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After the shooting of Lorenzo, things return basically to normal. Paige and Jason still trade quips when they run into each other. Sonny likes Paige. There is no romantic interest (though he and Carly are splitting up by this time), but he just genuinely likes her as a person. She reminds him a lot of himself.

Paige continues her relationship with Jax, which is finally consummated (or re-consummated, you could say) after Lorenzo is shot. The rough spots in their relationship amount to Lorenzo, Sonny, and Alexis. Jax keeps trying to separate Paige from Lorenzo, thinking he's too dangerous for her. Paige isn't appreciative of this. Also, Jax is very unhappy at the mutual respect and admiration between Paige and Sonny (shades of Brenda). Finally, Alexis continues to constantly threaten Paige, and when Paige complains to Jax, he makes excuses for Alexis. He doesn't see her as a danger to Paige.

Alexis ends up admitting to Jax that Sonny is Kristina's true father, which Paige overhears. She's torn about what to do. She thinks Sonny should know, but she doesn't think it's her place to tell him. Also, she realizes that, once the truth comes out, Skye (who is married to Ned and raising Kristina), will lose the baby, and she doesn't want to hurt her friend.

Paige finally tricks Alexis into admitting the truth to Skye. This causes problems between Skye and Ned, once Skye realizes that Ned knew the truth all along. Jax probes Carly for information (to see if Sonny realizes he could be the father), but Jax is a dolt and Carly quickly catches on that something is up. She gives Sonny a heads-up, and he questions Paige. An uncomfortable Paige won't tell him the truth, but does suggest he talk to Alexis. The truth ends up coming out, and Sonny successfully gets custody of Kristina.

Alexis goes completely berserk, but blames Paige for all of her problems. After threatening to kill Paige, she finally corners her in an alley, brandishing a knife. Paige tries to talk her down, but Alexis is crazed. Jason, realizing Paige is in danger, quickly finds them and disarms Alexis. Jax shows up, and thinking that Jason is hurting Alexis, knocks Jason unconscious. Paige, understandably, is pissed. Jax won't believe that Alexis was trying to kill Paige, even when he sees the knife. He thinks she was just threatening her. Paige is aghast that Jax thinks this is all right. Alexis, at this point, has completely broken down.

Jax takes Alexis on the run, so she can get help. (There's an arrest warrant out for her - a little side plot that she assaulted Skye also, because hello, Alexis is crazy as a loon). Paige breaks up with Jax when she realizes that Alexis will always come first. She also thanks Jason (whose thick head easily survived Jax's knocking about) for saving her life.

Jason and Courtney briefly break up, as there are just too many differences between them and Courtney wants to live a normal (read: not mob-infested) life. She falls for Lucky. However, soon after, she discovers she's pregnant with Jason's baby. Seeing the difficulty Sonny is having in getting Kristina to accept him as her daddy, Jason immediately elects to get back together with Courtney so they can raise their child together. Neither is very happy about this situation, but feel it's for the best. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Lucky begins to casually date Paige.

*deep breath*

Okay, Part III will be up in a bit. I swear, I usually don't update 8 billion times a day. It won't be this bad in the future, I promise. ;-)
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