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Jul. 5th, 2009 12:38 am
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Yeah, I know.  It's the off-season and I went a little missing again.  As I do.  The only show I've been keeping up with is Raising the Bar, and though I really enjoy it (I'm going to be on vacation in Las Vegas for 10 days - eeek! - and still plan on watching it on Monday night if possible), I don't feel the need to write about it every week.

Anyway....I saw that [personal profile] leobrat did a meme (awhile back, now) and figured it was a good excuse to (a) write (i.e., bitch and complain) again, and (b) say hi to everyone and hope that your summers are going well!


#1. Tony/Ziva - NCIS
#2.  Buffy/Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
#3. Chloe/Davis, Smallville
#4. Xander/Anya, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
#5. Brooke/Julian, One Tree Hill
#6. Jen/Jack, Dawson's Creek


#7. Jason/Elizabeth - General Hospital
#8. Jake/Peyton - One Tree Hill
#9. Delko/Calleigh - CSI: Miami


#10. Sonny/Carly - General Hospital
#11. Lucas/Peyton - One Tree Hill
#12. Dan/Serena - Gossip Girl


#13. Mark/Lexie - Grey's Anatomy
#14. Johnny/Maxie - General Hospital

Questions! )
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At least, other notes that aren't about Raising the Bar, since that show got its own entry.

First up.....

An NCIS note....ish. )


Books! Because I'm a nerd. )


The Hangover...uhm, the movie. )

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Does anybody else out here watch Raising the Bar?  Anybody?  Bueller?

Raising The Bar )


May. 15th, 2009 11:34 pm
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Warning:  It gets pretty lengthy.  Even for me.

Part 1 )


Part 2 ).


I'm planning on writing a few thoughts about the CSI finale (which I also found somewhat disappointing, but nowhere NEAR to the extent that Smallville let me down), but I figure this has been MORE than long enough.  And probably ranty enough, too.  Sigh.
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Dear Smallville:


I don't mean the last few minutes (though no, I have no idea what THAT was either), I mean the entire bloody episode.

I don't even know what to say right now.  I think I'll just look at my icon and weep for the past.

....also, I might go kick something.  Just because.
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Gossip Girl )


One Tree Hill )


Coming soon.....Chez catches up on several weeks of Smallville!  And maybe even some NCIS.....and yes, Mala, I'm as disappointed as you are in this Tony/Ziva business.  I'm worried that the next two episodes cannot possibly clear this up to our satisfaction.  However, I will admit that I'm amused that, every time they fight, Ziva's first response is "You're jealous."  Because, DUH.

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First off - I just caught a HUGE black ant crawling across my arm. Naturally, I freaked out and ran across the room gasping in fear. (Turns out when I get frightened, I don't scream - I just gasp like someone punched me in the windpipe). I HATE ants. Especially those really huge ones. I was out gardening earlier today - in my wee space outside the apartment - and I must have disturbed an anthill. I was squeamish, but I was outside, they were outside.....fair enough. We can keep our distance that way. But apparently, one of them chose to follow me INSIDE. And that is where my tolerance ends.

Seriously - now I've got the creepy crawlies, and every two seconds I look down and expect to see a gigantic insect on my arm. I am NOT amused.

But on to the actual amusement of the evening.....

Gossip Girl )


One Tree Hill )
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I hate to ask this, but....does anybody have an extra invite code left for Dreamwidth?  I can't handle the peer pressure, apparently.  Seems like everyone is moving there, or at least checking it out, and now I want to as well!

Seriously - damn this curiosity.

ETA:  Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] serenography , I was able to get a code and (hopefully) get the process started over at Dreamwidth.  I'm chrysalitron over there as well, for those interested.....and if I'm friends with you on here (or hell, even if I'm not!), feel free to find me while I try to figure out how this thing works.  Heh.  :)
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Gossip Girl )


One Tree Hill )


One quick CSI mention:  I'm pretty sure A Space Oddity is right up there on the list of my all-time favorite episodes.  The only downer was the fact that Nick was such a pissy bitch throughout.  But other than that.....I love me some Wendy/Hodges.  I've never actually 'shipped a CSI pairing before* - the closest I came was Grissom/Lady Heather, which I wouldn't allow myself to get into because, hello, lost cause - but I am all about the Wedges.  He told her they were meant for each other!  Eeeee!

*Okay, I 'shipped Sofia and Brass a tiny bit.  Don't judge me.


Mar. 26th, 2009 09:03 pm
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Hex )

ETA:  Very unrelated to Smallville, but has anyone else seen the picture of George Eads in TV Guide?  *thud*  When I first started watching CSI, I was all about Nick Stokes....then gradually, I moved on to Gary Dourdan/Warrick Brown.  Now, well...you snooze (i.e., get busted for drugs), you lose (i.e., get fired), I guess, because.....wow.  I do believe the pendulum has swung right back.


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