Mar. 17th, 2004

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So, I haven't talked about anything non-soap-related in awhile, have I?

Let's see.....the rumor is that the ADIDAS video is going to feature Carmen Electra. *nods* I can live with this. Look, JC likes blue-eyed brunettes.....that works for me. Heh. Carmen Electra does have blue eyes, doesn't she? *pause* I thought she did, but watch me say that and be totally wrong. Huh.

Why isn't my friendslist discussing the latest Britney rumor? I read on IMDb a few days ago that the video for Everytime was being revamped, because there was a scene in there that depicted suicide, and everyone was throwing a fit over it. Brit and Co. claimed that it was showing "accidental death" as opposed to "suicide", but they decided to tweak it anyway, so nobody got the wrong idea. Hmmm.

Got my Rolling Stone in the mail today. (And I'm pretty sure there's pretty JC hidden somewhere in the depths, but I haven't gotten there yet). I swear, why don't they just rename the damn magazine "We Hate Bush 4Ever"? I mean, the whole gay marriage thing has rather soured me on Bush, but still - this is a national publication here. Why can't they just try to be neutral? I almost dread getting the magazine now, because I swear, every single issue, there's a very strongly anti-Bush article (or five, or ten) in it. And the whole Correspondence section is literally nothing but people bitching about Bush. I know RS does handle some political issues, but they're supposed to primarily be a music magazine, right? At least, that's why I'm subscribing. It just annoys me, is all.

What also annoys me about RS is their general pimping of Beyonce. (Bouncy!) I've gotten to the point where I don't mind her so much, but the rest of the world acts like she's the second coming. How come Britney gets skewered (okay, and Christina, too) for dressing like a slut, and being half-naked all the time? Has anyone looked at Beyonce? It's not like the girl is running around in a nun's habit. But it's okay - we celebrate Beyonce. Why? I don't understand. Okay, she's got a good voice - then say she's got a good voice. Don't talk about how she's so much more "classier" than Britney, because I don't see it. And for god sakes, the publicist who lets Beyonce give interviews in which she talks about how her morals are so much better than Brit/Xtina/whoever's, while wearing what amounts to hot pants and a spangled bra, really needs to be flogged.

Hey, AI kids out there.....did Tate (or Marque...whatever) get booted from some point? I refuse to put myself through the pain of watching that show again (Trenyce soured me last year, man), but I was hoping the little former Mouseketeer would make good. Then again - I haven't heard his name come up anywhere, so I'm guessing he probably got booted awhile back. *sigh*

I don't know what else I was going to go into, so I'll just post another Zaxie snippet. Yeah, I know. I'll try not to spam everybody with 48 different parts in one day again. The word of the day is "restraint". ;-)
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Okay. I wasn't a huge fan of Brock Cuchna in the role of Paul on OLTL, because he was so smarmy that it made me want to shower after all of his scenes. But David Tom seriously looks like he's going to cry like a little girl during all of his scenes. I'm hoping he's just feeling so deeply sympathetic for Kellytom that he can't help it, and eventually, when he starts getting evil and stealing babies, he'll stop looking like someone stole the pudding off his lunch tray.

Not that I greatly care about the whole Kelly/Kevin/Blair story anyway, but I'm just sayin'.

Yesterday (I think it was yesterday?) Marcie got the inspired idea to make the victim of her mystery novel a Jessica lookalike. Heh! I am greatly amused. Even sweet little Marcie wants the Bobblehead to buy the farm.

For some reason, I'm finding Riley so much more appealing with Jen. When he was with Flash, I barely paid attention to him, but now, I'm interested. Of course, chances are he's just being used as a prop to get Jen and Rex back together. They've managed to pull a GQ on me with Jen/Rex: As with Georgie and Dillon on GH, it's just gone on too long, and I don't even care if they get back together anymore. What would Riley and Jen be? Jelly? Heh.

*raises hand* Can Natalie and John just make out already? I mean, I'm not saying happily ever after or anything, because - hello - I have seen soaps before. But they've been circling each other for AGES now. Just throw us a bone. And yes, I know I've said that before. But, still.

Of course, I just read that again and reverted back to a 12-year-old, snickering "Go on, John, throw your bone at her!" *snort* Oh, I think I need to get a life.
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I saw it! Mala, I saw it! *thud* The hands in the hair, and everything. Eeesh. Of course, it lasted all of 0.8 seconds, but, MAN.

*fans self*

All I have to say is, thank freakin' god. The scene before the kiss scene, I was literally sitting here yelling "Make the fuck out!" at my TV screen. For once, someone is listening. I think I'ma cry now. *sigh*
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This was brought to my attention by [ profile] ja, so of course - of course - I had to do it myself. Because it's not like I haven't posted today at all. Right.

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