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All right.....

So Paige is shot, and is rushed to the hospital with Jason by her side. Jason is freaking out, and it becomes fairly apparent that he is in love with Paige. She manages to pull through (of course). Courtney finally realizes that Jason is in love with Paige, and sets him free (besides, she still has feelings for Lucky).

Sonny offers to let Paige recuperate at his penthouse, but Jason insists that she come back to his penthouse. (Courtney moved out, obviously). Sonny is a little perturbed by Jason's absolute demands that Paige stay at his place, and has his own suspicions as to what's going on. While Paige is dozing on Jason's couch, Sonny confronts him in the hallway. They argue, and Paige ends up in the doorway just as Jason admits to Sonny that he loves her. He sees Paige, and she admits her love for him, and all is well :) Things start to get heated (on the couch, no less), but they can't go any further because Paige is, after all, recuperating from a gunshot wound.

Shortly thereafter, Carly goes to pick the kids up from Sonny's, with Jax - who's been back in town for awhile - at her side (by the way, Jax and Carly are together. Hey, it's my story, I can do what I want with it :-p). When Carly finds a visiting Paige at Sonny's, she questions her, thinking she is involved with Sonny. Sonny and Paige laugh.

Paige has decided, now that she's recovered, to move back to her old cottage. She and Jason are a couple, but she doesn't really want to push it. But Jason is worried if she leaves, she may get shot again. He comes over and argues with her in front of Sonny, Carly, and Jax. At one point, he blurts out "You've been sleeping in my bed for the last month, what's the big deal NOW?" To which Sonny laughs uproariously, as Carly and Jax look positively shocked. He ends up picking her up and carrying her back to his penthouse, where they make love for the first time since she was shot.

Here, things get kinda sketchy. I didn't really finish my story. However, I did have Hannah Lewis (Cameron's ex-wife and Zander's mom) come to town, and for Lorenzo to recognize her as - yep - Anna Sophia "Sophie" Alcazar. Turns out Anna Sophia only pretended to commit suicide so she could escape from Luis. She met Cameron soon after, and married him. After they married, she quickly got pregnant with Peter, because she was missing her first baby (Paige). Obviously, then came Zander. (I'm not really sure about the age differences here, so I'm kinda fudging it a little). She never told Cameron, or anyone else, who she really was.

So, obviously, Zander and Paige are siblings - which takes them some getting used to. They don't hate each other, but they don't particularly like each other, either. They eventually end up bonding. It takes Paige a lot longer to accept her mother, considering the woman abandoned Paige to Luis and let her believe she was dead for most of her life - and would have gone on letting her believe it if she hadn't run into Lorenzo.

Eventually, Lorenzo and Anna Sophia/Sophie/Hannah remarry. And that's kinda where I left it.

So, there you have it. The things I come up with when I'm bored ;-) Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, Paige Alcazar. :-D
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