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Oh, come on. This is what I DO. I know you haven't forgotten this in the ten years or so since I took leave from this little journal, right? Sure.

Because my soap magazines are like my Bible. )

I'm sure as soon I post this, I'll think of eight billion other comments I was going to make (oh, look, they fired Matthew Ashford. Again. Again) but I figure this has been long enough as it is. Ahh, soaps. You drive me up the damn wall, but I just can't quit you. Or quit reading about you, rather.
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A story I keep forgetting to mention, soap-wise.....Miguel's return on Passions. Okay, for one thing, I never cared about Miguel and Charity. I thought they were boring and pretentious and when they both left, I was beyond thrilled. So hearing that Miguel was coming back kinda made me go "Ugh", because I like the whole deal that Kay has moved on with her life and is trying to be with Fox. I mean, I guess it's the perfect twist - her first love, the guy she was obsessed with, the father of her child - comes back just when she has finally found happiness - but, yeah. Here's hoping that Miguel is a little more interesting now that Jesse Metcalfe is no longer in the role.

On that I the only person who can't stand Jesse Metcalfe? He just seems like such an attention whore who doesn't actually do anything to merit the attention, other than prance around without his shirt on. It doesn't help that I never liked him as Miguel - again, he was SO BORING - but I really don't like him now.

Anyway. So Miguel is back in town, and everything I'm reading indicates that he is going to be unhappy with the role Fox has taken in little Maria's life. And to that I say.....where does he get off? He barely paid any attention to the kid, then he abandoned her to chase after his insipid wimp of a girlfriend. Thank god the poor girl had Fox in her life, who seems to have had no qualms in taking on the father figure role.

So, yes, basically I'm hoping that Fox wipes the floor with Miguel's indecisive stupid ass. And as for those rumors of a Charity recast....ugh. I don't even want to think about it.

.....and I still hope Theresa dies a fiery death. In case anyone is curious.

Other soaps.....does anybody actually get The Bold and the Beautiful? Because I sure as hell don't. I know it's only a half hour show, but they seem to subsist on focusing on the same five characters and shifting them in and out of each other's beds. It's kind of sick. Brooke loves Nick, but Nick is with Bridget (her daughter!), who once wanted Ridge (who she once thought was her father!), who wants Brooke, who sometimes wants Eric, who happens to be Ridge's father. I read about this show and I'm just like, seriously, people watch this shit?

I heard that Janet killed off Trevor on All My Children. What exactly is the story there? Other than, you know, Janet Is Crazy, which I already knew.


Moving along to non-soap stuff....the Oscars.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Charlize Theron. I do. She's pretty and she seems down to earth and (most of the time) she has a pretty good sense of fashion. But this whole shock-and-awe act she pulled at being nominated really wore on me. Let's see, she gets an Oscar for dressing down and playing a real person.....then the next role she picks, she has to dress down and play a real person. It just seemed pretty calculated to me, like the main reason she probably took on North Country was just so she could get another nomination. Which is fine - I mean, all actors want to be lauded for their work. I get that. But don't act all "Oh my gosh, I'm so surprised!" when it's obvious that the main reason you took the role was for this exact purpose.

Is it wrong that I don't really care about who won most of the Oscars? Heh. I was all about the fashions, of course.

I thought Uma Thurman and Salma Hayek looked fabulous and - though she really freaks me out most of the time - Nicole Kidman's dress was very pretty. (The straw-like hair I could have done without....but you know, we're getting closer). The one dress that I totally, totally, did not get, though.....Michelle Williams. Again, I normally love Michelle Williams. She's so cute, and she's usually so well put together, and she and Heath and their little Brokeback baby are just too cute for words.....but what was up with the Oscar getup?

The style of the dress was so-so, but it could have been salvaged. But that COLOR! I get that she wanted to stand out, but I'm sorry, that color was hideous. Maybe if it had been turned down a notch, but it was just so garish and loud. And speaking of garish, I don't know whose decision it was to pair it all with fire-engine red lips, but....oh, honey, no. The dress was bad enough on its own, but then paired with the horribly clashing lips, which were the first thing one was just bad news all the way around. And everyone else seemed to love it! That's what I really don't get. When I first saw a picture of her, I thought "Oh, poor thing, she's gonna get roasted." And everybody ADORED it! I don't understand.


Anyone see Failure to Launch yet? Is it any good? I'm not the biggest Sarah Jessica Parker fan in the world, but I do have a neverending affinity for Matthew McConaughey. And the movie itself looked kinda cute.


I finally got caught up on my television. It helped that I taped last Thursday's must-see TV without realizing it was all reruns. Excellent! That cut my viewing time in half.

My Name Is Earl - what I love about this show (well, one of the many things I love about this show) is the recurring characters who keep dropping back in. Like Kenny the gay guy, or Hank the prison inmate, or whats-his-face played by Giovanni Ribisi. All of these characters we've seen before make returns in one way or another, which is great.

Also, Darnell/Randy might be my new Earl OTP. I loved how they kept going back and forth with the whole Roadrunner business.

The Office - I loved everyone trying to keep the football away from Michael (go, Phyllis!) and then Dwight just tackles Ryan. Poor Ryan just can't seem to catch a break. And I love that he was recruited to work on wedding invitations with Pam and Kelly. Heh.

Angela faked being sick to go see Dwight's speech! Aww. And the look on Pam's face during the whole "Best of luck to you, Dwight!" exchange? Oh, god, it was priceless. I died. I love it when Pam interacts with the cameramen.

ER - Darfur )
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Okay, am I the only one who is beyond tired of hearing about how Britney is The Worst Mother That Ever Lived? Please tell me I'm not.

I'm not going to say I agree with what she did, because it was a stupid mistake. But last time I checked, everyone makes stupid mistakes. I'm sure she regrets what she did. After all of this kerfuffle, she'd be stupid to not regret it. I'm sure it will make her think twice about doing the same thing again, and isn't that the point? I'm going to take a guess that there are many - MANY - parents out there in the world who make Britney look like a saint. Let's worry about them instead of spazzing out about Britney.

I guess I just feel bad for her because it seems that, no matter what she does, everyone judges her and sees the worst in her. From what I can see, she takes her kid almost everywhere with her, she's not that interested in restarting her career because she just wants to be a mom, she's certainly more into her baby than his own douchebag father is......but nobody really focuses on that. Instead, they just wait until she messes up, and then it's "Britney is a horrible mother! She deserves to have her child taken away!"

Like, when the baby was first born. There was a picture of Britney's mom holding the baby, and people went NUTS. (Yes, ONTD - I'm looking at you). "Oh my god, she won't even HOLD her own baby - she's such a BAD mother - look, she's just passed him off to her own mother!" Because god knows you're a terrible parent if you let someone else - the own child's grandmother, even! - hold your baby.

But then we have Meg Ryan, who goes and adopts a baby. And in the picture I've seen, some other woman is carrying the child and Meg is barely giving her a passing glance. But that's okay, because she's not Britney. Look, I'm not suggesting that Meg is a bad mother. Maybe they caught her at the wrong moment. Maybe she had to take a phone call, so the other woman held the baby for her. But the thing that bothers me is, nobody questions it. It's all perfectly fine. But if that was Britney, standing there hardly paying attention to the baby while somebody else toted it around....? People would be FURIOUS. It just drives me nuts.

Let's move on to OTHER things that make me furious, and by other things, I naturally mean Belle Black. The cover of Soap Opera Digest this week proclaims that Belle tells Shawn that she loves him and wants to be with him. That's all fine and well, except she seems to forget that she is married to another guy - who is madly in love with her - and is raising a child with him. (Yes, it's actually Shawn's, but they don't know that).

This is what drives me completely insane in regards to this character. She's one of the most selfish characters I've ever seen, and what makes it worse is that we're supposed to believe she is as sweet and pure as the driven snow. Instead of standing on her own two feet when she thought Shawn didn't love her anymore, she turned around and immediately latched on to Phillip. This was one of her best friends, whom she knew was crazy about her, but she went ahead and used him because she was too weak to be alone. And the whole time, she pissed and moaned about how much she missed Shawn, and how much she loved Shawn, and blah blah blah.

Then, she has a baby with Phillip (so we think) and is that enough? No, she's STILL going to piss and moan about Shawn. Even when her child is apparently DYING, she's still making cow eyes at Shawn and wishing that Claire was his child. And now that that crisis has been averted, she's decided to go declare her love. Why? Because Shawn has proposed to Mimi and Poor Sweet Belle just can't handle it. She's going to do her damndest to tear apart everyone's lives because she's a selfish little brat who is having a jealous fit. And I'm supposed to root for her?

Look, I'm not saying that she's a terrible person for not loving Phillip. He is kind of boring and all of that. But she had no regard for his feelings in the first place. She should have left him alone and not married him if she wasn't in love with him. But she went ahead and did it. And now I'm supposed to feel sorry for her? The woman is supposed to be an adult (though she sure as hell doesn't act like it). She made her own decisions, so now, as far as I'm concerned, she needs to grow the fuck up and deal with it. She can't keep playing these childish little "I want Phillip because Shawn doesn't want me! - Oh, but Shawn wants Mimi now, I'm sad, I need to get Shawn back!" games.

Yeah, I know. You've heard it all before. It doesn't take much to set me off on a Belle-hating tangent, unfortunately. I kind of thought that maybe, once Kirsten Storms wasn't playing her anymore, I would possibly hate her a little less. But that doesn't seem to have happened.
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It's Emmy time, so I feel that I must complain and ramble about the nominations, whether or not I watch the actual shows. Because that's just what I do.

Is it wrong that I giggled when I found out Burton wasn't nominated? )

I sort of love the fact that General Hospital is apparently "my" show, but yet every year when the nominations come out, I'm always rooting for everybody BUT General Hospital. How sick is that?
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Ha! It seems that the GH livejournal community has just gotten wind of the Cameron rumor, and as is to be expected, the fangirls, they are a-rioting.

Just in case you don't care, I'm going to giggle behind the cut. )

Now that I've gotten that out of my system......I'm reading last week's Soap Opera Weekly, and for some reason, I am finding everything funny. Bryan Dattilo referred to John Black as "Juan Negro" and I just about died. It's probably not even that funny, but for some reason, "Juan Negro" is sending me into a fit of snortgiggles even now.

Then, someone wrote in against the Tammy/Jonathan story, because incest is bad and all of that. And I do see where they're coming from, because I'm personally having a hard time jumping onto the Kissin' Cousins bandwagon....but what really got me is when they said something like "They could have a three-eyed baby!" Just because it made me think about that as a storyline twist. You know.....Tammy and Jonathan have a three-eyed baby and then have to deal with their guilt at what they've done. And then that poor sad child has to grow up with three eyes and be sad and lonely and wonder why all of Harley Cooper's kids scream and cry whenever they see little Tripod out and about. Aww. It's The Greatest Soap Story Never Told!

.....yeah, I know. I'm going to hell. Making fun of the would-be incest baby is probably even worse than the time I insisted on calling GH's Kristina the baby Jesus.


Jan. 4th, 2006 07:08 pm
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I don't watch all of the soaps. Actually, I don't watch any of the soaps at this point. It's partly a time constraint (because I have enough trouble keeping up with a weekly show, much less a daily one) but in regards to GH, it's just a case of getting SO fed up with the writers/characters that I couldn't bear to watch anymore.

However....I do keep up with all the soaps, via the soap magazines and the internet. I'm sure it's nowhere near the same as watching all of this unfold in front of you, but to me, it's rather like reading a book. I may not watch Days Of Our Lives, but I'm interested in what is going on nevertheless. (Besides, I've learned in the past that every time I actually watch Days, I end up wanting to stab myself in the eye). It's that way with all of the soaps. I don't watch them every day, or at all really, but I could probably tell you what is going on at any given point.

Or, okay, what was going on two weeks ago, since I'm perpetually behind on reading my Soap Opera Digest.

Anyway.....even with that limited experience, I've got opinions on current story. And since I'm bored and there's really nothing else for me to do (ha! right!), I figured I might as well babble for awhile.

....honestly, though, how can you stand to watch Passions? )

And that's all I've got. If you've made it thus far, you're either into soaps or you were just bored. And if it was the latter....well, I hope I entertained you for at least a few seconds there. Heh.
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So, I hear they fired the producer that interrupted the last few minutes of CSI: NY with the news of Arafat's death.

*sigh* I don't know, the whole situation seems stupid to me. Perhaps I would be more understanding if I watched CSI: NY, but the thing is......the show is destined to be repeated at some point anyway. I totally get how frustrating it is to watch a show all the way through, and then lose the last ten minutes of it or whatever - but still. It's not like you'll never see it.

Basically, I compare it to soaps. Television producers have absolutely no qualms about interrupting soaps, constantly, and usually for no good reason (certainly for reasons less than a world leader dying). And, unless you have Soapnet (which I don't), chances are, you aren't ever going to find out what the hell you just missed. Sure, sometimes the local station will replay the soap, but that doesn't happen very often at all, and when it does, it's usually at 3:05am or some other way-out-there time. So I'm sorry if I'm not too sympathetic in regards to this whole CSI: NY mess. Even if they hadn't decided to reair the show, it still would have been repeated eventually. It wasn't like it was lost forever.

Soap viewers don't get that luxury, because - as we all know - we are second-class citizens. *eyeroll* So I really didn't care much about everyone bitching about how HORRIBLE it was that they interrupted CSI: NY. Yes, we all knew Arafat was dying, but still - it wasn't like they were just breaking in to say "Oh, by the by - the sun has officially set. It's now dark outside." You know? And the fact that they fired some guy over it just seems beyond ridiculous to me. Okay, apparently he didn't follow the correct rules in interrupting, but is that really a crime punishable by losing your job? Unless this guy had been racking up mistakes all over the place and this was the last straw, it just seems kind of over-the-top to me.

Of course, I might still just be smarting over the fact that I lost a chunk of General Hospital the other day due to the new attorney general being chosen. Note that nobody got fired over that.

Moving on.....I don't really know what to make of this whole "Justin and Cameron fight photogs" business. It all sounds rather ugly to me. Of course, I do get that photographers are constantly up in their faces, and it has to get frustrating at times...but it all seems blown out of proportion to me. I'm taking the photographers' stories with a grain of salt (it's not like they're going to say "Yeah, I shoved my camera in his face, he politely asked me to leave, and I didn't, so he lost his shit"), but still....from the sounds of it, Justin was basically slapping around one of them trying to egg the guy into hitting him back? And Cameron stole the guy's camera? I get that they can't be perfect all the time, but it just sounds like they made what might have been a bad situation even worse.

Also....according to...In Touch, I think?.....Nicky Hilton is hooking up with Nick Carter for a possible duet. Uh huh. Didn't she accuse him of beating her sister a short while ago? I just....all right. I don't think I will ever understand the Hiltons. Or the Carters, for that matter. Both families are textbook definitions of the word "dysfunctional".
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OLTL - So, is Angertonio like, legitimately evil or something now? I mean, I can't say I care much, but I tend to catch the last few minutes of the show every day, waiting for General Hostage, so I was curious. And Jessica married Tico because Angertonio pissed her off? Or something? I almost get the impression the show is starting to revolve around the Poor Misunderstood FauxVega, so a part of me is relieved I got out when I did.

General Hospital - Rambles - October 14th, 2004 )
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OLTL - I'm sorry, did Antonio just throw a woman across a room? And I'm still supposed to be rooting for this psychotic bully? I don't think so. I know Sonia has lied to him, but that does not give him the right to manhandle whoever the fuck he wants. I hope this Sonny Corinthos clone dies a painful and permanent death. Hell, I'd take Cristian over this shit. He may have been boring as hell, but at least I didn't have the total hate on him.

However.....Bree Williamson is pulling me in with her performance as Jessica. When she was crying in John's office, about how Angertonio would undoubtedly be freaking out (does he ever stop?) and how he needed her, I felt really bad for her. I'm still not a fan of the Jess/Tonio pairing, but I could feel bad for her character.

I'm fairly relieved that Natalie is starting to revert back to the Natty we once knew and loved. Of course, I've actually come around to Paultom, and yeah, I know that's doomed. Go figure. I may not want him with Natalie, but at least I can abide by the character now. Ah, well.

Damn it, I know Tico is bad and evil, but he's kinda cute in his scenes with Jessica. *sigh* Why do I get my hopes up for couples I know I can't have? Damn it to hell.

General Hospital - Rambles - September 14th, 2004 )
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OLTL - Oh, look, now they're giving us subtitles for Angertonio's rants. Just so we know exactly what he's saying. Sadly, I didn't give a shit in the first place. Thanks for trying, though!

General Hospital - Rambles - September 13th, 2004 )
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OLTL - Tico has been villified to the point where I really can't care for him much anymore. He just kinda bores me. But, you know, he'd win a lot of points with me if he just killed Angertonio already.

But speaking of.....when the fuckwit floated down the stairs in a cloud of pissy indignation, I couldn't help but laugh at poor befuddled Kev B. Angertonio gets all cryptic and pithy with him, and Kevin's reaction was basically "Duh? Say what with the who know?" Heh. I find I can like Kevin a lot more when he's utterly confused.

Hey, Llanview PD....considering Angertonio quits the force in a fit of rage every other month, why do you always allow him to come back? Seriously.

And yes, Tico is evil and all,, does Angelina ever stop wailing? I never caught Saundra Santiago when she was on Guiding Light, but I get the impression that it had to be better than this.

Duke and Adriana are quite cute together. However, maybe they should put Matt Metzger in looser jeans. Because, wonder Adriana is all embarrassed and shy around him.

General Hospital - Rambles - September 9th, 2004 )

ETA: And okay, I'm kinda getting Brookie's whole deal now. It still seems rather convenient to me, but I suppose it does sort of make sense.
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ATWT - Okay, honestly? I can handle Lily a hell of a lot better if she's with Craig, as opposed to Holden. For once, I didn't want to scream at her. And, evil and misguided or not, Craig still makes me laugh. "Well, you know how fragile Holden is..."

OLTL - It's kind of a shame that I've finally started to not mind Paultom, this late in the game. Go figure.

General Hospital - Rambles - September 7th, 2004 )
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ATWT - Nikki, Henry, Mike, and Jennifer are cute! I can really enjoy Jennifer much more in this setup than with Jordan.

General Hospital - Rambles - September 3rd, 2004 )
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Update on the soap world:

1) I hate Antonio Vega with the fury of a thousand suns. Seriously, Kev B may be a total smarmy asshole, but I can actually tolerate him more so than Angertonio. The man needs help! Even when he has legitimate reason to be angry/hold someone at gunpoint/wet his pants, he handles it in such a manner that I end up fearing for whoever is in a scene with him, whether they're a villian or not.

2) I'm glad to see everyone's favorite bar owner extraordinare, Coleman, is in fine form. (Save for the hair). Personally, as much as it makes me roll my eyes to see someone else who's afraid of Sonny.....I think we could have one hell of a sitcom if we threw Sonny and Coleman together on a regular basis.

3) Speaking of characters I hate with the fury of a thousand suns.....Emily goddamn Quartermaine. I know that logically, I should be feeling sorry for her, and rooting for her to overcome, and whatever else it is the writers want me to do......but honestly? When Mary popped up and started strangling her, I stood up and applauded. Jesus god, is there a character in the world more annoying than Emily? I don't think there is.

4) Maybe this is because I have never regularly watched As The World Turns before, but I find Julia rather cute. I mean, Carly's not bad or anything, I suppose.....but I'm really more fond of Julia. Which, with my luck in soaps, naturally means she's going to become evil, dead, and/or both of the above. *sigh* Go fucking figure. Also, Mike? Gets better-looking every time he shows up on my screen.

5) Can someone make Benjamin Hendrickson cut his hair?

6) I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop when it comes to Duke Buchanan. Because so far, I'm really rather enjoying him. Which, naturally, means something is going to happen to ruin that.

7) I've said it before, and I believe Mala has also said it.....but Chris Hughes? Is one skeevy mofo.

8) I really do like Jason/Sam together, but.....I have a quibble. (Don't I always?) I would have much preferred to see him developing feelings for her first, as opposed to the other way around. "Jason plays hero, woman immediately falls for him." It's kinda the same old thing, honestly.

General Hospital - Rambles - September 2nd, 2004 )
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OLTL - Seriously, I don't understand. Is Antonio just written as an angry little man, or is this just how Kamar chooses to play him? I'm starting to think they could give Antonio lines like "I love fluffy bunnies", and Kamar would still deliver them like he was ready to beat the shit out of somebody.

And what in the holy hell is happening with Todd's hair?

You know, Angertonio trying to appeal to Angelina by mentioning that he was nearly shot and killed makes me laugh. Dude, you just screamed at her for the umpteenth time! She's probably thinking "Pity you weren't shot, fuckwit."

General Hospital - Rambles - August 30th, 2004 )
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ATWT - Awww, Alison and Aaron are cuter than cute. Awww.

General Hospital - Rambles - August 27th, 2004 )
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ATWT - Okay, Emily/Chris? Are squicking me right the fuck out. Just, ew! Actually, maybe it's just Chris. Because even when he's all schmoopy with Alison, I still feel the need for a shower. I think I'm going to find her far cuter with Aaron.

And Dusty/Lucy make me whimper. As usual. Like when he couldn't look at her when he said he loved her? Guh. *melts* But, uhm.....that was it? That was our love scene? I guess GH has spoiled me (and I use the word "spoiled" loosely) with the marathon Sonny-and-Carly sessions.

"Congratulations, Ali!" Aww, that Aaron is too cute. Even if he is wearing the ugliest goddamn shirt I've ever seen.

General Hospital - Rambles - August 26th, 2004 )
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OLTL - Can someone please get some anger management for Annietonio? Seriously, I spend most of his scenes with Carlotta terrified that he's going to strike his own mother. Somehow, I don't think I'm supposed to be thinking that, yet I do.

And I believe we're headed for a Duke/Adriana pairing (whither the Rex?!) Not sure how I feel about this so far - but they certainly do look pretty next to each other. I think you called this one, Mala.

ATWT - Peyton List is fantastically yummy. Seriously, I think I spend all of her scenes just marveling over how gorgeous she is. And also, I am much amused by Dusty/Lucinda. And also, am I supposed to be into Jordan/Jennifer? Because, I'm kinda not. I'm really much more interested in Jordan/Rosanna, myself.

Is Lily supposed to be an annoying shrew, or is that just me? I mean, I get that she's worried that her husband is cheating on her, and I should feel sorry for her or something, but....she kinda annoys me, honestly. And by the by? Holden Snyder? I hear he's a total knob, but I think I'd still roll in the hay with him once or twice. Just because he's pretty. And I'm nothing if not appreciative of pretty boys.

General Hospital - Rambles - August 25th, 2004 )
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Damn it to hell. Because some people are pure evil, and keep pimping Dusty/Lucy all over the place ;-) I decided to forgo One Life today and tune in to ATWT. And yeah, I'm kind of all ga-ga over Lusty, even if these are honestly the first scenes I've ever seen between them. They're just yummy! And as Mala says, with a name like Dusty Donovan, how can you go wrong?

So, yeah. What to do, what to do......I mean, I was cool with missing today's One Life, because it was all Annietonio being a brave little toaster, and no Love Crew, so.....blah, whatever. But, taking into consideration the fact that Jen/Riley are thisclose to going at it, and Dusty/Lucy are thisclose to going at it (I didn't actually miss the sex, did I?!).....well, I have some decisions to make. If I haven't missed the Lusty lovefest already, does anyone know when it's supposed to be on? I need to make arrangements here, people.

And I was going to ask whether the baby is really dead (since I haven't been watching any of this, obviously) but, oh, I see. Hmm. I know I'm supposed to think he's pure evil, but that James Stenbeck is high class, man. I could listen to him talk all day.

So, like I said.....I'm still attached to One Life, but damn, Lucy and Dusty are definitely yummy.

General Hospital - Rambles - August 24th, 2004 )

So, they did it. They killed my girl. *sobs* But on that note....does anyone know of a good place for GH transcripts? Because I'd really, really like to find Trent Diddy's speech about Sage and keep it.


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