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Lucky and Paige date, but neither is seriously invested. They just like to spend time together and have fun with each other. Lucky's heart lies with Courtney, and Paige just isn't interested in anything more serious than what they've got.

One day, both Sonny and Lorenzo go missing. Jason suspects Faith, and begins snooping around for the answers. Paige teams up with him, much to his chagrin. She points out that it's her uncle who's missing, so she's going to help him. Because Paige is a little more knowledgable with what mobsters do than Courtney is (ahem), he finally reluctantly allows her to help.

Paige has to go to the hospital (for some minor inconvenience) and it's discovered that she has a discrepancy in her blood type. Monica confides to Jason that Lorenzo has the same discrepancy, and it's usually passed parent-to-child. Jason does some digging, and finds Luis's old hospital records - where he discovers that Luis DIDN'T have this same abnormality. This makes it 99.9% likely that Paige is actually LORENZO'S daughter, as opposed to Luis's.

Once he tells Paige this, she's even more determined to help him find the men, because now she wants answers as to whether Lorenzo knew the whole while that he was her father.

The two of them end up in an abandoned warehouse, trying to listen in on Faith's discussion. Jason goes in alone, leaving Paige to keep watch, but the radio died just as she saw Faith enter the building. She snuck in to find Jason before he got caught. When they heard Faith approaching, Jason quickly grabs Paige and jumps into a (conveniently located, of course) locker to hide. They overhear Faith reveal that she was behind Sonny's and Lorenzo's disappearances.

After Faith leaves, Jason and Paige try to get out of the locker (where they are, needless to say, in very close proximity to one another) but find that they locked themselves in. Paige, of course, makes fun of Jason for this development, and they argue - which leads to a very long, passionate kiss. :-)

Max shows up and lets them out of the locker before they can figure out what's going on between them. They blame each other for the kiss, and try to shrug it off, but it's obvious that it affected both of them. Jason goes back to trying to make it work with Courtney, and Paige continues to date Lucky.

Shortly thereafter, Sonny returns home. He's been injured, so he's staying in the hospital. He reveals that Lorenzo has been shot, and is probably dead. Paige is heartbroken. Jason wants to comfort her, but she keeps her distance.

Meanwhile, Lucky has become a cop, and is determined to bring Jason down. Lucky points out to Paige that she excuses Jason's life because she's used to it, which means she's more like an Alcazar than she wanted to admit. Paige, in turn, points out that Lucky is trying to pass himself off as a noble policeman, when in reality, he's got a vendetta against Jason because he's got Courtney. Paige decides to end things with Lucky. He suspects that she has feelings for Jason, which makes him even more determined to bring him down.

The next day, Lucky arrests Jason on a minor offense. Courtney and Paige both happen to be at the police station at the time. Courtney argues with Lucky over Jason's arrest, while Paige and Jason make googly eyes at each other across the room (come on - it's a soap - you've gotta have one of those scenes). Eventually, Jason is released, but Courtney has had it with the constant arrests. She finally tells Jason that she wants to be with Lucky, and she knows that Jason doesn't want to be with her. She's tired of living the mob life. She assures him that he will still be a part of the baby's life, but they're no longer together. He's upset at being away from his child, but he knows Courtney's right. He ends up at Paige's place.

And I assume ya'll know what happens next ;-)

After a touching love scene (because we'll have enticed Steve Burton to start doing love scenes by this point), Jason and Paige admit their feelings for each other, and decide to be together. However, at this point, Courtney, while on the phone with Lucky, has started having cramps. Lucky finds her collapsed, and rushes her to the hospital, where it turns she's had a miscarriage. When Paige and Jason find out, Paige urges Jason to go back to Courtney, who is devastated. He does so, but he and Paige continue to miss each other. No one realizes that Jason was ever with Paige.

Sonny is released from the hospital, but needs someone to help him out while he recovers. Paige offers to help, and moves into the penthouse. Unfortunately, at the same time, Jason and Courtney decide to move back into the penthouse also, so Jason and Paige are living across the hall from each other. Sonny and Paige bond, and Jason finds himself growing jealous, even though in reality, there's nothing romantic going on between Sonny and Paige.

Lorenzo returns. It turns out he didn't die after all. Paige confronts him with her true paternity, and he admits that he knew all along that he was her father. He was always in love with her mother, Anna Sophia (aka, Sophie), but she couldn't leave Luis. When Paige was born, Lorenzo discovered the blood discrepancy and knew she was his daughter, but never told anyone, knowing Luis would have them all killed. Anna Sophia killed herself the following year, and that is when she had Lorenzo promise that he would always care for Paige.

It takes Paige awhile to forgive Lorenzo (because he let her believe her whole life that her father hated her), but eventually she does. Sonny helps her through, much to Jason's disappointment. Lorenzo and Sonny eventually work together against Faith.

One day, Paige finds Sonny unconscious on the docks. She tries to help him, but just as he wakes up and whispers to her that it's a trap, she's captured by Faith. Just then, Jason shows up. Faith holds Paige at gunpoint, and Jason has to choose whether to rush a critically injured Sonny to the hospital, or to rescue Paige. Paige urges him to take Sonny to the hospital. Just then, Faith is distracted by arriving cops, so Paige wrestles away from her and jumps out of the way. Jason manages to disarm Faith, and she is arrested. Max and other bodyguards tend to Sonny, and Jason calls to Paige that it's safe to come out now. When Paige doesn't come out, he goes behind the wall (or whatever she jumped behind) and discovers that she was shot before she got out of the way, and is unconscious.

*deep breath, again*

I get way too caught up in this - the sections get longer and longer. :) I'm not sure if I'll update the rest of the story tonight - I think I've only got one more section left to go. (I hope!) We'll see what happens. :)
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