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Because I keep random thoughts on the Tuesday night finales. Yeah, about a week late. Shouldn't you expect this by now? God knows it's probably going to be August before I get to the CSI and Without a Trace season finales.

NCIS, Scrubs, and some Law & Order: SVU )
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You'd think I would have learned by now that I should never - never! - forget to check the friendslist for a week, unless I am of course in Vegas. I think I got to something like skip=400, and that was with skipping over a lot of stuff. By the end of it, my eyes were like "Dear GOD, woman, what the fuck was THAT?"

Anyway. I've basically given up on CSI and WAT. I've accepted that I am never going to watch the last few weeks' worth of episodes, so I might as well give it up and start anew. So I shall tape tomorrow night's episodes and hope that, with the prospect of just one new episode each to watch, I'll actually do it. Instead of going "God, I have four episodes - of each show! - to watch", whining, and then not doing it.

So, yeah. If there is anything of note that happened in the personal lives of the characters over the last few weeks, I would love you guys forever if someone let me know what's up. I don't care that much about the Case of the Week - but if Catherine Willows had sex with someone or Martin Fitzgerald relapsed, that's the kind of thing I'm curious about.

One Tree Hill - I desperately need to remember to tape the next episode. It's the season (series?) finale, for god sakes! So you know damn well I'm probably going to forget it, since that's what I DO. I think my father has tied up the VCR for the time being, so I'm literally setting my tape on top of my purse so there's no way I can leave for work tomorrow without remembering it. Let's keep our fingers crossed on that one.

Sooo, Daytime Emmys....I don't have a clue what the hell happened. I haven't really bothered to check. I did hear a rumble that GH won Best Show or something (*sigh*) and that Tony Geary pulled off Lead Actor. Oh, and that Zimmer took Lead Actress, because all the fangirls on the GH community were freaking out because Kelly Monaco was "ripped off". Other than that, not a clue. Did anybody humiliate themselves? Were there any particularly pretty dresses? Any incredibly shocking wins?

Speaking of I understanding this right? Are Sonny and Jason really trying to kill each other? Because if so, then that makes my heart SING. Yeah, I know, nobody will go through with it, and in the end, I'm sure they'll embrace to romantic music and all will be well, but still. Just the THOUGHT of those two possibly killing each other off makes me want to dance.

Another random soap I the only one who hates it when people refer to the actors by their character names? For instance: "I really want Sonny to win the Emmy." Okay, I get it if you don't know the actor's name. But is it that hard to write "the actor who plays Sonny"? I don't know, it's just a pet peeve of mine. I always feel like commenting and saying "Yeah, I doubt Sonny is going to be winning any Emmys anytime soon, considering he's busy with the whole killing people for a living and boinking his latest girlfriend."

God, I am SO BEHIND. Seriously, that's what every single journal entry I've written for the last few weeks has said, isn't it? But it's so true. I haven't even updated my icons, people! You KNOW it's bad when I don't even update icons. Once I get my shit together - which probably won't be until the "season" is over - I need to go in and clean out the icons and start fresh. Because this just feels so wrong.

I'm ridiculously tired, and I'm sure everyone is sick of my massively long entries, but I wanted to get back into the swing of things and talk about recent television:

CSI: Miami, NCIS, Scrubs, and Law & Order: SVU )

So, yeah, kinda half-assed reviews, but....getting back into the swing of things. Or something. Maybe.
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A little disclaimer: I realize that this is about the eight billionth show that I have decided to watch primarily because I find a certain male character attractive. Yeah, I'm shallow. But I will say that, if these shows (Without a Trace, CSI: Miami, etc.) weren't legitimately good, I would get bored quickly. (Or just wait until people post screencaps so I can ogle the hot guys without having to sit through the show. Either/or). So while it may be The Hot that initially drags me in, decent storytelling is what keeps me around. Okay - decent storytelling + The Hot.

Just thought I'd mention that.

Scrubs - and if you missed Scrubs, you missed Donald Faison dancing and lip-synching to Bell Biv Devoe. Trust me, it was a good time. )

SVU - Manipulated )

None of tonight's shows had previews for next week, so I'm guessing no new episodes. When do the Olympics start? I'm thinking this Friday or something, hence why most everything seems to be on hiatus. Is it just NBC that is showing the Olympics, or are all the channels going to be in on this? I need to know how to prepare my TV viewing schedule for the next couple weeks, LOL.

On that know, three hours of straight television kind of wore me out. Is that sad? I'm used to having a break in there. But I'm not willing to give up on Weatherly just yet, so I guess I will be getting used to it. At least it's not like Thursdays.
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Scrubs is a show that never fails to amuse. And they always manage to have the best guest stars, who play their roles perfectly. Heather Graham, Julianna Margulies, Matthew Perry, John Bennett Perry.....they're all great. Hell, I even enjoyed Elliott in this episode, which doesn't happen often.

"I love this moment so much, I could have sex with it."
And then when he said that he loved the next moment so much that he was willing to cheat on the original moment, marry this one, and have little moments with it? Hah! Oh, I love Perry Cox. And also, I love the fact that Jordan just lurks around the desk for the duration of an episode.

NYPD Blue )
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Look, a large post, all television-related. Let's show some excitement here, kids! Yeah!

Is it wrong of me that I'm suddenly finding Tara Reid kind of amusing on Scrubs? *hangs head* I know. I know. But as soon as they went full-tilt and made her character a whoring bitch, I ended up finding her a little less grating.

Maybe I'm just in a good mood because The Todd is back. The Todd! And are we going to have two Scrubs per week from now on, or is this just a special time? Hmm.

Moving on to ER.....

Just a Touch )

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And moving on to something else entirely......JC!

I have to be honest - I'm just not looking forward to Best Damn Sports Show Period. I'm so not a sports person. I've got it turned on already (I thought it was supposed to come on at 11:30? But I just turned on now at 11:15, and it's on. Okay) and I'm already bored out of my skull. *sigh* The things I do for Chasez, man.

And also, [ profile] stamplet is further proving to be everyone's hero, as she is helpfully providing an mpeg of JC and Tony on Wayne Brady! Yay! I get to see it after all!

I am much with the happiness.

Best Damn Sports Show Period - that was it? It took me longer to type the title of the show. )
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I actually had sort of missed Good Morning Miami.......but yet, still didn't miss Jake and Dylan. I was personally hoping Victoria would get the apartment, especially after Jake sunk to the level of pretending to be Frank's best friend. Poor Frank. :-/ Jake sucks. And if I have to hear Dylan pronounce something or someone "really mean" ever again, I may throw something at my TV.

However, Gavin and Penny continue to amuse. They're basically the reason I tune in, other than Jillian Barberie, who was sadly missing from tonight's show. :-( I hope she'll be back....

Scrubs was much better without all the focus on Tara Reid. But hey, Scrubs is never really bad, by any means.

I missed most of ER, because I had to watch the Osbournes Christmas special......Read more... )

My mom seemingly does not understand my great love for *N Sync, sadly. She's not into JC ("Have you looked at his nose?!?!"), she can't stand Justin ("Everybody treats him like he's a little god..."), and she insists on calling Joey, Joey Fa-tony.

She doesn't seem to mind Chris, though. I think that's mainly because she doesn't have to hear about him too often.

And then, of course, there's Lance.
Mom: Maybe I'm the first person to say this......but that Lance? I'm thinking he swings both ways, myself.

No, Mom. Not quite the first. ;-)
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The fandom continues to explode with squeeing over JC's concerts. It's pretty exciting, even for someone who wasn't there and isn't going to be there. I'm eternally grateful to people like [ profile] stamplet, who make available clips of the goings-on for those of us who don't get to see it firsthand. Now I can squee too!

Yeah, like I ever really needed an excuse.

I'm waiting until I get all the clips downloaded before I watch, so I can watch them all back-to-back and just turn into a shivering pile of goo. In the's about I bitch about ER? Read more... )

Since we're discussing TV I watched last night......Read more... )

Today's assessments from GH:

  1. I'm very okay with Zander in a suit. I'm very okay with it. My mind went straight to the gutter when he came onscreen, and I don't think it's come back yet.

  2. So far, Justus has a conscience, knows the difference between right and wrong, and even thinks about taking a vow of silence (although Jason's powerful Borg gaze quickly ended that). In other words - he's completely different from any character on that show right now. I'm shocked and amazed. And placing bets on how long it takes the writers to remedy that.

  3. Even when Faith is threatening a character I love, like Skye, she is still absolutely adorable. I don't get how all of these characters just fluff her off and act like she's not a threat, though. Do they not realize that Faith has bigger balls that Sonny and Lorrrrrenzo put together? She murdered most of the Five Families, for chrissakes. And they're all like "Oh gee, it's Faith" like she's just some petty annoyance. Yeah. Wait 'til she poisons your grandmother.

  4. Brian and Courtney had at least two conversations today that did not involve Courtney snarking, and Brian being holier-than-thou. This is promising. I also suspect that it will be ruined before we know it.

  5. I sure do hope Alexis and Cameron are having fun in that warehouse with AJ, Lydia, Tony, Amy, Coleman, Dara.......etc etc.

There was more to say, but I forgot. As usual.
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Must-see TV babble. Yes, I'm bored.

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And thus ends my "I'm bored and watching must-see TV" ramblings. Unless, of course, ER reels me in.....

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A meme I got from [ profile] stargems, who I believe got it from [ profile] village:

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In other news I keep forgetting -
Scrubs recent guest star: Christopher Meloni. Lovelovelove him. He was hysterically funny, which is to be expected, if you've seen Wet Hot American Summer (which, nobody has, so I guess that statement's for moot). I figure his guest shot is a one-time only thing, which is sad, because I would love to see him added to the cast. (Come on, he pulled double-duty with SVU and Oz, so now that Oz is gone, why not pull double-duty with SVU and Scrubs? Please??).

I finally heard the full-length version of This I Swear, by Nick Lachey. Yeah, I like it. *hangs head* It's a weepy ballad by a boy bander, of course I like it.

Forgot what else I was gonna say, so I'll probably be back later.


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