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I'm torn.  While I do think the buildup back to Nate and Blair made sense......I hate that it comes at the expense of the Nate/Vanessa and Chuck/Blair relationships, both of which I'm very fond of.  I will admit, though, I'm kind of intrigued at the prospect of Vanessa and Chuck hooking up to get back at them.  We'll see how this works out.....

I love Blair's meltdown.  All of her schemes and plotting are getting her nowhere.  She's had this one specific goal - Yale - for so long, and now that it's gone, she's floundering.  The fact that she can't even get into - gasp - Sarah Lawrence is killing her.  She doesn't know what to do about it, so she's just lost.  Being Blair Waldorf is suddenly not working for why not STOP being Blair Waldorf?  

It's nice to see Serena, for once, putting her own drama aside (at least mostly) in order to help Blair.  She can see that her best friend has hit rock bottom, and she has no idea how to help her....but she's willing to do whatever is necessary.  She is even pushing Chuck towards Blair, because she knows at this point, he might be the only one to get through to her.  Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. 

As far as Chuck goes....okay, yeah, it does get kind of old to see one of them decide "Let's do this", and the other turn it down for any multitude of reasons.  But I got where he was coming from.  Sadly, it didn't work - Blair felt even more rejected, and Chuck was further pushed aside. 

As an aside, do I even have to mention how much I LOVE Dorota's fierce protectiveness of Blair?  When Chuck tried to bribe her and she just LOST IT?  Oh my god.  Best part of the episode by far.

Much like Chuck, I am intrigued to learn what the deal with Santorini is, and just what it is Serena has on Carter. 

Nate and Vanessa......the story really does make me sad, because I truly like them as a couple.  They just seem happy together.  I suppose this twist did bring up some valid points, though.  Has Nate really been changing who he is in order to fit into Vanessa's world?  We saw a little bit of this a few episodes ago, though it was more evenly balanced between the two of them.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I get that that's not a good situation for Nate to be in.....but I also agree with Vanessa - is this really the path he wants to go down?  Or is he so grateful to have his family back that he's blinded by all of it? 

Serena getting bombed with the reveal that Dan had sex with Rachel (thanks, Drunk Blair!)......I'm iffy on it.  I love that she slapped him, and he was so befuddled by it that she couldn't help but laugh.  A part of me thinks she should have been more angry with him, but another part of me is more than tired of the constant Dan/Serena drama.  I kind of liked her getting to say her piece, but then the two of them dropping it.

For the love of god, somebody cut Taylor Momsen's bangs.

Rufus and Lily - eh.  It seemed kind of stupid and childish - didn't One Tree Hill do this story at one point? - but there were some amusing moments.  I particularly liked Serena's disgust over the list.  "Slash?  Seriously?"  HEE.  Overall, it wasn't too bad, but it just felt like filler.  Nothing really new to see there.

Next week:  Like I said - bring on the Vanessa/Chuck revenge plot.  Particularly if Blair and Nate are coming out as a couple, because if so - lame.  Vanessa isn't even certain that she and Nate broke UP, so if he's parading Blair around....well, then, all's fair, right?


I'm not sure I even know where to begin with this one.  Sooo much to say.  First off, let's go with - HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, did that scene with the dog eating the heart actually HAPPEN?  You know, it crossed my mind very briefly.  I knew that dog hanging out in the ER - which, by the way, random - had to play a role somehow.  There was just too much focus.  So I was kind of like "What, does the dog EAT the heart?", which I then dismissed because it was absolutely flipping ridiculous.  

But apparently, somebody at OTH decided to wear the absolutely flipping ridiculous pants today.  Seriously, show?  Seriously?!

I mean, yeah.  There was some humor in it, but in a sick way.  I actually kind of liked the way Lucas and Nathan played it at the end.  They both laughed for a second, but in a disbelieving sort of "Did that actually HAPPEN?" way.  Overall, I think they were kind of unsettled by the whole thing and the feelings it brought up.  I liked the way that played.....which is good, because I had sort of dismissed Lucas as a complete and total douchebag by that point.

You know, as usual.

Seriously, though.  I know that he didn't tell Jamie about Dan killing Keith.  I know that.  But he gave Jamie enough information so that the kid would run with it, and he KNEW the kid would run with it.  Hello, he's MET Jamie.  And that, to me, is wrong on SO MANY LEVELS.  First off - Jamie is SIX YEARS OLD.  (Hell, he might even still be five....I can't remember).  As much maturity as this show lends Jamie, he's a little boy.  He does not understand murder.  Didn't we learn that from Q's death?  I can understand that someday, he will find out the truth.  I GET that.  But there is no way that, at this age, he could truly grasp the concept of what Dan did.  All it would likely do to him is give him nightmares and send him screaming straight into therapy.

My second problem with this situation, and it's one I've brought up before.....Lucas is not Jamie's father.  It is NOT his place to determine when or how Jamie finds out about Keith's death.  That is up to Nathan and Haley.  If they wanted Jamie to know the details, THEY would tell him.  As his parents, that is their decision.  Does Lucas play a very important role in Jamie's life?  Yes.  Does that give him carte blanche to make a decision like this, even in the half-assed manner that he did?  Absolutely not.

But now that I'm done with that rant.....

It damn near broke my heart that, at the end of the day, Jamie could STILL be so forgiving and kind, and that Dan didn't get to see that.  Okay, yeah, it probably wasn't realistic at all (because OTH is all about the realism?) and was kind of rushed, but still.  After all is said and done, Jamie wants Grandpa Dan to get his heart and get better.  And more than that, he believes that Great-uncle Keith would forgive Grandpa Dan, because he loved him.  I don't care how sappy that all is, it had the desired effect to kick me right in my gut.

Dan's scene with Deb also got to me.  I really don't think she deserves to be absolved of all guilt, but I appreciate that Dan took the higher road and said "I'm the one who did this.  When it came right down to it, I pulled that trigger and that's on me." know, he's right.  I still don't think Deb should go guilt-free....but he's not wrong.

Deb and Skills......I know that I'm probably the only person in the entire fandom who enjoys the two of them together.  (You know, when we actually see them together).  But I thought their scenes tonight were extremely well-done.  Skills loves Deb, even if he doesn't come right out and say it.  I'm sure at some point, he would regret not having kids of his own.....and she knows that.  But she is who he wants, and if she doesn't want any more kids.....then he won't have kids.  This story has been played as a bit of a lark, but honestly, would the two of them have really gone public, certainly to their families, if they weren't serious?  

Also, Skills coaching the pee-wee team is the cutest thing I've seen in my life.  Congratulating Chuck on not punching anyone in the crotch?  Priceless.  I also loved that the kids played like KIDS.  "There were fouls all over the place out there!"  Ha!

Haley's story with Principal, whatever.  I think we all knew how that was going to turn out, so I wasn't all that invested in it.  And, per the previews for next week's episode, that will all be wrapped up in a nice neat bow anyway.

(On an only-slightly related note....I've got CSI: Miami on in the background, and just realized that Joe Manganiello is guest-starring in a small role.  Owen!  Come back!  All is forgiven!  Don't stab yourself in the belly!)

Brooke and Julian.....those kids are just breaking my heart, man.  Even if it could very well be too soon for Brooke to admit she loves Julian, I still want her to say it simply so he doesn't have to be so hurt and sad.  Besides, Fivehead is HOT, and so much better than Lucas.  Soooo much better.

Also love that Sam is the biggest cheerleader of this pairing, and even when Brooke has treated her badly and told her she's unfixable, she still wants to put them together so Brooke is happy.  Awww!

So, Creepy Jack is back.  Really?  You mean to tell me you're sending away Crack!Dawson and maybe even Dan Scott (though I'll believe that when I see it) and all I get in return is Creepy Jack?  I do not approve of this.

Kind of loved the scene with everyone getting drunk in the bar (including Mia!  Go underage drinking!).  Would have loved it better if the dog had shown up again.  (Not the heart-stealing dog....the dog from Lucas's last bender at Tric). 

The movie falling apart......I don't know, man.  In a way, it feels like a rip-off that we spent the better part of this season on something that's not even going to happen - but sometimes that's how it goes.  Plus, I suppose I'm always okay with Lucas's ego taking a beating.  Is it bad that I'm okay with Lucas failing?  Hmm.....that's probably bad.

However, I give him props for turning to Skills moaning about Deb and going "I lost 300,000 dollars.  Do you even know how much money that is?  And you're upset about DEB?"  Bwah!

And finally - you know where I'm going with this, right? - I LOVE YOU, ADAM REESE!  I am almost - ALMOST - okay with him leaving, simply because his ending was so unbelievably perfect in every single way.  I can't even begin to count the ways in which I loved that scene.  He finally dropped the act and admitted that he was bummed about the movie falling apart!  He went all Obi-Wan Dawson and told Julian and Lucas to stop acting like homos on a park bench (at which point I DIED) and appreciate how far they already got!  He saved their production bonuses!  He got to have sex in the helicopter!  ("Look how happy my baby is that the movie is saved and she gets to play Peyton!"  "You know that's not true..."  "Yeah, but she doesn't know that.") 

In summation - my heart is just a little bit broken that the Beek has left us.  He shall forever rest in my memory alongside Chris Keller as best characters EVER. 

Next week:  Hopefully, Brooke and Julian will make up for the lack of Beek.  However, I will say this - if I had to suffer through Peyton meeting Lucas at the airport in that ridiculously conceived "twist", you'd better damn well give me Brooke meeting Julian at the airport.  Just saying.

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