JC Mah Jongg. *groan* I used to have a link to it on the computer, and then I got the new comp and lost it. I figured that was a sign from the gods that I'd been playing it far too much, and left well enough alone. But I got desperate the other day and looked it up, annnnnnnd.....yeah. I suppose there's no hope for me now.
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So. Didn't watch the Emmys, because we were expecting a tornado at that time (more on that in a sec), but....Emmy...stuff? )

So yeah, the tornado. Apparently, tornadoes ripped through Iowa, and there was weather-related mischief in Indiana and Ohio and - guess who! - Michigan.

Michigan in May generally sucks, weather-wise, anyway. It's constant rain and storms. But yesterday was really bad with the storms, and last night, the tornado sirens started going off. There was one spotted nearby....I'm thinking about thirty miles away, thereabouts. And there were rumors of one in a town about ten miles from us, if that.

My sister, brother-in-law, and 14-year-old nephews live across town, and they lost power. So did my grandma, who lives nearby them, so they all ended up over here, especially since we have a basement. It was, as is to be expected, chaos. My mom refuses to turn on anything electrical during a storm, but my brother-in-law wanted to see what the news was saying about the tornado. My sister and mother both have tendencies to panic. My grandma sat there, blissfully deaf to everyone's conversations. And my nephews decided to regale me with stories of how they really wanted to take a crap, but the toilet wasn't working.

I love my nephews.

My mom finally relented and let my brother-in-law turn on the TV. The meteorlogist was all a-flutter, and kept referring to the vivid lightning the area was experiencing. So, because we're all smartasses, the bro-in-law, nephews, and I kept inserting the word "vivid" into our conversation. make a long story, uh....a little less long?.....we did not get hit by a tornado. At least so far as I know :-p Just a really bad storm. And the usual fiasco that is my family. LOL.

In summation - *points at icon* JC's happy. And, I haven't asked this before because I didn't want to look Majorly Retarded, but I'm too curious to hold back anymore: The ADIDAS video. Is that JC in the motel room setup or not? I didn't think so at first, but now everyone's saying it is, and I can sort of make myself see a resemblance if I look real close. But I don't know!
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Oh, but one last note before I sleep?

The hummingbird still makes me laugh my ass off.

JC, I <3 you, bro. Even if MTV apparently doesn't.
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So, apparently, JC's getting the short end of the stick again. More details in [ profile] stamplet's journal. Basically, it looks like ADIDAS will not be getting airplay over here in the States, nor will the video see the light of day. Build My World is being pushed as the next single, but they spent all the money on the ADIDAS video, so there will be no video.

In other words.....yeah, the boy's kinda screwed.

Honestly.....I was sort of preparing myself for this. I absolutely adore the video for ADIDAS, but watching it, I was pretty sure that it wasn't going to fly over here. I mean, I didn't find anything really offensive about it - but hell, I haven't found anything really offensive about half the shit that's been vetoed as of late. With everything going on.....I guess I was just trying to set myself up for the fact that chances were, ADIDAS was going to be as good as dead Stateside. So when I read what was going on......I was very disappointed, but was I surprised? Sadly, not really.

Don't get the wrong idea - I still think it sucks. Seriously, I think the part of the song that could be considered closest to "offensive" is just the word sex. Because he really doesn't go into much graphic detail in the song. If you just look at the title of the song, you'd think the song would be a lot worse than it is. And I'm betting that's a lot of what the problem is - people have looked at the title, and decided right off "No, no, no.....we can't have that."

I think the video is absolutely brilliant, and I'm most disappointed that it won't be a regular feature on MTV. (Then again, does MTV really play videos anymore? Hmph). I mean, just an example - I haven't seen it too many times, but Usher's video, for Yeah? To me, it looked the same as about 87 other videos out there. JC's video was out was totally different than anything I'd seen before. I thought it was just great. So it's a huge shame that it's not going to get the recognition it deserves.

I think this was part of the reason I didn't want ADIDAS as the next single. I knew there was going to be a huge deal made out of it, and it probably wasn't going to work out in JC's favor. On the one hand - yeah, it was his choice, it's what he wanted. I do want him to do what he wants. But on the other hand.....I'm sure he had to guess that there would be massive problems with this. Undeserved problems, but problems nonetheless.

I don't know. While the bigger part of me is disgusted that it's come down to this (because really, the whole issue is stupid).....there's a part of me that wants to shake JC and say "Sweetie, why didn't you go with the safer option in the first place? Then you'd have money for the new video!" But then we wouldn't have the video for ADIDAS at all, and it is just such a lovely thing....

I know I might sound like I'm being a bad fan, but at this looks like he can't have it both ways. If he wants to get his music out there (well, out here, at least), have his videos shown, etc., then he has to take the safe route. But if he wants to stick his neck out, and go with the riskier choices.....then chances are, things aren't going to go as well for him.

It really sucks that that's how it has to be right now. It's stupid that classic songs are suddenly being yanked from radio playlists because some Bible-thumping little old lady, who probably doesn't even listen to the radio, may get offended. It's stupid that there's this cloud over absolutely everything now - you can't trust that you'll ever get to see/hear anything outside of a certain formula again. Hey, maybe it won't last that long.....but I guess I didn't think it would last this long. I found myself listening to Closer by Nine Inch Nails today - can you imagine if they tried to release that song right now? Jesus lord. I bet it would be treated like the apocalypse.

Anyway....whatever JC decides, whether to continue being a risk-taking critic's darling, or play it safe so he can get more recognition.....I support him. I want the kid to be happy. I'd love to see him blow up and be this huge success, but if he's more comfortable laying low, and giving us lovely videos with hummingbirds and tossed salads.....I would be okay with that, too :)

But damn, it's gotta be frustrating for the poor guy.
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Oh my god.

The ADIDAS video? Love. Lovelovelove. JC looks positively yummy, and I just like the whole look of it, and the ending shots! Oh, I laughed until I think I nearly cried.

I really don't have many more words for it than that. LOVELOVELOVE.

Oh, yes, I do - thanks a whole great big bunch to [ profile] stamplet for making this available. I haven't gotten around to commenting to her yet, so I thought I'd do it here. :-)
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Look, a large post, all television-related. Let's show some excitement here, kids! Yeah!

Is it wrong of me that I'm suddenly finding Tara Reid kind of amusing on Scrubs? *hangs head* I know. I know. But as soon as they went full-tilt and made her character a whoring bitch, I ended up finding her a little less grating.

Maybe I'm just in a good mood because The Todd is back. The Todd! And are we going to have two Scrubs per week from now on, or is this just a special time? Hmm.

Moving on to ER.....

Just a Touch )

x-posted to [ profile] erfans

And moving on to something else entirely......JC!

I have to be honest - I'm just not looking forward to Best Damn Sports Show Period. I'm so not a sports person. I've got it turned on already (I thought it was supposed to come on at 11:30? But I just turned on now at 11:15, and it's on. Okay) and I'm already bored out of my skull. *sigh* The things I do for Chasez, man.

And also, [ profile] stamplet is further proving to be everyone's hero, as she is helpfully providing an mpeg of JC and Tony on Wayne Brady! Yay! I get to see it after all!

I am much with the happiness.

Best Damn Sports Show Period - that was it? It took me longer to type the title of the show. )
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I keep forgetting to expound on the weirdness of this possible situation, but.....I do believe that Greg Vaughan (GH's Lucky - hence the icon) is engaged to Chris Kirkpatrick's ex-girlfriend.

For three years now, GV has dated a girl named Danielle. I never really paid attention, until I was flipping through an old Soap Opera Digest, and saw a picture and went "Wait, isn't that Chris's ex?!" Then I glanced at the article, and realized it was an interview with GV, and he called her his girlfriend. At that point, they didn't mention her name at all, but I swore it was the same girl.

Anyway. So eventually, he started mentioning her name, and - voila - it was Danielle. They recently got engaged, and in an article at one point, he said that she had started up a health-food business. The article referred to her as Danielle Robb, whereas I was pretty sure that her last name was Raabe. But, still! It could always be a typo, and either way - that's really fucking close. And the girl looks exactly like her. I will be absolutely shocked if it's not.

So, yeah. Fandoms colliding, man. Besides that - at one point, he mentioned that his girlfriend was in pre-law. We all know she was involved in FumanSkeeto. And now she's running a health-food business. And she's dated both Chris Kirkpatrick and Greg Vaughan.

I gotta say, I'm impressed. Is there anything this girl can't do?

I went looking for pictorial evidence, but apparently it is impossible to find a single picture of GV and Danielle. *sigh* It's in the latest SOD, though. So there, internet! Hmph.
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Man, the fandom, she is exploding.

So, the hair. I'm....unsure. I think I'm going to hold out until we get better, face-forward, closeup pictures. (Come on, Chasez - oblige me, damn it). What I can tell thus far....well, it's not my favorite, and it's not my least favorite? *shrugs* Yeah, I know, how sketchy is that?

Two opinions stuck out that I think I agree with. First off, [ profile] stargems mentioned that she likes JC's hair, regardless of what he does to it. (I'm paraphrasing). And I think I have to agree. Chances are, you toss that haircut on anyone else, and I'd be like "Oh my freakin' lord!" But on JC, it could be purple polka dotted, and I'd be like "Well, that's okay - he's cute." Heh.

And the Lola half of [ profile] babygotbass suggested that, if he were to trim up the back a bit, she might like it. After giving it some thought, I think I could get behind that way of thinking. I'm, like, the one fan in the fandom who probably - if I have to choose - prefers JC with shorter hair. So I'd probably be into it.

But, again. We'll see when better pictures show up (because they will! damn it!). I might look at it then and go "Oh, honey, there's just no coming back from that." Or I might squee myself silly and adore it.

Besides - has anyone else noticed that, as soon as we all seem to get used to a certain hairstyle, and get vaguely comfortable with it, Chasez changes it up on us again? So, yeah. Who knows what will happen? Maybe his head will be shaved this time next month.

*pause* Oh god, I really can't imagine that.


So, I watched the Spartacus remake last night. Because, you know, Luka Goran Visnjic was playing Spartacus and all. And I realized that Henry Simmons was playing Draba, and even though he was killed off, Simmons ain't bad. And it was two boys from my shows! Goran from ER, and Simmons from Blue.

Of course, if we had thrown in Chad Brannon, we would have had a hat-trick of my TV boys. But, you know. Apparently, they didn't make this movie with me in mind. *eyeroll* Stingy bastards. Besides, Brannon in gladiator garb? Mmm. Scorching.

Anywho. It's been years and years since I've seen the original Spartacus, so I couldn't remember enough to compare. It was....all right. I mean, I'm not a huge gladiator-movie fan. I'm pretty much here for the hot boys. But it was okay. I'll watch the second half tonight.


Heh. Marc Worden is on the TNT rerun of NYPD Blue. MMC alert! I get so amused to see the other Mouseketeers showing up in different places.


I hear that Van Helsing stars not only Hugh Jackman, but also my movie stah girlfriend, Kate Beckinsale. That's a whole lot of hot. Let's throw in Brannon and make it a hat-trick! Okay, fine. I'm just saying.


All right, time for GH.
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Brief Not-so-brief-after-all notes....

~I swear, I'm ready to storm JC's place myself and take away the damn hat with the cross on it. What is it with this boy and the outfits/accessories that he wears over.....and over....and over? First it was that leather jacket with the Burberry scarf. That was cute the first 400 times, but then it was like "Dude, I know you have other clothes. I just know it!" And it's getting that way with this hat, too. Eeesh.

He's still cute and all, but I'm just sayin'. Lord.

~I had a dream about Mark-Paul Gosselaar last night. He was an elementary school teacher, and I was, I guess, his little wife or whatever. It was very cute and sweet, and I really have no idea where the hell it came from. Huh. But he was, as is to be expected, a very good kisser. Obviously.

~So, I watched that Richard and Judy interview JC did, and I was greatly amused. Hell, anything MMC-related amuses me (I would be even more amused if nsyncland would get a new MMC DVD - come on, there has to be more footage out there, I just know there is!), but just the comments and such.....Hickey Mouse Club.....Nita became Miss Virginia "or whatever" (thanks, JC) was just lovely.

I especially enjoyed that Richard seemed to be leading the conversation, and be really into it. Judy - well, Judy perked up occasionally, but as far as I could tell, the woman was damn near asleep the whole time. *shrugs* Not that I've ever seen these people before, so I have no idea if this is normal behavior or no.

~I'm assuming they went ahead and killed off poor old Alice Horton on Days Of Our Lives? Good lord, that shit's awful. I mean, the woman is what, ninety-one years old? You couldn't have just let Alice die peacefully in her sleep sometime? Jesus.

Besides, I think we all know I'm holding out hope that Belle gets an axe in the back. Or Shawn. Because they're basically the reasons I can't stand to watch the show. Most annoying characters ever.

~I'm trying to read She's Come Undone, by Wally Lamb, and damn it if that isn't one hell of a depressing book. I'm maybe halfway through it, so who knows, maybe it gets better. God, I hope it gets better. I made the mistake of reading it before I fell asleep last night, and I found that I couldn't sleep - I just tossed and turned and felt incredibly sad. I finally had to go dig up some CDs to listen to so I could get my mind off it. Which leads us to....

~I finally dug out my old Millenium CD. BSB, man. I was never huge into Backstreet (sorry, [ profile] swabian), but obviously, since I do own the CD (and the self-titled one, too), I did enjoy some of their songs at some point. (I still don't know what the fuck I Want It That Way is supposed to be about, though). The thing that I could always give them credit for is that they seemed to divvy up the solos a little more. At least, I think. I could just be majorly confused because the only Backstreet voice I sort of recognize is Nick's, and I think that's because it's kind of.....well, whiny.

I also listened to my Jordan Knight CD, which was fun - for some reason, I'd only listened to a few songs on it over and over, and had never really listened to the rest of it. It's a good CD - for some reason, I'd had it in my head that it was more of a dance-oriented CD, and it's actually a lot more ballad-driven. Chez=Ballad Whore, so I think I will be listening to this one a little more.

And finally, I broke out the NKOTB Greatest Hits CD, because someone (Mala, was that you?) was discussing the New Kids the other day, and it put me in the mood. Not that you really have to be in any kind of a mood to enjoy The Right Stuff. Because, for god sakes, it's The freakin' Right Stuff.

~ER in a few minutes. I'm a little lackluster, honestly. I guess because I know Gallant will be gone soon, and Luka and Sam are continuing their wonderful love affair, and since Susan got a story last week, I'm sure she won't get another one until, say, next November..........and basically, yeah. Oh, well. I'll watch, anyway. You know I will.
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I just did the latest *N Sync memes floating around.....the "Who is your *N Sync love" and "Your *N Sync shame" one (or what not). And they all revolve around children! What is that all about?!

First of all, the *N Sync love.....both times, for chrysalitron and Chez, I get Lance, and we're connected by a love child. For one (I forget which), we then seal the deal by having ten more children. Sweet jesus. Just thought makes my reproductive system shrivel up and die.

Then, the shame.....with both names, I first get Lance pregnant, and then I get Joey pregnant. *throws up hands* Do they not realize that children+Chez=not the best combination ever, thankssomuch? Lord. Lord.

*crawls away to be traumatized*

And yes, I think I'm done spamming for tonight. At least, I hope. Because, damn, I am really quite freakin' tired.


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