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Scrubs is a show that never fails to amuse. And they always manage to have the best guest stars, who play their roles perfectly. Heather Graham, Julianna Margulies, Matthew Perry, John Bennett Perry.....they're all great. Hell, I even enjoyed Elliott in this episode, which doesn't happen often.

"I love this moment so much, I could have sex with it."
And then when he said that he loved the next moment so much that he was willing to cheat on the original moment, marry this one, and have little moments with it? Hah! Oh, I love Perry Cox. And also, I love the fact that Jordan just lurks around the desk for the duration of an episode.

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NYPD Blue )

And also, unrelated to NYPD Blue, but......happy birthday to [ profile] charlidos! :)
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Brief Not-so-brief-after-all notes....

~I swear, I'm ready to storm JC's place myself and take away the damn hat with the cross on it. What is it with this boy and the outfits/accessories that he wears over.....and over....and over? First it was that leather jacket with the Burberry scarf. That was cute the first 400 times, but then it was like "Dude, I know you have other clothes. I just know it!" And it's getting that way with this hat, too. Eeesh.

He's still cute and all, but I'm just sayin'. Lord.

~I had a dream about Mark-Paul Gosselaar last night. He was an elementary school teacher, and I was, I guess, his little wife or whatever. It was very cute and sweet, and I really have no idea where the hell it came from. Huh. But he was, as is to be expected, a very good kisser. Obviously.

~So, I watched that Richard and Judy interview JC did, and I was greatly amused. Hell, anything MMC-related amuses me (I would be even more amused if nsyncland would get a new MMC DVD - come on, there has to be more footage out there, I just know there is!), but just the comments and such.....Hickey Mouse Club.....Nita became Miss Virginia "or whatever" (thanks, JC) was just lovely.

I especially enjoyed that Richard seemed to be leading the conversation, and be really into it. Judy - well, Judy perked up occasionally, but as far as I could tell, the woman was damn near asleep the whole time. *shrugs* Not that I've ever seen these people before, so I have no idea if this is normal behavior or no.

~I'm assuming they went ahead and killed off poor old Alice Horton on Days Of Our Lives? Good lord, that shit's awful. I mean, the woman is what, ninety-one years old? You couldn't have just let Alice die peacefully in her sleep sometime? Jesus.

Besides, I think we all know I'm holding out hope that Belle gets an axe in the back. Or Shawn. Because they're basically the reasons I can't stand to watch the show. Most annoying characters ever.

~I'm trying to read She's Come Undone, by Wally Lamb, and damn it if that isn't one hell of a depressing book. I'm maybe halfway through it, so who knows, maybe it gets better. God, I hope it gets better. I made the mistake of reading it before I fell asleep last night, and I found that I couldn't sleep - I just tossed and turned and felt incredibly sad. I finally had to go dig up some CDs to listen to so I could get my mind off it. Which leads us to....

~I finally dug out my old Millenium CD. BSB, man. I was never huge into Backstreet (sorry, [ profile] swabian), but obviously, since I do own the CD (and the self-titled one, too), I did enjoy some of their songs at some point. (I still don't know what the fuck I Want It That Way is supposed to be about, though). The thing that I could always give them credit for is that they seemed to divvy up the solos a little more. At least, I think. I could just be majorly confused because the only Backstreet voice I sort of recognize is Nick's, and I think that's because it's kind of.....well, whiny.

I also listened to my Jordan Knight CD, which was fun - for some reason, I'd only listened to a few songs on it over and over, and had never really listened to the rest of it. It's a good CD - for some reason, I'd had it in my head that it was more of a dance-oriented CD, and it's actually a lot more ballad-driven. Chez=Ballad Whore, so I think I will be listening to this one a little more.

And finally, I broke out the NKOTB Greatest Hits CD, because someone (Mala, was that you?) was discussing the New Kids the other day, and it put me in the mood. Not that you really have to be in any kind of a mood to enjoy The Right Stuff. Because, for god sakes, it's The freakin' Right Stuff.

~ER in a few minutes. I'm a little lackluster, honestly. I guess because I know Gallant will be gone soon, and Luka and Sam are continuing their wonderful love affair, and since Susan got a story last week, I'm sure she won't get another one until, say, next November..........and basically, yeah. Oh, well. I'll watch, anyway. You know I will.
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GMM inanity....Read more... )

While waiting for Newlyweds, I watched a little bit of NYPD Blue. Eh. *shrugs* I keep hoping I'll tune in and see Mark-Paul's ass, but I'm always disappointed. *sighs*

Kim Delaney annoys the hell out of me. That also doesn't help in me watching the show.

Ooh, time for Newlyweds!

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And, because they knew I had homework, MTV decided to show the Making The Video for Me Against The Music. So, here we go....Read more... )

Okay, sorry about that. That was really long. Damn television.


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