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2005-08-02 10:43 pm
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Okay, damn it. Another story. I finally finished the NiCo one, and.....well, I notice that I tend to flip-flop between past and present tense. *sigh* So yeah, that's a pain in the ass. But I guess as long as it amuses me, that's all that matters, right?

I've noticed that Liz's pregnancy with the communal fetus has made appearances in both stories I've written now. Maybe I ought to just give up the ghost and write a whole series about different characters dealing with Liz's pregnancy. Insert her expecting ass into everything, even if it's just Elizabeth rubbing her belly while two characters argue. Heh.

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2005-07-27 04:23 pm
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Once I got started on the whole Lucky/Rachel thing, I couldn't get it out of my head. So I figured if I wrote it down, then, I don't know. I can't say I like it much, but it's been awhile since I wrote a story and it's high time I get back into the swing of things.

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2004-04-18 05:32 pm
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(no subject)

I've been bitching that General Hospital has apparently forgotten that Zander existed, but it seems that I have done the same thing! *sigh* I'd totally forgotten about my Zaxie story. So, anyway....a new installment.

Untitled Zaxie story, Part 16 )

Yeah, it's long, but I wasn't sure where else to cut it off. I saved all the other parts of the story, thus far, to my memories section, so in case you're actually reading this :-p and forgot what happened last.....since I know I did.....that's where they're at.
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2004-04-04 12:07 am
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(no subject)

Okay. The Zaxie....continuation....I guess. Two-plus years later, and lots of exposition-type stuff. Still Maxie's POV.

Untitled Zaxie story, Part 15 )

So, yeah. Like I said, a whole lot of babbling and explanation there, but I wanted to get the whole "What's happened in the last two years" bit over and done with. More of it will be touched on when I get into the Zander/Maxie interaction, but I just thought I'd give a brief overview.

As for's not exactly a couple I'm longing for, but I thought it would be interesting. I basically just wanted to get the people close to Maxie together ;-) And yes, there might have been some blatant Mike propping in there. Heh. Come on, I love Mike, I can't help it!
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2004-03-31 09:29 pm
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(no subject)

Apparently, I've been forgetting my Zaxie story again. I guess I've been getting too wrapped up in the drama that is the S&C Eventual Reunion. *pause* Okay, I can't even say that with a straight face.

But, anywho. So I got back into writing, and I just wrote the big climactic moment of my Zaxie sequel (or whatever - who knows if I'll even divide it up? It'll be like 400 billion parts in all, but you know, that would happen either way, right?) I think I was avoiding posting more, because I thought that I'd get into the habit of posting, and suddenly there wouldn't be anything left to post. But now that I've added so much, I could post 12 different parts at this point. So I'm back in the comfort zone.

That paragraph probably made no sense to anyone but me, but just go with it, okay? :-) On to the story!

Untitled Zaxie story, Part 13/14 )

And that's the first part of my story. Like I said, I've cooked up a "sequel" of sorts, that I'm already something like halfway done with. I'll probably just keep numbering from here, but yeah - this was my original, right here. Without any kind of final scene, I know - but when I started the sequel, I just got started on that and didn't bother to end this one.
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2004-03-26 09:36 pm
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(no subject)

Untitled Zaxie story, Part 11 )

(Because obviously, I'm not big on restraint....) - Untitled Zaxie story, Part 12 )
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2004-03-26 12:13 am
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(no subject)

So, another part of my Zaxie story.....I'd been rethinking what to do with it, what with the latest in the "reel" life Zander story. And I finally just decided to ignore what was happening onscreen and go with my own version. In other words, Zander does not come back from the fire and go apeshit over Emily. There will be no blatant insanity in my happy world!

I've been working on - I guess - a sequel of sorts to this story, but I've been sort of slacking on it lately. I think it's mainly due to the onscreen Zander strife. It's made it hard to write anything upbeat about Zander coming back in the future, because chances are, he won't be coming back in the future. But - again - I'm deciding to just ignore what actually happened on the show, and go with my own telling of it. Because that's basically what I've been doing anyway :)

Oh, and this isn't the last part of this story.....there's more to it that I'll end up posting, I was just saying - that's what has been going through my head lately, at least in this regard.

Untitled Zaxie story, Part 9 )

All right, fine, because I'm bored...... Untitled Zaxie story, Part 10 )
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2004-03-22 10:20 pm
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(no subject)

I keep forgetting to add updates....and since the real (reel?) Zander story is certainly not going how I personally would like it to go, I think I'll just go back to my special happy world. Hmph.

Untitled Zaxie story, Part 8 )
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2004-03-19 10:25 pm
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(no subject)

Funny thing - if you write a long, vitriol-laced tirade against General Hospital, chances are, that headache you had when you started it? Will go away. Hey, I guess I can at least thank the show for once for not making my head hurt, right?


On that note......more Zaxie. Because I could use some cheering up, and writing about a (not-insane) Zander, and Maxie, always seems to do it. Heck, I've got something like fifteen parts/chapters/what have you written already, and I'm working on a sequel. I think it's called Putting Frustration To Good Use 101.

Untitled Zaxie story, Part 6 )


All right, since both these sections are fairly short, I'll go and post the next section, too. Do you get the feeling I'm bored tonight? If not, then you should. LOL.

Untitled Zaxie story, Part 7 )

That was kinda a crappy place to leave off, but if I didn't cut it somewhere, the next part was going to be monstrous. What can ya do?
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2004-03-16 11:58 pm
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(no subject)

I wasn't going to post any more of the Zaxie story today, but I've got a crapload of parts divided up, and I figured.....well, I might as well. Hee. ;-)

Untitled Zaxie story, Part 3 )
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2004-03-16 05:12 pm
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(no subject)

Again with the I said before, events in the story might be a little bit different (or a lot different) from how they appeared onscreen. Poetic license, if you will.....or just a lack of a transcript. LOL. Either way, this is all Maxie's POV:

Untitled Zaxie story, Part 2 )
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2004-03-16 03:13 pm
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(no subject)

Ehhh....I tried posting the first part of my Zander/Maxie story. *shrugs* This first part is basically just exposition, and not too exciting, but I didn't have a better place to cut it off. I'm basically going with what happened, but I'm changing a few things around. (Mainly because when I started it, I didn't have any dialogue handy. Hee.) So if something differs from what happened onscreen.....well, just make believe? LOL.

Untitled Zaxie story, Part 1 )
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2003-08-13 11:48 pm
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Paige Alcazar, The Finale (for now)

All right.....

So Paige is shot, and is rushed to the hospital with Jason by her side. Jason is freaking out, and it becomes fairly apparent that he is in love with Paige. She manages to pull through (of course). Courtney finally realizes that Jason is in love with Paige, and sets him free (besides, she still has feelings for Lucky).

Sonny offers to let Paige recuperate at his penthouse, but Jason insists that she come back to his penthouse. (Courtney moved out, obviously). Sonny is a little perturbed by Jason's absolute demands that Paige stay at his place, and has his own suspicions as to what's going on. While Paige is dozing on Jason's couch, Sonny confronts him in the hallway. They argue, and Paige ends up in the doorway just as Jason admits to Sonny that he loves her. He sees Paige, and she admits her love for him, and all is well :) Things start to get heated (on the couch, no less), but they can't go any further because Paige is, after all, recuperating from a gunshot wound.

Shortly thereafter, Carly goes to pick the kids up from Sonny's, with Jax - who's been back in town for awhile - at her side (by the way, Jax and Carly are together. Hey, it's my story, I can do what I want with it :-p). When Carly finds a visiting Paige at Sonny's, she questions her, thinking she is involved with Sonny. Sonny and Paige laugh.

Paige has decided, now that she's recovered, to move back to her old cottage. She and Jason are a couple, but she doesn't really want to push it. But Jason is worried if she leaves, she may get shot again. He comes over and argues with her in front of Sonny, Carly, and Jax. At one point, he blurts out "You've been sleeping in my bed for the last month, what's the big deal NOW?" To which Sonny laughs uproariously, as Carly and Jax look positively shocked. He ends up picking her up and carrying her back to his penthouse, where they make love for the first time since she was shot.

Here, things get kinda sketchy. I didn't really finish my story. However, I did have Hannah Lewis (Cameron's ex-wife and Zander's mom) come to town, and for Lorenzo to recognize her as - yep - Anna Sophia "Sophie" Alcazar. Turns out Anna Sophia only pretended to commit suicide so she could escape from Luis. She met Cameron soon after, and married him. After they married, she quickly got pregnant with Peter, because she was missing her first baby (Paige). Obviously, then came Zander. (I'm not really sure about the age differences here, so I'm kinda fudging it a little). She never told Cameron, or anyone else, who she really was.

So, obviously, Zander and Paige are siblings - which takes them some getting used to. They don't hate each other, but they don't particularly like each other, either. They eventually end up bonding. It takes Paige a lot longer to accept her mother, considering the woman abandoned Paige to Luis and let her believe she was dead for most of her life - and would have gone on letting her believe it if she hadn't run into Lorenzo.

Eventually, Lorenzo and Anna Sophia/Sophie/Hannah remarry. And that's kinda where I left it.

So, there you have it. The things I come up with when I'm bored ;-) Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, Paige Alcazar. :-D
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2003-08-13 09:50 pm
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Paige Alcazar, Part III

Lucky and Paige date, but neither is seriously invested. They just like to spend time together and have fun with each other. Lucky's heart lies with Courtney, and Paige just isn't interested in anything more serious than what they've got.

One day, both Sonny and Lorenzo go missing. Jason suspects Faith, and begins snooping around for the answers. Paige teams up with him, much to his chagrin. She points out that it's her uncle who's missing, so she's going to help him. Because Paige is a little more knowledgable with what mobsters do than Courtney is (ahem), he finally reluctantly allows her to help.

Paige has to go to the hospital (for some minor inconvenience) and it's discovered that she has a discrepancy in her blood type. Monica confides to Jason that Lorenzo has the same discrepancy, and it's usually passed parent-to-child. Jason does some digging, and finds Luis's old hospital records - where he discovers that Luis DIDN'T have this same abnormality. This makes it 99.9% likely that Paige is actually LORENZO'S daughter, as opposed to Luis's.

Once he tells Paige this, she's even more determined to help him find the men, because now she wants answers as to whether Lorenzo knew the whole while that he was her father.

The two of them end up in an abandoned warehouse, trying to listen in on Faith's discussion. Jason goes in alone, leaving Paige to keep watch, but the radio died just as she saw Faith enter the building. She snuck in to find Jason before he got caught. When they heard Faith approaching, Jason quickly grabs Paige and jumps into a (conveniently located, of course) locker to hide. They overhear Faith reveal that she was behind Sonny's and Lorenzo's disappearances.

After Faith leaves, Jason and Paige try to get out of the locker (where they are, needless to say, in very close proximity to one another) but find that they locked themselves in. Paige, of course, makes fun of Jason for this development, and they argue - which leads to a very long, passionate kiss. :-)

Max shows up and lets them out of the locker before they can figure out what's going on between them. They blame each other for the kiss, and try to shrug it off, but it's obvious that it affected both of them. Jason goes back to trying to make it work with Courtney, and Paige continues to date Lucky.

Shortly thereafter, Sonny returns home. He's been injured, so he's staying in the hospital. He reveals that Lorenzo has been shot, and is probably dead. Paige is heartbroken. Jason wants to comfort her, but she keeps her distance.

Meanwhile, Lucky has become a cop, and is determined to bring Jason down. Lucky points out to Paige that she excuses Jason's life because she's used to it, which means she's more like an Alcazar than she wanted to admit. Paige, in turn, points out that Lucky is trying to pass himself off as a noble policeman, when in reality, he's got a vendetta against Jason because he's got Courtney. Paige decides to end things with Lucky. He suspects that she has feelings for Jason, which makes him even more determined to bring him down.

The next day, Lucky arrests Jason on a minor offense. Courtney and Paige both happen to be at the police station at the time. Courtney argues with Lucky over Jason's arrest, while Paige and Jason make googly eyes at each other across the room (come on - it's a soap - you've gotta have one of those scenes). Eventually, Jason is released, but Courtney has had it with the constant arrests. She finally tells Jason that she wants to be with Lucky, and she knows that Jason doesn't want to be with her. She's tired of living the mob life. She assures him that he will still be a part of the baby's life, but they're no longer together. He's upset at being away from his child, but he knows Courtney's right. He ends up at Paige's place.

And I assume ya'll know what happens next ;-)

After a touching love scene (because we'll have enticed Steve Burton to start doing love scenes by this point), Jason and Paige admit their feelings for each other, and decide to be together. However, at this point, Courtney, while on the phone with Lucky, has started having cramps. Lucky finds her collapsed, and rushes her to the hospital, where it turns she's had a miscarriage. When Paige and Jason find out, Paige urges Jason to go back to Courtney, who is devastated. He does so, but he and Paige continue to miss each other. No one realizes that Jason was ever with Paige.

Sonny is released from the hospital, but needs someone to help him out while he recovers. Paige offers to help, and moves into the penthouse. Unfortunately, at the same time, Jason and Courtney decide to move back into the penthouse also, so Jason and Paige are living across the hall from each other. Sonny and Paige bond, and Jason finds himself growing jealous, even though in reality, there's nothing romantic going on between Sonny and Paige.

Lorenzo returns. It turns out he didn't die after all. Paige confronts him with her true paternity, and he admits that he knew all along that he was her father. He was always in love with her mother, Anna Sophia (aka, Sophie), but she couldn't leave Luis. When Paige was born, Lorenzo discovered the blood discrepancy and knew she was his daughter, but never told anyone, knowing Luis would have them all killed. Anna Sophia killed herself the following year, and that is when she had Lorenzo promise that he would always care for Paige.

It takes Paige awhile to forgive Lorenzo (because he let her believe her whole life that her father hated her), but eventually she does. Sonny helps her through, much to Jason's disappointment. Lorenzo and Sonny eventually work together against Faith.

One day, Paige finds Sonny unconscious on the docks. She tries to help him, but just as he wakes up and whispers to her that it's a trap, she's captured by Faith. Just then, Jason shows up. Faith holds Paige at gunpoint, and Jason has to choose whether to rush a critically injured Sonny to the hospital, or to rescue Paige. Paige urges him to take Sonny to the hospital. Just then, Faith is distracted by arriving cops, so Paige wrestles away from her and jumps out of the way. Jason manages to disarm Faith, and she is arrested. Max and other bodyguards tend to Sonny, and Jason calls to Paige that it's safe to come out now. When Paige doesn't come out, he goes behind the wall (or whatever she jumped behind) and discovers that she was shot before she got out of the way, and is unconscious.

*deep breath, again*

I get way too caught up in this - the sections get longer and longer. :) I'm not sure if I'll update the rest of the story tonight - I think I've only got one more section left to go. (I hope!) We'll see what happens. :)
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2003-08-13 09:24 pm
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Paige Alcazar, Part II

After the shooting of Lorenzo, things return basically to normal. Paige and Jason still trade quips when they run into each other. Sonny likes Paige. There is no romantic interest (though he and Carly are splitting up by this time), but he just genuinely likes her as a person. She reminds him a lot of himself.

Paige continues her relationship with Jax, which is finally consummated (or re-consummated, you could say) after Lorenzo is shot. The rough spots in their relationship amount to Lorenzo, Sonny, and Alexis. Jax keeps trying to separate Paige from Lorenzo, thinking he's too dangerous for her. Paige isn't appreciative of this. Also, Jax is very unhappy at the mutual respect and admiration between Paige and Sonny (shades of Brenda). Finally, Alexis continues to constantly threaten Paige, and when Paige complains to Jax, he makes excuses for Alexis. He doesn't see her as a danger to Paige.

Alexis ends up admitting to Jax that Sonny is Kristina's true father, which Paige overhears. She's torn about what to do. She thinks Sonny should know, but she doesn't think it's her place to tell him. Also, she realizes that, once the truth comes out, Skye (who is married to Ned and raising Kristina), will lose the baby, and she doesn't want to hurt her friend.

Paige finally tricks Alexis into admitting the truth to Skye. This causes problems between Skye and Ned, once Skye realizes that Ned knew the truth all along. Jax probes Carly for information (to see if Sonny realizes he could be the father), but Jax is a dolt and Carly quickly catches on that something is up. She gives Sonny a heads-up, and he questions Paige. An uncomfortable Paige won't tell him the truth, but does suggest he talk to Alexis. The truth ends up coming out, and Sonny successfully gets custody of Kristina.

Alexis goes completely berserk, but blames Paige for all of her problems. After threatening to kill Paige, she finally corners her in an alley, brandishing a knife. Paige tries to talk her down, but Alexis is crazed. Jason, realizing Paige is in danger, quickly finds them and disarms Alexis. Jax shows up, and thinking that Jason is hurting Alexis, knocks Jason unconscious. Paige, understandably, is pissed. Jax won't believe that Alexis was trying to kill Paige, even when he sees the knife. He thinks she was just threatening her. Paige is aghast that Jax thinks this is all right. Alexis, at this point, has completely broken down.

Jax takes Alexis on the run, so she can get help. (There's an arrest warrant out for her - a little side plot that she assaulted Skye also, because hello, Alexis is crazy as a loon). Paige breaks up with Jax when she realizes that Alexis will always come first. She also thanks Jason (whose thick head easily survived Jax's knocking about) for saving her life.

Jason and Courtney briefly break up, as there are just too many differences between them and Courtney wants to live a normal (read: not mob-infested) life. She falls for Lucky. However, soon after, she discovers she's pregnant with Jason's baby. Seeing the difficulty Sonny is having in getting Kristina to accept him as her daddy, Jason immediately elects to get back together with Courtney so they can raise their child together. Neither is very happy about this situation, but feel it's for the best. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Lucky begins to casually date Paige.

*deep breath*

Okay, Part III will be up in a bit. I swear, I usually don't update 8 billion times a day. It won't be this bad in the future, I promise. ;-)
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2003-08-13 09:20 pm
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Paige Alcazar, Part I

New character: Paige Alcazar

Who is she: the daughter of the late Luis Alcazar. She was born to Luis and his wife, Anna Sophia Alcazar. Luis didn't want children, but Anna Sophia became pregnant anyway. Luis was angry enough about that, but even angrier when said child turned out to be a girl, not a boy. He hated Paige from the day she was born, and treated her terribly. Her mother committed suicide when she was a baby. Her uncle, Lorenzo, took care of her and took on the role of an almost "surrogate father", per her mother's dying wishes.

As soon as she turned 18, Paige left the Alcazar compound and began her own life, far away from her father. She got a college degree in business management, with a minor in history (like her beloved uncle Enzo). After graduation, she traveled around the world.

While in Australia recently, she met up with Jasper "Jax" Jacks. Recognizing him from her father's murder trial, she claimed her name was "Paige Alexander" so there wouldn't be a scene. Jax and Paige were attracted to one another, and had a fling. Thinking she'd never see Jax again, Paige never told him who she really was. Jax told her he wasn't planning on going back to Port Charles, so Paige felt safe going there to stay with Lorenzo - not realizing that Jax had changed his mind and was returning to town.

Paige is first introduced to the show when Lorenzo takes Carly hostage. The more he falls for Carly, the more Lorenzo tells her about his life - including about his beloved niece. He tells Carly that Paige is a good and decent person, who, while she may have grown up in the mob, has shaken off her past and has a fulfilling life of her own.

When Paige shows up in Port Charles, she doesn't get a warm reception from any of the townsfolk, because of who she is. Nobody trusts an Alcazar. Carly, by this time, is back with Sonny, and has told him about Paige - and that Lorenzo says she is not a part of his operation. Sonny decides to have a meeting with her to check things out for himself.

Sonny is fully prepared to offer Paige a role in his own organization, or at least his protection, to get her away from Lorenzo. Paige isn't intimidated by Sonny, and explains to him that, while she doesn't approve of what Lorenzo does for a living, he's still her family. He raised her, she loves him, and she won't abandon him. She also gives Sonny some insight of what a cruel man Luis was, which reminds Sonny of his own past with Deke.

Sonny was at first prepared to consider Paige an enemy if she didn't take his deal, but he realizes that he can respect her, and feels a kinship with her. Paige and Sonny are both upfront and honest with each other.

Jason, however, isn't so sure about Paige. He thinks Sonny may have gotten suckered in, because of what Carly said. He also thinks Carly has a soft spot for Lorenzo, and will believe anything he tells her. He decides to check into Paige himself.

Paige also isn't intimidated by Jason, and quickly belittles him by referring to him as "Sonny's manservant" and "Lunkhead". She points out that she has Sonny's trust, and that's all she needs - that she doesn't need Jason's permission to be in town, or to even exist, because he's below Sonny. They throw insults back and forth. Jason quickly realizes that, while mouthy, Paige is not the threat he had envisioned. He finds her irritating and annoying, but can't help himself from throwing barbs back and forth with her.

Jax runs into Paige, and is shocked to realize her true identity. She apologizes for lying to him, and assures him that she doesn't have any ulterior motives. (Seeing that she is an Alcazar, Jax immediately assumes she was out to get him). It takes him awhile to trust her again, but he eventually does and forgives her, and they begin dating.

Skye befriends Paige. She is curious about the newcomer to town, and realizes they have a lot in common. She's also amused to see how Paige handles Jason. Paige also befriends Gia when they work together at the courthouse.

An unhinged Alexis is thrown further off-guard by Paige's arrival in town, and the fact that she is dating Jax. Paige and Jax both try to explain to Alexis that she has nothing to do with her father and uncle's unsavory business, but Alexis is having none of it. She rants and raves at Paige, and threatens her, especially after she realizes that Paige has become friends with Skye. She is determined that Paige is going to help Skye keep baby Kristina away from her.

Lorenzo buys Jax's old lake-side cottage from him, for Paige to live in. He's afraid that Paige will be targeted worse for being an Alcazar if she lives on his yacht with him.

After Paige has settled into town, Faith shoots Lorenzo. Paige finds him in a pool of blood on the docks, and in her emotional pleading for him to stay alive, we learn more about her background (i.e., her mother's suicide, Lorenzo's promise to Anna Sophia to always take care of Paige). Lorenzo is rushed to GH, but hovers between life and death.

Monica gently asks Paige why she is there, why she gets involved in Lorenzo's life. Paige again points out that Lorenzo is her family, and she loves him regardless. She also points out to Monica that Monica would be by Jason's bedside, should anything happen to him, regardless of what he does for a living. Monica is understanding.

Sonny approaches Paige at the hospital. She believes him when he swears Lorenzo was not shot on his orders. Jax sees the two together, and is visibly jealous. He also doesn't understand why Paige is so willing to believe Sonny. Paige points out that she has grown up with mobsters her whole life, and she knows Sonny wouldn't have approached her if he had been responsible. She also knows Sonny has no real reason to lie to her, and that he respects her enough to be honest with her.

Later, she overhears a lurking Jason comment to Monica that Lorenzo would be better off dead. She finally breaks down and confronts Jason. Jason softens slightly when he sees a normally strong Paige in her obviously vulnerable state. By the end of their conversation, he even offers to watch over her, in case Faith comes after her, but she gently declines, pointing out that Lorenzo's bodyguards will look after her. After the shooting (which Lorenzo survives), Jason and Paige still banter and act hostile, but there's more of a softness there, and a feeling, underneath it all, that they might actually not hate each other.

I have more coming. Oh, trust me, I have a whole STORYLINE worked out for this character ;-) What was scary is that I started writing it, and I pictured a dark-haired, attractive female character - and then I heard Kelly Monaco is coming to the show as Alcazar's long-lost daughter (or something), and is also going to be Jax's love interest.

Again. I should be writing this. ;-) Anyway, that was my synopsis/send-up/what have you of Paige Alcazar. Trust me, there's more coming - very soon, in fact. I just wanted to break it up a bit so we didn't have a huge, huge entry. What do ya'll think?