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Ehhh....I tried posting the first part of my Zander/Maxie story. *shrugs* This first part is basically just exposition, and not too exciting, but I didn't have a better place to cut it off. I'm basically going with what happened, but I'm changing a few things around. (Mainly because when I started it, I didn't have any dialogue handy. Hee.) So if something differs from what happened onscreen.....well, just make believe? LOL.

Maxie Jones didn’t trust boys.

Oh, maybe she had trusted boys before Kyle. She’d even trusted Kyle. And look where that got her. She had sex on the Internet, for god sakes. She would never forget the look of sadness in Mac’s eyes when he’d found out. It still haunted her.

Mac was the one man she could trust. She trusted him more than anyone else in this world....her mother, her "real" father. Sometimes even Georgie. Not that her sister was bad, by any means - Maxie loved her with all of her heart. They’d had to rely on each other for years, while Felicia had gone off on her "adventures", and eventually abandoned them altogether. But ever since Dillon came into her life....Maxie didn’t mind Dillon. In fact, she had encouraged him to go after Georgie in the first place. But he was a boy, and she didn’t trust boys. So when he ended up hurting Georgie, Maxie wasn’t surprised. It was just what they DID.

She had thought things would get better with her sister after the breakup with Dillon. While they were still close, it had been ages since they’d really bonded. First, Maxie had gotten involved with Kyle, and the drugs, and everything else she preferred to not think about now. By the time she’d learned her lesson in that respect, Georgie was wrapped up in Dillon.

Once Georgie was single again, though, things remained the same. Georgie’s every waking thought was about Dillon. Every time Georgie opened her mouth, something about Dillon came out. Maxie could sympathize with her sister’s heartache - after all, she’d been there. But she was starting to wonder if she was allowed to have her own life.

Maxie’s life seemed to revolve around the hospital. It was the one place where she could go, and not have to deal with the ramifications of her stupid actions. Mac had forgiven her, and still treated her the same, but Maxie swore she still saw disappointment in his eyes when he looked at her. And then, with Georgie and Dillon....Maxie just wanted to go somewhere where she wasn’t The Disappointing Sister, or The Confidant, or The Girl Who Slept With Kyle Online. She just wanted to be.....Maxie.

Zander Smith was one person who always seemed to treat her like she was separate from all of those titles. Of course, she knew it was because Zander had his own life - he didn’t know she’d had sex on the Internet, he didn’t really know or care about Georgie and Dillon. She was just Maxie - a girl who works at the hospital.

She’d always noticed Zander. How could you not notice Zander? Any girl would be crazy to let him go. She’d tried talking to Georgie about him once, when Georgie wasn’t obsessing over Dillon.

She’d glanced up from her bed, looking over at Georgie. She was sitting at the desk in Maxie’s room, using the computer to type up a paper. "Georgie....what do you think of Zander?"

"Zander Smith?"


Georgie rolled her eyes, sitting up straighter. Maxie groaned inwardly. She knew the signs of an imminent lecture. "Zander Smith is nothing but trouble. Everybody knows it. Mac’s told us before to stay away from him. I mean, he used to work for the mob!"

Maxie shrugged. "So? Roy used to work for the mob, too. We liked him, remember?"

Georgie shrugged in return. "I guess. I’m glad Mom didn’t marry him, though."

"Well, me too, but that’s only because I wanted her to marry Mac." Feeling the conversation veering off-topic, Maxie tried to bring it back to her original point. "Zander’s always been really nice to us, and he seemed to really love Emily. I just don’t get why she would leave him for Nikolas."

Georgie looked at her sister like she was stupid. "Maxie, have you looked at Nikolas? He’s a prince! And he’s hot, to boot!"

Before she could stop herself, Maxie blurted out, "Well, Zander’s hot, too!" She bit her lip as Georgie narrowed her eyes at her.

"Oh my god. Please tell me you don’t have a thing for Zander Smith. Come on, Maxie! I thought you learned your lesson."

Maxie glared. "What do you mean, learned my lesson? I’m not allowed to like any boy now?"

"No, but you always go for the bad ones. Why can’t you like a nice guy? Like Dillon."

Maxie snorted. "Oh, please. If Dillon’s so nice, then why’d he cheat on you with Sage?"

Georgie glared back at her. "At least he didn’t tape me having sex with him."

"At least I’ve HAD sex!"

"At least I’m not a SLUT!"

Maxie froze, and felt her eyes fill up with tears. Georgie immediately looked chagrined. "Oh my god, Maxie. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it."

Maxie shook her head, getting up off the bed. "I have to go to work."

"Please, Maxie, I’m sorry!" Georgie tried to grab her arm, but Maxie snatched it away. Without another word, she got up and left.
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